all pregnant with twins please respond....
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sblanton2 - February 17

Hey all....
I went to the doctor today and even though I was not scheduled for an u/s the doctor decided to do one today anyway to check progress. He saw 2 gestational sacs but one was larger than the other....he said he would know more next Friday about the status but the fact that they were in the right place and had progressed to that point was great news. My question is were any of your gestational sacs larger than the other? If so, did everything turn out ok?
I know I am worrying a lot but I guess I would have thought they would grow at the same rate.
Thanks all of you for your input.....I'll let ya'll know more when I know more.



Karen123 - February 17

Sylvia, OMG!! How terrific!! YES, my first u/s showed that one sac was much larger than the other. I was very, very concerned about the smaller baby for a long time. When I started bleeding I went in for another u/s and the doc thought I actually had one egg split into identical twins with the fraternal twin still there too. A few days later I had to go back for yet another u/s (still bleeding) and I was in fact carrying just twins, not triplets. Anyway, my smaller twin never did catch up and my daughter Hailey was a full pound smaller than my son. She still is, actually. She's now 2 lbs 3 oz and he's 3 lbs 1 oz. So, I wish you the best and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Karen


sblanton2 - February 17

I saw the pics of your beautiful babies....congrats. I was only 5 weeks 5 days when he performed the u/s....he just did it to set my mind at ease that everything was still going as it should. I will get another u/s on the 24th which by that time I will be almost 7 weeks and he said that should tell us more. I will relax so much once I see those heartbeats. The doctor kind of scared me a little when he said the larger sac might contain 2 babies while the smaller 1....I just kept thinking I didn't have that many breasts....LOL A strange thought I know. Thank you for your words of encouragement, I will let ya'll know how it goes on the 24th.
Take care of those beautiful babies.....



miranda - March 13

congratulations, i was diagnosed carrying twins at 14 weeks..although both sacks were the same size one twin was noticably smaller than the other, at 16 weeks i had a prenatal check up and the doctor could not find either heartbeats,, a ultrasound at 18 weeks showed not only were both babies alive and well but the smaller twin had caught right up in size to the bigger now 20 weeks pregnant and all is advice to you is when your tierd..drink lots of water..take those pesky vitamins...and try not to worry too much!!....theres a million things you could worry about carrying multiples..but in the end-the gods only give you what you can handle... good luck!!!!!!and best wishes!!!!!


sblanton2 - March 15

Thanks for the reply, after that post I went to the doctor and they found the heartbeats at 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks. I am currently 9 1/2 weeks and have my second ob appointment coming up soon.
I found a great doctor who besides having done his residency at my infertility clinic is the father of triplets conceived naturally. He has first hand knowledge of the multiple pregnancy thing which I find comforting. That and the fact that if I have a question I leave him a message and he actually calls back!!!!!
How's everyone else doing?


Cindy - April 30

I am 16 weeks pregnant with identical twins dont know what sex they are till my twenty weeks scan.cant wait



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