Advice sought from ivf vet: please help
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WDTP - May 16

Sorry to barge into this forum but I would really appreciate help from those of you who can help. We have just completed our 7th unsuccessful ivf cycle. I have severe, aggresive endometriosis with no Male Factor issues. In all the cycles plus 3 IUIs I have never achieved implantation and aside from the endo (!) am healthy, hormone levels fine and a good responder.
I am seeking a miracle working clinic in the US that has extensive experience with tough cases, particular endo, probably pro investigation of immune issues and lining issues.
We will go anywhere in the US (currently living in Australia) but the published stats on success rates are not really applicable to us as we have had so many failures. Is there anyone with a comparable situation who can recommend a clinic?

Thank you so much


susiewoode - May 16

;) Hi there ivf vet;

we have just done our 8th IVF, and finally, we are pregnant ... so I just wanted to share that with you and tell you there is hope. We had 7 IVFs using my eggs, and while each protocol seemed to bring better results in numbers and quality, still no implantation...

We also did get spontaneously pregnant in between cycles, but I miscarried at 13 weeks; another was an ectopic, and the last was a blighted ovum.

Finally we switched to an egg donor, and here we are ! We are cautiously optimistic, but hope something is finally working for us now.

So I wish you lots of luck, and send you lots of empathy for all the time and commitment you've made so far, and the disappointments you've had. I hope you will find the right clinic, with the specialised expertese and advice you need.


BabiesOnBoard - June 8

Although I haven't been through as many cycles as you have, I have had my share of disappointments as well. It took my doctor trying a new protocol which called for the drug Antagon and we are now happy to announce we're pregnant with twins... This is our 3rd cycle, but the 1st one with this drug. I would highly recommend contacting Huntington Reproductive Center, in Fullerton, CA and asking specifically for Dr. Daniel Potter.. His own children were through IVF, so he takes this matter to heart and refuses to quit until success is gathered. He says he gets hundreds of emails per week asking about Antagon and will he work up a protocol for them.. I guess not every doctor is skilled with this process yet. Their website is:
Above everything else, Please stay encouraged and know that you have soo much support out here in everyone in the forums..


Alexa - June 23

Hi BabiesOnBoard,

I am not sure if you remember me but you were giving
me advice on IVF way back in December I believe, I am happy to hear of your BFP, and just wanted to know how things were going...

I had my IVF cycle back in March it wasn't too bad except for the progesterone injections that I was on for 11 weeks, I am currently almost 4mths along now, how far along are you now??? Hope to hear from you..




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