A new IVF baby is born!
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fiso - November 2

Just wanted to share with you all the birth of our daughter Julia Pauline on Monday, Oct 23 at 7:41 pm/ She weighs 7lbs 12 oz and measures 20 inches. She was born by c-section after a long day of contractions and not much progress.
Mom and baby are doing great, happy to be at home. Dad is adjusting and doing a fantastic job with the feeding, diaper changing, and burping! He has a knack for it!
Will catch up with all of you later.
All the best to you.


liz - November 2

Congratulations Fiso!

I am so happy to hear you and Julia are doing great. and that Dad is adjusting.

Take care of yourself and Julia.
Congrats again.....



That is so exciting I am so happy for your and your husband. Great news!!

I also have some good news I got a BFP on Halloween
we are just thrilled!!!

Take care and keeps us informed



fiso - November 3

Tickingclock, soooo happy for you. Now, keep your fingers crossed for a few weeks and then enjoy the ride!
Every time I look at Julia, I can not help thinking of how much a miracle she is! It also amazes me to realize that we have created all those cells to make her breath, eat, digest, and all the rest. I'm amazed as you can tell!
I can't wait to take her to the IVF clinic to show her to all the nurses and mostly to give hope to all the women who are still struggling.
Time for a feeding!
Talk to you later.


HeatherMak - November 5


CONGRATULATIONS!! This is great news!! I'm so thrilled to hear the news of your lovely girl!! I hope you are smitten and I am glad that you and DH are just in love!!

It is amazing to me that all these tiny little cells come together to make this little, soft, sweet baby - that will soon be giggling and crawling and laughing. My DS will be a year old next Friday and I am STILL amazed by the fact that he was once just a little cluster of cells in a tiny little yolk sac.

Congratulations to you, my dear!! I wish you many happy days and hope that you are this happy for a long, long, long time.



Fortyfourfive - November 5

Fiso- Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. Yeah!!! How are you recovering from you csection?


baby4us - November 10

FISO,,... such great news... I am so happy for you... enjoy your lovely little girl.. and I do hope you are feeling better from your C-Section!!!

I am sure your parents and DH are thrilled beyond belief!!!!!


fiso - November 15

Hi everyone. Julia is sleeping, I can catch upon my e-mail! We are all doing fine. I just would like Julia to sleep a little bit more during the night! DH went back to work on Monday and it's just Julia and I now. We are doing OK, not much gets done, but Julia and I spend a lot of time together!
I'm still recuperating from the C-section. My belly is still tender and I still can't sleep on my side. I can't wait for that day!
The breastfeeding is going Ok. But I still supplement with formula.
You don't know how many times I've looked at her little face with tears in my eyes, jsut amazed that she is here, healthy and so, so sweet. Just thinking how this whole adventure started, it's unbelievable.
My hormones are pretty quiet. I just had crying spells a few times, right after I came home, and I couln't explain why I was crying. It was weird. But it hasn't happened in a while now. But I'm on the lookout for PPD. Would like to avoid that!
Hope you are all doing well. I think my "free" time is up! I hear crying and fussing!
Talk to you later.
Fiso, in love with her 3 week old daughter Julia!


baby4us - November 19

Wow.. Fiso.. amonth this week.. how amazing! I hope sweet Julia is doing well...dont worry about not getting much done around the house etc... trust me.. that time will come soon enough so just enjoy staring at her beautiful face... rest and enjoy your lovely little girl!!The world and any other responsibilities you may have can wait!!!

Don't worry about crying... your hormones are racing right now.. .so just cry and enjoy the tears.. you'll feel back to normal soon!!!

I hope you are healing well.. and remember... just enjoy your little girl and rest your bod!!!!


destinybaby - February 6

Hi I am new to this group. Congrats on your baby. You give me hope. I am very scared that I will not happen for me since I just learn that i have hydro in L and R tube. Any words of advice? I am 34 years old and my husband and I are now trying to have a baby.

Congrats!!! :D



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