9dpo VERY faint line, temp 98.9..is this a chemical?
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Patsy - March 28

Hi everyone,

I'm going crazy in the 2ww, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this 3rd IVF didn't work, it's been very upsetting but I've come up with a plan for the next one...now I wake up this morning and take another HPT and [email protected] if there isn't an extremely light 2nd line...in the afternoon I took my temp and it was 98.9. What does all this mean is it false hope? If it is positive is it just going to be another chemical (IVF#2)?

Did any of you have to wait so long to get a faint line and then have a successful pregnancy? I know I'm grasping at straws but that's with IVFrs have to do to keep sane.

Thanks so much for your time.



Patsy - April 8

Hi Karen,

Sorry I haven't written back, I forgot about this board, doi.
Well, here's my numbers in order:

8dpt 8.62
10dpt 24.9
12dpt 56
16dpt 291

I go in tomorrow for a 20dpt beta and am nervous but feel like it may go well. I always feel like I have a hangover and am guessing this is a pregnancy sign. Other than that not much else symptom wise....maybe my bbs are a little sore but not much. Hoping my little guy is still hanging on. I've been eating very healthy and drinking more water.
How are you doing?



cassandra - April 8

Keren, I started hpting on the 11th day post transfer...it was a very faint positive, so were the next couple of days. On the night before(last night) it was very bright. Do you take your temp every day? That would make me crazy wondering if a few dgrees were affecting the implantation. Were you advised to? Just wondering....casandra


Fortyfour - April 12

Good luck with your test patsy. It is so nerve wracking waiting for those results.


Patsy - April 13

Hi girls,

Well, I've had a couple more betas done 20dpt 1,500 24dpt 5181, so far so good, I'm still holding my breath.
Now I'm scared b/c the doubling time has gone from 40hrs to 53hrs, the dr. didn't seem conserned though so I'm going to try to remember that and not obsess.

As far as my temp taking? That I decided on my own, my doc thinks I'm too obsessive I'm sure, I wouldn't even tell her that one!

Patsy ;)


cassandra - April 13

Patsy, it's good to hear your numbers are increasing! If the dr. isn't worried than try to take it easy. Stop taking your tempeture if you don't have to girl! Obsessing is understandable but our temps. rise and fall throughout the day.When is your U/S? keep in touch...cassandra



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