6 weeks with Twins after IVF
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Rachel - October 18

I am 28, my husband is 50 and I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 years. We just did our first IVF and we had success. We found out the test was positive and we were out of town for 10 days. We came back and they did 1st trans vag ultra sound and there are two! It's double the blessing, but now I am feeling overwehlmed. Anyone else go through something similar? Also, we are 6 weeks and everyone knew we were going through IVF so everyone knows that we're preg with twins, but at times it just doesn't feel real. I spent so much time getting here that now I don't know what to do? Any help or words of wisdom?


JENNY22074 - October 18

Rachel - I can understand and know the disbelief that you feel in the beginning when it finally does happen. My husband and I have been trying on and off for 9 years. We did several chlomid cycles and get pregnant in 2000 and it resulted in a blighted ovum and I had to have a d&c. Then we took some time off and did a few things here and there and kept trying naturally and testing with a new doctor. Then in 2003 on our 2nd IUI we got pregnant and the pregnancy was actually a chemical pregnancy that I had to take methotrexate for and it helped to m/c on it's own. Then in 2005 I decided to become a little more healthy and try again naturally and I had gastric bypass. I dropped around 130 pounds and started our first IVF in March/April. No success. Luckily we had the determination and finances for a 2nd try in June/July and BFP!!!! I am 16 weeks along now and still feel like it is not true. I have had the least amount of symptoms like no morning sickness, boobs were not really that sore. It truly is a feeling of disbelief and amazement. You really don't know what to expect after all those years of disappointments. You are not really ready to actually be like WOW it worked. You are more like there must be somehting wrong with the test. Ther is no way that I am pregnant not after all this time. So many questions that you will never have answers to. Enjoy everyday. Relish this new journey in your life. Take care of yourself and those miracles. That is the only word for them MIRACLES!!! Congratulations and I hope this was of some help. You will get used to it once you actually start looking pregnant and of course buying maternity clothes!!!! FUN days ahead now. Talk to you later. By the way I am only having one even though they transferred 2 on day 5.


mjforney - October 19

CONGRATS On TWINS!!! Sounds fun.... :)



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