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cassandra - August 29

Hi! I hope everyone is doing well! I have my U/S and OB appt. today. I'll probably be there for 3 hours!

Heathermac- When did they do the test for RH? Is that when your baby has dh's blood? I promise I'm going to ask a lot of questions today. Not my usual ridiculous ones!

Shaz- Haven't heard from you in a while-how are you faring?

Karen- have you stopped bleeding yet? I hope you are staying off your feet and resting.

Meg- I'm glad you are feeling good and this pg is going well! The days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler thank goodness!

Jennylee- 5 more weeks for you! Have you stopped working? :)

Oneandonly- How are you feeling? Have you had morning sickness and extreme fatigue? This passes for most after 3 months. I hope you are doing well.

Well, i am going to watch fox news and the weather channel. I hope none of you live in or near New Orleans. I am so sad to see what might happen down there. Sooo scary. Please take care everyone.

Fortyfour- I want you to know I am thinking about you all the time. Dh and I are very distraught over what has happened. It led us to a major discussion on the precarious of our own situation and life in general. My m/c's never led to a d&c. I guess they were too early on. I am so sorry you had to go through what you have.
I will never take for granted my own pg. I am not a religous person but I do thank god every once in awhile. I will aslo be saying a prayer for the people who couldn't get out of NewOrleans. I hope there isn't any loss of life. You are a very strong lady and I always look to you for advice and comfort. I am so glad your cat returned to you. I love my cats dearly also. I hope the new DR. will do everything for you and he better treat you right. You deserve that. Please take care...cassandra


Fortyfour - August 29

Thank you Cassandra. I had the d/c because with twins at 8 weeks there is a chance that some of the tissure wont come out and then I had a risk of hemorrhaging and infection and would have had to have a d/c anyway. I also would have waited up to 2 weeks to have the m/c and that was freaking me out.

I dont feel strong right now and wonder why I am on this planet anyway. The only thing I ever wanted was a loving hubby and and a family. I found the great hubby at 39 and then it was too late for me to have my own baby. Now I have 3 babies in heaven and wonder if my last and final wish will come true. Sorry for the pity party but my heart is crushed with sadness today.

Take care all.


Meg - August 30


I hope your u/s went well. I am curious to see if your Dr. will tell you to start taking it easy, especially w/ such a labor intensive job.

I think I had Brackston Hicks contractions today. It only happened once and didn't last very long. I think I may have had a few on the weekend, so at this point I am glad that I am going to get progesterone shots to help me go full term. W/ the twins I was having the Brackston Hicks contractions frequently, so having just one today, I was okay w/ it. If it keeps happening I will bring it up at my next OB appt.

Please let us know how your appt. went.

Take Care,



oneandonlymel - August 30

cassandra I am doing pretty good, I had my 8 week ultrasound yesterday and everything is well so far. We just have to go week by week, he said if we make it to 10 weeks we should be good. I haven't made it this far before so that is a good sign. I think doubling my lovenox is helping. I have been nauseated off and on and yes extremely tired. I am so glad you are doing well!


cassandra - August 30

My girlfriend calld me yesterday @ 9:15 asking where I was. (She works at the dr. office) I said my appt isn't until 9:45, it says it right here on the card! Oops she says! I couldn't get the U/S so I just had a regular appt. Luckily she got me in today for the U/S.The appt went fine. I asked about the RH shot heathermac got and they said I was already tested for that at my 1st. appt. and it is to show the antibodies in your blood. I have the antibodies needed so, no shot for me.
I just got weighed (220!) I honestly thought it would be more than that. I put on 7lbs I think. I heard the heartbeats and had my bp checked 120/68. I think that's good. They won't increase the time until each appt. until next month. Then every 2 weeks. Also some tests start then. He also said to talk with my boss about my hours changing. Hopefully they will work with you he says. Ok. He said I'm in great health so today I just want to see the babies are in great health also! I have to work 2-10 today 11-8 tomorrow 1-8 thurs. and 11-8 on friday. My schedule is made for next weeek also so I think the following week I am going to make sure my 11-8's are cut down.Last night I went to bed at 7! And I'm up at 7. 12 hours! I guess my body needed it. I'm sorry to ramble on..
Oneandonly, I'm so glad you are doing well and passed the 8 week mark! You should start feeling better in a month or so!
Meg, I don't think I have had bh. I hope the progesterone shots do the trick and you won't have them again! You have a little over 4 more months to go, and I would like to see them pass uneventfully for you!
Fortyfour, I am sorry you are feeling down. It is quite understandable. I wish I could say something profound and just want you want to hear but all I can do is say I am glad you are here on this planet (and on this forum) I feel lucky to know you. I know you are going through a terrible time right now and wish I could meet you and give you a huge hug. Lean on your dh. He sounds like a great guy. Please come and talk here anytime. Love, cassandra


Karen123 - August 30

Cassandra, Thanks so much for asking about me! I'm so happy to hear that your appt went well. Unfortunately, I haven't stopped bleeding but I'm SO relieved to say that I had another u/s yesterday and everything is fine. They have no explanation for the bleeding. It's making me a wreck, I tell you that! I was crying all the way to the hospital yesterday just dreading looking at the screen. I kept thinking of 44 and wondering how on Earth she is surviving her ordeal. I did have a d&c with my 2nd m/c and somehow, someway got through it but since I needed IVF for this pregnancy, I think it would be even worse. I was asked if I was cold at the RE's office and said no, just terrified! I just couldn't stop shaking. Well, I was unbelievably relieved to see both heartbeats. I wish I would stop bleeding because it's just making me a basket case all the time. The dreaded trips to the bathroom are a nightmare. But I'm much more hopeful now that I saw them yesterday. I'm done with the RE. I now switch to my ob. Luckily, they want to see me this Thurs and I get another u/s. Always nice to have that peace of mind! I'm so very tired and feel nauscious constantly but at least I know that is normal. It's the abnormal bleeding that is hard to handle. HOpefully it will stop sometime soon. I am going to rent a doplar so I can hear the heartbeats each day in a couple of weeks. Again, peace of mind means SO much!

oneandonly-again, so glad that all is well with you. this early stage is tough to handle but I sure hope that we both continue to have good news and go on to have healthy babies. Take care of yourself.

Meg,I had no idea you could get progesterone shots later in pregnancy. Interesting. I surely hope it helps you! Karen


Meg - August 31


I am glad that your u/s went well. That must make you feel great. I still can't believe that you are still working the hours that you are :o :o I give you a lot of credit. I cut down my hours at about 22 wks. Keep up the wonderful work:)


I am going to start the progesterone injections for the prevention of preterm labor. I had our twins at exactly 32 wks. We are not sure if I went early b/c of twins or if that is just the way my body is. I also had high blood pressure, so that is what I think contributed to my having them early. My Dr. wants to err on the side of caution and said he didn't want my uterus doing something crazy at 28 wks. and than wishing that we had done something. I am okay w/ that, especially since I have been having brackston hicks contractions. I do not want to have another preemie!!! A friend of mine who is p/g w/ twins said that she has read that progesterone shots has helped w/ preterm labor in women p/g w/ singletons. She is in a piolet study to see if it helps in twin p/g's. She also has twin daughters that she had at 34 wks. so she wants to go as long as possible this time around. (she did IVF for both p/g's)

I bled at 5 wks., 8 wks., and 12 wks. when I was p/g w/ the twins. It was mostly brown blood. My bleeding at 12 wks. was due to my losing a triplet. I bled until about 16 wks. When I bled at 5 wks. they weren't really sure what was causing it. At 8 wks. I bled b/c, embarrassingly enough Dh and I attempted intercourse (BIG mistake) and bled pretty bad b/c of it. And then at the 12 wks. b/c of the m/c of the baby. It was very scary and I lived for the sound of h/b's. I am grateful to have had an uneventful p/g this time around. Of course after having m/c's and coupled w/ difficulty getting p/g, I am still nervous about this p/g, but have managed to relax a bit, but I never truly relax if you know what I mean :) I am glad that you are getting monitored closely and that the babies have h/b's

Take Care Cassandra and Karen :)



Karen123 - August 31

Meg, Thanks for all the information! I will definitely keep this all in mind when I get closer. Last night I overdid it by working 10.5 hours then shopping for a neighbor's daughter's birthday present. I started cramping but kept going and wrapped the stuff and carrried over to their house. Well sure enough, I began bleeding. I have to learn to listen to my body! You know how it is though, women have SO much to do all the time. Well tonight is a relaxation night! And tomorrow I get to see the babies so once again, I'll be relieved. I'm going to ask my doctor about the progesterone shots late in the pregnancy. Thanks again! Karen



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