cassandra - March 18

Hey there Darcie! I haven't been on this site for a long time and had some time this morning and wanted to check up on you and everyone. Did I just read in a post you are 28weeks? With a boy??? :-* cassandra


Meg - March 19

Hi :) It was so nice to see a post from you !!! How are your twins doing? I am sure they are active if they are anything like mine ;D I check the website from time to time and was happy to see your post. Ainsley and Gavin are still crazy as ever at a little over 3, and Patrick is a LOVE :) We have been trying to potty train them w/o any luck. I hope that by the time the end of summer roles around they will be fully potty trained or at least by the time they hit 10 years old ::) Not one of the easier tasks I've encountered in my life... I hope life is treating you well.

BTW, I am so happy for Darcie :) She is so deserving of this miracle :) She is always in my thoughts and prayers.

Take Care,


cassandra - March 20

Hi MEG! We are doing well here Mathew and lauren are 15mo. now and into everthing! Quite the handful but as you know all worth it! I am seriously thinking about potty training soon. They are facinated with the toilet. I am gonna put their toilet next to ours for a awhile and get them used to it. Who knows? :)

Anyways, I am glad Ainsley, Gavin and Patrick are getting along! I can't wait for spring around here. Last night we got a couple more inches of snow on top of the foot we got on Fri.

Darcie, I hope you are feeling well. Again I am so thrilled for you. You are in my thoughts. Love, Hope


baby4us - March 21

Darcie... wow... is it true... 28 weeks along with a boy!!!!!! THat is awesome.... you truly are deserving of this... you are alwasy in my thoughts... let us know how you are doing... It feels so amazing once you are past the "half-way" mark!

Hi Cassandra and Meg.. so glad to hear all the twins are doing well... and potty training... don't have to worry about that for awhile! Annabel is 9 months... I can't believe it is 9 months already... time really does fly.. but I too am really looking forward to the warmer weather... I swear it took me half an hour to get Lulu ready to go for a walk with the dogs this morning.. with all the clothes and boots and mitts!!! Ahhh... but I woudn't trade it for a thing!


Fortyfourfive - March 31

Hi Cassandra - Meg and Baby4us- Yes its true. I am now at 30 weeks. Amazing. The baby is real active and still breech so he kicks the heck out my bladder and intestines. I got rear ended in the car and am now on disability due back spasms and pain that wont go away. baby is doing great. I turned 46 this week - Wow!

I havent gotten any of the old lady problems they warned me about. No high blood pressure. no preeclampsia. I passed my 3 hour gtt but have to watch my sugars. I have really low insulin levels so I wasnt surprised.

It was nice to hear how everyones babies are doing.

Take care all and thanks for your thoughts.



wantsbabytoo - April 7

Hi Darcie!
Congratulations on 30 weeks! That is wonderful news! I haven't been on the site and haven't posted for awhile.... been in a funk I suppose. I have hit a few speed bumps and setbacks in the DE process and been very depressed. I guess I just haven't felt like posting lately. :-\

You have been through soooo much and you are such an inspiration to us girls that are still mucking around with no success (yet) in the LONG LONG journey to motherhood! I am soooooo happy for you. A little boy! Wow! Keep us posted.



cassandra - April 8

Darcie, Thank you so much for posting the wonderful news here! 30 weeks. Wow. Hmmmm, let me think. Yup. I think that makes it official. ;D

I am sorry to read about the fenderbender and the pain that followed (and still there) It must be hard but I'm glad to know you aren't working. Take it easy. I hope your DH is being great to you. One thing I miss, WAS being treated like the princess. Now, he's just the best father and provider a girl could ask for. I definately had a fair trade-off. :) But, enough about me...I ramble sometimes. ::)

Sooo, when is your exact due date? Have you had any showers? What did you receive? I am definately being nosy now. :)Is the room ready? Is he sleeping in yours? Any names picked out yet? Are you sleeping ok? Do you have a nice OB? Any thoughts or ommisions are welcome!



cassandra - April 8


Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear D...a...r...c...i...e!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to you! ;)

....And many more! ;D


Fortyfourfive - April 10

Hey Cassandra - My due date is June 8th. My baby shower is this weekend. The room is not ready at all. I had a lady paint it last week since I am not able and we have looked at furniture and think that we will have a guy build it for us. We like the concept of the lifetime beds that go from a crib to a toddler bed and then an adult bed. The room may be done by the time he's 4-5 months old. HA! We will keep the little guy in a bassinet in our room for the first few months.

His name will be Cody.

I sleep ok with benadryl and tylenol for a few hours and then the back pain or my bladder wake me up. I guess it is training for my little guys feedings .
I love my ob. She has suffered infertility and m/c also and just delivered a little girl. If she is not available her partner is an older guy that is just as great. I hope I dont get any of the guys on call with the other groups though, you never know how they feel about episiotomies, forceps del etc. Its the nurse in me that makes me worry. Hopefully this little guy flips or I am a guarenteed c-section. I see the high risk doc in 2 weeks to recheck me and the little guy.

Thanks for happy birthday.


Inna - April 11

Happy Birthday Darcy!
Enjoy your time at home, sorry to hear the reason of it.
I weak up every 2-3 hours as well, but I usually get back to sleep. I am at 28 weeks and the last 3 weeks I have been on the couch b/c of contractions when I walk or do anything. But at least I feel I can control it a bit.
Good luck!


cassandra - April 22

Darcie, how did your shower go? I too would have loved those converter beds. I think they are definately worth the money. How are you feeling? How's your blood pressure? Take it easy....



Fortyfourfive - May 5

Hi Cassandra, The baby shower was great. I was so tired the next day I just layed in bed until about 4. We found a guy that is going to make the baby furnitures so that is exciting.

I am now 35 weeks so next week I will start my weekly doctors appt. My bp last visit was 95/65. Yeah!!!!! The baby is finally head down so that breech c-section worry is over. I have been going to pool therapy for my back and hip pain and that has been really helping. I have also seen a chiropractor that specializes in pregancy and he has helped me alot. If it wasnt for my accident I would be feeling great.

Baby is taking up alot room so I am at the "cant breathe stage and the cant eat much stage." Wt gain is 28 pounds so that makes me happy. I look so funny because I have no butt and from behind you cannot tell I am pg. I turn around and it's a big ol'e belly.

Hubby is stressed out because I have not been able to drive for a month and a half due to hip pain. He has to take me to all my appts. which are about 5 a week - plus any other errands. He sure lets me know how much work I cause him right now. What does he think it is like for me. I am a prisoner of my own home if he is gone. He told me today that he is gone for a week the end of May and was angry that I was upset. That is the week of my 38th week and I could deliver anytime. He will be in Florida and it would take him all day to get here by plane. He told me not to worry that someone would be around for me. I told him I wanted him here for the delivery not someone else. He thinks I am being unreasonable that he has to work.

Am i just being an emotional pg woman?

I hope all is well with everyone.


baby4us - May 11

Hi 44... that is so great.... you are on the final stretch... I am so excited...

And sure you are being an emotional preg. woman... but of course you should want your DH there for delivery!!!

I gave birth last June 7th... so I'll be sending many, many happy thoughts to you on that day as well as the 8th.. it is a great time to have a baby!!!
Love ya


Fortyfourfive - May 16

Hi baby 4 us. Yes it is a good time to have a baby. I have to laugh at the the saying, the final stretch, It is the final stretch for these poor tummies.

Take care all.


Latina - May 17

Hello 44,
Im sooo excited for you. This has been a long road for many of us. I havent been on the site for a long time..As you may not know I finally had my little bundle of joy. Nelicia Isabella Rosa was born on December 2. Weighing 8lbs, 21inches. At 5months she is 18lbs 11ounces measuring 26inches long!!
Im happy that your dream of becoming a mommy has come true. You deserve this, you have always given positive praise to us all when we needed it. You have a way with words that is very calming. This couldnt happen to a better person..Congratulations!!!

Oh and Feliz Cumpleanos!! :D


Fortyfourfive - May 18

Congrats on your little package.


Inna - May 20

Hi 45!
How are your last weeks of pregnancy going? I am at 34 now and I have trouble sleeping , my right foot and heel gets numb and hurting. My feet are a bit swolen. But I have more energy now.
I wish you easy weeks ahead, easy delivery and we wait for good news.
Good luck!



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