3rd Trimester
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ElizabethS - October 25

Hello again.
Great news. Yesterday we had a non-stress test for all of the babies and they passed with flying colors. My blood pressure was still very low and I had no signs of protein in my urine. I guess laying around and doing nothing has really helped. We go back to the doctor in a week. (I will be 31 weeks by then) Thanks for all the prayers and support.


Karen123 - October 25

Elizabeth, Great news!!!! Glad to hear it. I hope you are able to keep resting and take care of yourself. I know a woman usually does SO much and it must be hard to stop getting things done but I sure hope you are able to. Take care and please keep us updated. Karen


cassandra - October 25

Elizabeth, terrific news! Just keep on taking it easy now! Not too much longer now! cassandra


SMS1129 - October 26


That is great news!! You are my hero! I can only hope my pg is as smooth as yours seems to be.

Take care of yourself and we'll be looking for some good news over the next few weeks!!



ElizabethS - October 29

When is your due date again? Are you still going as strong as ever? If so, send some of your energy over my way. :D


cassandra - October 29

Hi Elizabeth! I'm glad you are feeling better. Laying on your left side and drinking lots of water can really help a lot. I'm due Dec. 15. I hear twins are full term at 36 weeks and I could probably have them anytime but I feel soo good I think I will carry close to term. I will be 34 weeks this Wed. and I am gigantic. My biggest thing is Thanksgiving. I have been looking forward to the meal for months now and I hope to be able to eat it with my dh's family. They make everything for it. My little ones passed another bpp test and I have 2 more scheduled. Then, I assume to lay around until contractions start. I have already opted for epidural. I have started to drop too. Have you? When are you due?

I get a lot of "Do twins run in your family?" I just say no and offer no explanation. How about "Wow" you are huge!?

I have had a great pg. and am hoping I'll remember it for the rest of my life. I kept sperm and embriyos frozen until I deliver, then we are going to donate them. To get to this point was soo hard we feel we aren't going to do it again.

I hope more women upstairs will be joining this board and I wish each of them babydust. It takes a strong heart, supportive dh, luck, persevearence and faith. We have been through cancelled cycles and m/c's. Taken time off from it, refused to do it again, done it again and have finally succeeded. Good luck to everyone...cassandra



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