3rd Trimester
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BabyBound - October 3

Hi Ladies, I've been MIA. I hope everyone is doing fine. I've made it to the final trimester...WHOPPEE!! I go in Thursday to take the awful Glucose test I keep hearing so much about. I finally finish registering. At first, it was fun, but after a couple of weeks I was so overwhelmed, I couldn't take it anymore. It's hard when your little bundle wants to be a surprise. I have to ask my OB is I'm going to get another u/s. I'm told that if I'm not experiencing any complications that they typically want to another u/s. Oh well, a surprise it must be!! I just wanted to drop and note to say hi, to my fellow preggies. Take care.


Karen123 - October 3

Babybound, congratulations on reaching trimester 3!! Wow, the big day is so close now!! How exciting! Good for you! Take care of yourself these last few months. Karen


ElizabethS - October 3

Hey Babybound - I have been wondering how you and Shaz have been doing. We have reached another mile stone - the 3rd trimester!!! YEAH

Good luck with the glucose test. My doctor said I didn't have to do this, because big/larger babies would be a blessing.

Also - I've been thinking a lot about the mommies that have to wait/or choose to wait until delivery to find out the sex of their babies. I do think that adds to the suspense and makes delivery all the more exciting. That being said....I had to find out as soon as I could. hang in there.


cassandra - October 4

Babybound, good to hear from you! I'm glad you're doing well! I had the gluclose test last week and found out yesterday I passed! Yipee!

Tomorrow I'm 30 weeks. I can't believe it! Do you know when your shower/s will be? If you think it's overwhelming to register, wait until your shower! You'll be overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and family! Good luck to you! cassandra


shaz - October 5

Hey BB and Elizabeth,

I too have been MIA. I dont have my computer set up at the new house we have moved into so dont get on it very often. I have been thinking about everyone heaps though.....

Yai - third trimester, we are on the home stretch. I had my glucose test the other day, it wasnt bad apart from the nurse who kept sticking the needle into what she thought were veins and turned out not to be. I think she was learning.

My OB says I am brewing a big baby. I am actually booked in for a c-section on the 20th of December. I wanted to try for a natural delivery but dosent look like Im going to get it. In the end as long as the baby is ok that's all that matters.

So how are you all feeling - totally over it by now, I am!!!!!

Oh yeah, we finally decided on a girls name....Mckenzie.. Billie isnt very happy, she wanted Isabella!

Take Care girls



cassandra - October 9

Shaz, I love the name Mckenzie! I hope everyone is doing well. It's been very quiet on these boards. I love to read about new additions here! I am hopeful for all of the women upstairs and wish them luck on this journey. I know dh and I lucked out with this pregnancy and am grateful for every day of it.

Elizabeth, how are you doing mama? :)



Karen123 - October 10

Shaz, Mckenzie is a beautiful name!! I am SO anxious to find out what I'm having.

Cassandra, I agree that it seems very quiet on these boards. I have to admit that many times I have so much I want to say but feel bad posting since there is mostly sadness on this board. I do remember though before I even thought I could get pregnant that I loved reading your updates and everyone else's...it gave me such hope and made me just smile knowing some women are enjoying such a wonderful time in their lives. Now that I'm nearly 15 weeks pregnant, I know that m/c is no longer a worry and I'm taking the "yucky" symptoms knowing how lucky I really am. My husband has a colostomy and the other night we went out for dinner with friends and as soon as we walked outside he opened the bag attached and the smell was just horrifying. I started throwing up my dinner on the sidewalk in front of everyone! Now it makes me laugh but it was so embarrassing. But I think of all the ladies who would kill to be pregnant and take these yucky symptoms without complaint and it helps me get through it all. Everyone on here has been an inspiration whether it's been good happenings or bad.

Anyway, please keep posting! I LOVE reading all your updates and it's great reading about stuff I'll be going through soon. I'm supposed to find out in 3 1/2 weeks what I'm having (if the babies cooperate that is!) and I am SO thrilled and excited. I think about it constantly. I just want to know and decide on the definite names and buy pink or blue (or both) clothes. And I want to share the news with all of you in hopes of not upsetting anyone. Ok, take care, all of you!!! The big day is so close for all of you and I wish you SO much happiness!! Karen


BabyBound - October 13

Hi Ladies, my glucose test wasn't all that bad. Shaz, I love the name McKenzie. We're leaning towards Taylor for a girl and Xavier for a boy. Wow, Dec 20th huh?? I'm in countdown mode. I can't wait to see the baby.

Elizabeth, do you know when you are going to have you bundles?

Karen, it's o.k. to tell us how you are feeling. We all know we wouldn't trade our bouts of sickness, tiredness and aches for nothing in the world. I hope your little ones cooperate for the sonogram.


ElizabethS - October 18

So good to hear from everyone. We will have our babies no later than the week of Thanksgiving (around November 24th for our friend in Australia) :) I am 29 weeks, and have an u/s on thursday. My last u/s indicated that one of our girls, Maya is in the 89th percentile for weight and size while Zachary and Emily are only in the 10th percentile. If our two little ones don't start growing, my doctor and neonatologist believe that it would be better if we deliver early. Thankfully, I feel like their kicks are getting stronger, and hopefully they will stay cozy in my belly a bit longer. Anyways, I am so anxious for Thursday.....I tell you, the waiting game never ends. :)

Shaz - I love the name Mackenzie, and I know Billie will just be the best big sister ever!

Cassandra - How are you? Are you still working? Is anyone else stressing about having everything ready before the babies are born? I made a to-do list a mile long today, and I really don't have the energy to accomplish anything. Oh well - it will all get done eventually.


cassandra - October 18

Hi Elizabeth! So good to hear from you! I will be 32 weeks tomorrow and yes, I'm still working. Only 23 hours a week though. My boy is also hogging up all the weight. Lauren is almost a whole lb. lighter! He weighs 3lbs11oz and she weighs 3. I'm feeling good and hope to continue throughout Nov. I just want them to come home with me after I deliver.
Last night watching TV I sighed to dh Oooh, I can't wait to sleep on my back! Other than sleeping I keep busy cleaning (nesting) and eating. So, you've got a month left! All I think about is eating Turkey on Thanksgiving. His family makes a wonderful meal...watch, I'll probably deliver on Thanksgiving. :) I'll be 37 weeks by then! Well, take care mama....cassandra


Meg - October 19


It is good to hear from you. I was wondering how you were doing. That is funny to read that you will be 32 wks. tomorrow. That is exactly how far along I was when I delivered our twins. Our son was 3lbs11oz at birth(kind of funny that both our boys weighed the same at 32 wks.) and our daughter was 3lbs5oz.

I will be 28 wks. on Thursday. Hard to believe... We have so much going on right now. We are putting our house up for sale in about a week :o I am so stressed right now, I can't even explain it. Our new home will not be done until late Feb. or March, but I am afraid if we wait until Jan. to put it up for sale that it won't be enough time to sell it, and we could be strapped w/ 2 mortgages, which would not work for us. There is no taking it easy right now :( Luckily the p/g seems okay, blood pressure is good and the baby looks good too. It was around my 29th wk. that things began to go wrong w/ the twins, so I am hopeful that things will go fine w/ the rest of this p/g. I have to schedule the C-Section soon. I will deliver the first week in Jan. unless the baby has other ideas :)

Please keep us posted on your progress :) I am glad that you are doing so well.

Elizabeth, I will be thinking of you and that you continue to keep those little babies inside of you until Thanksgiving.

Keeping all of you in my daily thoughts and prayers:)



cassandra - October 22

Hi Meg! I'm glad you are doing well. I couldn't imagine the stress of selling your house now. Besides infertility, buying our home was the most stress I've ever had in my life. I hope things go smoothly for you!

An update on myself, this past Tue. I had a steroid shot and one the following day. They tell me it is for early delivery and having their lungs developed IF they come early. I also had the first of 4 BPP U/S done. It is a test they call Bio Physical Profile and they check 4 things. I can only remember 2: fluid and movement. They get a score of 2 points for each with a total high score of 8. Well, they both got an 8! I was on cloud 9 the whole day! At my 30 week U/S Lauren was feet first and they scheduled a c-sec but between my shot and U/S day she turned while I was waiting for the U/S. I was sitting in the waiting room and watching my stomach go crazy! I guess there is a chance she could turn again. Up until 34 weeks or something.
Meg, I'm feeling really good and have been enjoying this pg. immensely. I'll be 33 weeks this Wed. and don't have any plans to deliver anytime this month! I haven't had bh, shortness of breath or anything so i'm pretty confidant to carry to at least 36 weeks maybe even to dec.! The babies weight will be measured again on Nov. 2nd. and I hope Lauren can do some catching up! I hope everything stays well for you and you have a safe delivery. Only 2 more months for you! Take care....cassandra


ElizabethS - October 24

Hello to everyone -

Cassandra, I am so happy that everything is going so well with you. It cracks me up about Lauren moving, because all of my babies changed positions between my last u/s. Isn't crazy to feel them roll around in your belly? I will never get tired of that.

I'm off to the dr. again today. My Thursday appointment wasn't the best. Little baby Emily is not growing at an acceptable rate and all the placentas are starting to mature. (this makes growing harder) On top of that, I started showing some signs of toxemia and the dr. put my on br for the weekend. I am praying for at least another 2 weeks or pregnancy. I am 30 weeks today, and not ready to deliver these babies yet. I love being pregnant and everyday is precious. Today, they will check all of my vitals and do a non-stress test on the babies. Hopefully all will go well. Keep us in your prayers.


Karen123 - October 24

Elizabeth, You are in my prayers! I hope that you can keep those babies inside you for a while longer. It seems like the doctor is taking good care of you and that's a great thing. Good luck!! Everyone will be anxiously reading your posts and hoping that all goes well for you and those precious babies.

Cassandra, So happy to hear that you are still feeling so well!! My best to both of you. Karen


SMS1129 - October 24


My OB told me that if they got me to 32 to 36 weeks, they would be happy, so hopefully you can hang in there for 2 more weeks.

Are you drinking insane amounts of water? My friend who had triplets said they had her drink so much water to keep the contractions from coming. It worked though.

Take care and best of luck to you.



Meg - October 25


I hope that everything went well today. Try and follow bedrest as best as you can. I had high blood pressure and w/in a week of being diagnosed I had the twins. I didn't follow the bedrest strictly and in hindsight wish I had. I think I also had some preterm labor things that I ignored. I am glad that you are being monitored so closely.

I hope that you can keep the babies in you until at least 32 weeks. Each day that they stay inside you is a blessing. I will be praying and thinking of you and the babies. Please let us know how you are doing.



ElizabethS - October 25

Hello again.
Great news. Yesterday we had a non-stress test for all of the babies and they passed with flying colors. My blood pressure was still very low and I had no signs of protein in my urine. I guess laying around and doing nothing has really helped. We go back to the doctor in a week. (I will be 31 weeks by then) Thanks for all the prayers and support.



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