3D u/s scheduled!
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Karen123 - October 27

Hi everyone. I am scheduled for an u/s with a high risk doctor on 11/14. Well I can't wait that long! Plus DH is going in for another surgery on 11/7 and will come home 11/13 and will be on bedrest for at least 2 weeks after that. I am in the process of making these babies more real to him so I found a place 2 hours away that will give me a 3D u/s. It's still early and since I'm carrying twins, they may not be able to tell the gender but they are going to try!! It's for tomorrow at 11:00!!! I am SO excited!! After everything that's happened so far...well, I need this and I just can't wait!! It's $250 but I get pictures and a video and even if they can't tell the genders, I'm sure it will be amazing. YEY! Karen :)


cassandra - October 27

Karen, have a wonderful time with the sonographer! It is sure to be exciting! I love to hear of stories of all of our miracle babies! Take care! cassandra


baby4us - October 27

Wow Karen.. that is amazing! I wish I had a 3-d ultrasound.. put I do have my little black and white image from Monday.. still amazing!

Good idea though to get the 3/D u/s... I am sure that has to really bring it home for DH.. by the way.. how are things going on that front?


Karen123 - October 27

baby4us, thanks for asking! Well, since we are both determined to make this work and I made it clear that I have been hurt by his lack of interest, things are looking up. He actually brought home a Durango for me to test drive (he's a car salesman). Our plan is to trade in my beloved jeep for a Durango of the same year/quality since it has a 3rd row seat so we can fit all 6 kids. (that includes my sweet boxers that I consider my babies :)) so this was the first real step he's taken and I was happy about it. I'm sure with his surgery coming up, it won't be smooth sailing but I have hope and hope is the best thing ever to have. We'll make it. We both want to, so we will. thanks again! Karen


baby4us - October 27

Oh that is great news.. keep those lines of communication open!

A Durango... excellent... I have been worried that my car might be too small for our two dogs and the baby,.. I hope I can get everyone to fit.. might have to get some roof racks (for DH.. not the babies!!!)


Karen123 - October 28

OMG! OMG!! I had the GREATEST u/s today!!! SO worth every penny and then some!! We are having a boy and a girl!!! I couldn't be happier. We are so blessed and so lucky!!!! I'm just so thrilled...makes rashes and vomiting seem a whole lot easier to deal with! I just can't believe it.....shopping will now commence! :)


baby4us - October 28

YEAH.. that is SO GREAT!!

Congratulations.. I am so happy.. and I hope this is just the trick for DH to see.. babies on board!!!!!

Have a great weekend... you deserve it.. get yourself to Ikea.. or Pottery Barn.. or where ever.. and shop your brains out!!!!

Oh.. is there anywhere to popst your 3/d u/s so we can see??????


Karen123 - October 28


baby4us!! here's a couple of pics. one of my son. one of my daughter. OMG, that feels SO wonderful to say those words!!!!!


Karen123 - October 28

shoot, I don't know how to make the link work without a password....hmmmm . Well I have to leave work (it's 5:30 and I just have to get shopping!) and our computer at home isn't working so I will try again on Monday. Thanks again! Karen


ElizabethS - October 29

Karen that is Fantastic. A boy and a girl! What a thrill. Enjoy the shopping and pop in that video anytime you need a boost. How Cool!!!!


cassandra - October 29

Karen, congratulations on a boy and a girl! How fantastic is this?!!!! One of the perks of having twins is that we get way more U/S than singletons. I'm on my way to 34 weeks with b/g twins and I now see them on u/s every week! This has been the most incredible thing I've ever felt. Terrific news Karen, Terrific! Take care...cassandra


SMS1129 - October 29


That is absolutely fantastic news! I couldn't get in to see the pics, but I am sure they are amazing! A boy and a girl, hah? How cool!

I can't wait to find out what we are having...no surprises for us!!

Have fun shopping!




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