2 weeks today
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baby4us - June 22

Hi everyone.. I have missed you.. but what a whirlwind two weeks.. PHEW... does it get any easier?????

We have had some feeding issues which I THINK I am finally resolving.. so once I do and we are on a bit of a routine.. then I might be able to breathe a bit easier...

Any survivial tips from the mommies would be great... I am in love with Annabel but also totally overwhelmed... and am also remmebering to enjoy each small victory (a few mins on the computer to catch up) and to R-E-L-A-X!!!!


HeatherMac - June 23

Alright girl, what kind of feeding issues are you having?? Duncan had colic from a NUMBER of issues and I am MORE than happy to share my experience with you...whatever I have in my toolbox, I gladly share with you.

What's up??

Congrats on making it through the first two weeks - CELEBRATE!!!



cassandra - June 23

Sounds like you are doing OK Baby4us! Yes, it does get easier. Enjoy your moments of triumph. How is sweet Annabell doing? I'm sure she loves her new "digs"! :)
Everything will fall into place soon. You'll see! Congrats!



baby4us - June 23

thanks everyone for the encouragement.. sometimes it is hard when they cry and you don't know why.

She has been fussing and eating since 6am ... can't seem to get her settled.. have just put her in the crib for a few minutes for myself.. but will have to run.

Anyway.. Heathermac.. I know you had so many issues with Duncan... I think Annabel can get gassy.. not yet sure if she is colicky.. but you either have to hold her and/or feed her.. she just doesn't lkike to be put down at all... I just wish I could get her on a bit of aroutine so she will sleep a bit here and there so I can have a breather. Luckily my mom is heading over today.. will need her wisdom.

Any advice ladies? She is either cluster feeding.. and/or just having the usual fusssy baby moments.. this too shall pass!!!!


fiso - June 27

Hi baby4us., How are things with Annabel? Better I hope. I'm sure your mom had some good words of widom, or at least she took over for you, so you can rest.
One of my prenatal yoga friend jsut gavve birth this week-end, 3 weeks prior to her due date. Taht kind of freaked me out when she told me. I hope I'll be ready just in case the little one comes early.
Feeling good, sleeping a little bit better, depnding on the nights! I noticed that even when I wake up at 3 in the mornign, the little one is kicking all over the place. I wonder what she must be doing!!!!
We are all set to paint the room, get the furniture and we are registered for some classes.
Some days, I still can't believe it's happening!!!

Hope the bfeeding issues are better.


baby4us - June 27

And now it is 3 weeks today... things are getting a little easier.. Annabel still has her fussy times and some days are better than others.. but I finally am gettin ginto a bit of a routine with her.. which is all I can ask for!!

Heathermac has been so great with guiding me through these rough times... you can never be prepared for what happens when baby comes home!!

Fiso.. glad ot hear all is going well... I wouldn't worry about going too early.. I was lucky enough to go into labour on my due date!! Just rest, eat healtily and get lots of rest and you'll be fine -- but be sure to have your bag packed for the hospital one month early (that is what I did and ended up re-packing that darned bag every weekend until I used it!!)

Hope everyone else is doing well... times can be tough.. be you find a will and a way to get through and make it happen and before you know it... I might be able to wear normal clothes again and not schlepp around in track pants and stained shirts anymore.. but for now.. who cares!!!



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