1st Ultrasound today & the results are....
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mjforney - October 26

Daniella... I just signed your ADORABLE bebay page, that's it I am making one tonight... I am becoming an internet JUNKIE!

That is so funny that your friend named her baby Ella Grace and that is what we are thinking! Love it!!!

This will make you all ill...my hubby wants to name the boy...Triton, after the bass boats! I can not believe.... I am the one who signs the forms at the hospital so I have control over that one! hehe~


JENNY22074 - October 26

Michelle - there is nothing wrong with being an internet junkie. It passes the time (especially during the 1st trimester). Plus it gives you something to look forward to doing each night. Plus next year these relationships will come in handy with late night feedings!!!!! I don't know if you will have much time though with twins on the agenda!!!! How are you feeling?


lisa13 - October 26

my girls name is annie louise. my mother passed away 3 years ago and her name was anita louise. my boys name is Raymond Avery raymond for pete's Grandpa and AVery "the A" after my mom

my ultra sound is in highlnad park


wolffie - October 26

Lisa -

Raymond is a great name....it's my dh's name!

I too am becoming an internet junkie. My hubby sent me an email the other day saying he was lonely. He was sitting in the living room with me!



JENNY22074 - October 26

Michelle - I understand the need to be prepared. I have had most of these names picked out since 2000. I at first was not going to find out but, nowadays the stores make it so hard. You either have infant girls section or an infant boys section. There is no longer really a unisex section. The only place we were able to find a lot of unisex clothes was a store named Kohl's. However right after my 1st trimester ended my sister bought all of the unisex section in the store. LOL!!!! So then we made up our mind to find out what it is.


bdantonio - October 26

I could not wait to find out. Its to hard i havte calling it baby. I like knowing the babies name


mjforney - October 30

I had my 6 week 6 day ultrasound today. We saw the heartbeats and both babies looked great... they looked more like tadpoles in transformation...ha! So my husband swears that one is a boy and one is a girl, he's being silly.

I have to go to my OB tomorrow because she want to see me at least 2x before I leave for Italy....hopefully I will get another U/S....I love seeing the munchins!!



JENNY22074 - October 30

Michelle - I am right there with you. I can't wait until Thursday gets her so I can see what this one is up to and make sure that all is still going well. I know there in the beginning that is exactly what they look like. It makes you wonder how they ever really develop into a human. When you are about 9 weeks if you have an ultrasound then min kind of took the shape of a puppy in the womb. LOL!!!! I compared my u/s at 7 weeks to that of the shape of a seahorse!!!! Then at 12 weeks it started to kind of look human but not all together. Now the last u/s that I had in the labor and delivery ER was at 16 weeks and it looked like a baby!!!!! I still have to scan and post that on myspace. Okay I will talk to you soon.


JENNY22074 - October 30

By the way Michelle, I never tire either of seeing the little one. I am sure it is double for you. What has Hannah said? Have you told her? I bet she is excited!!!!


lisa13 - October 30

Hey michelle,
iam so glad your ultras sound went well.
have a good nightxolisa


JENNY22074 - November 1

Just wanted to let you all know that I had my u/s today and the baby cooperated and the results are...ITS A BOY!!!! How is everyone else?


mjforney - November 2

Congrats on the BOY! Wow...you found out at 18 weeks...I thought we could not see anything until 20 weeks.


Lisa...How did your U/S go today???



lisa13 - November 2

Hey guys;

yea it is a boy that is great--

my ultra sound went great . saw a heartbeat 113 beats per min; is that good.


JENNY22074 - November 2

Yes that is good....It felt awesome didn't it? Yeah they can tell at 16 weeks actually what the baby is. It is just that the baby is bigger and easier to see everything. Other then that they can tell at your 18 week anamoly u/s when you have it and as long as the little one(S) are cooperative.


mjforney - November 3

Lisa.... that is GREAT! When is your next U/S?



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