1st Ultrasound today & the results are....
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bdantonio - October 25

michelle you dont have to get a amnio its your discussion. They wanted me to get one with my daughter cause they thought she had downs. I refused it with all the risks involved and shes normal.

Jenny: I though both daughters were boys so im not so good at that what do you feel thing


mjforney - October 25

Thanks! I readlly dont want to do an amnio, if I dont have to I wont. :)

Have a great night!


wolffie - October 25

Hi ladies -

My dh and I started a baby website. We have only shared it with those who know our news. I would love for you all to check it out if you are interested. It was pretty easy to build. We thought that it would be a great way to update family and friends on our progress...once we tell everyone! There's not much on it now but we will add over time!


am dying to hear from Lisa!



JENNY22074 - October 25

I know ladies - Where is Lisa? I hope all is well. SHe keeps us in such suspense each time. LOL!!!!!


wolffie - October 25

Jenny - Thanks for commenting on our website!



JENNY22074 - October 25

You are very welcome.


lisa13 - October 26

Hey guys-
thank you ssssssssssoooooooooo much for all your concern . my ultrasound went great. I am having just one little baby. Can you believe it? unless one is hiding; it is just one. my hcg and pro i have to wait til tommorrow--annoying but they did not get it in in time- bummer- i am praying my projesterone shot up. I am so exhausted- i feel like i am having 5 hehehe.

due date june 23, 2008 one bambino hehe.

and yes daniella i am definately finding out. my dh is not so sure. so that might be a little dicey. i already have a name for a girl and a boy my next u/s is next thursday- they say i can see a heart beat
i am just cautiously starting to get excited


JENNY22074 - October 26

I am VERY surprised that it is only one because of your HCG!!! Either way congratulations. You should be able to hear the heartbeat as well. Then you will get a little more excited. I was the same way prettymuch until after the 1st trimester. Then again I think that the way everything goes for us we will always be cautious but excited.

By the way Wolfie I copied the website idea and made one for my little one. Thanks for the interest. It was very easy.

Here is the website info:


lisa13 - October 26

your website is so cool. your dh is adorable and you are so pretty. you look like you have a really nice family.

i just got home from work
iam going to make my self some eggs
give me your cell number and i can text during the day my blood results tommorrow; utoo daniella ;)


wolffie - October 26

Lisa -

Congrats again! I'm glad everything went well! Are you doing your ultrasounds at HP or BG?



mjforney - October 26

We need to either all make a website like Jen or get us all on myspace.... :)

Lisa...what names do you have picked out?

We are tossing up: Ella, Grace, for a girl and the middle name will me Marin...

For a boy??? Not so sure yet!



mjforney - October 26


Do you have a web site also?

Who all is on myspace???


JENNY22074 - October 26

Ladies Babyzone has a baby name poll that you can get people's opinions on your names.

Thank you Daniella and Michelle for your comments on the baby's website.

Michelle you should hook up one for the TWINS!!!!!

We are set on a girl's name. It will be Elizabeth Marie if it is a girl.
We are tossing up the following names for a boy:
William Garrett, Gabriel William and Damien Garrett.

Talk to you all later.


JENNY22074 - October 26

By the way Daniella - I am on myspace as well as Michelle.

Michelle have you checked out the cafe mom? I am on that as well. I like myspace a lot better though.

Daniella if you are not already on myspace we hope to see you on there soon.


wolffie - October 26

Yes we have a website...


don't have a myspace. All my middle school students have them so I have avoided it so they don't ask to "be my friend". As a soical worker how do you turn down a middle schooler!


by the way...my friend just had a baby girl and her name is ella grace....


mjforney - October 26

Daniella... I just signed your ADORABLE bebay page, that's it I am making one tonight... I am becoming an internet JUNKIE!

That is so funny that your friend named her baby Ella Grace and that is what we are thinking! Love it!!!

This will make you all ill...my hubby wants to name the boy...Triton, after the bass boats! I can not believe.... I am the one who signs the forms at the hospital so I have control over that one! hehe~



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