1st Ultrasound today & the results are....
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mjforney - October 24

Well ladies, I had to go in for an emergency ultrasound this morning. I had a rough night with cramping and dizziness and my Dr. was nervous about me having a eptopic pregnancy (I am not 6 weeks 2 days prego). So I went in and he noticed right off that my ovaries werem what he called, "HUGE".... and he looked a little further and said...."Well, there are TWO!" So.... I am having twins.... My husband about had an instant heartattack! We go back on Monday morning to see the heartbeat!

I am excited, but scared. I am only 110 pounds....will I be able to handle twins??? ha!


lisa13 - October 24

i know i already said by peace but yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

wish i weighed 110 hehe. youll be fine. you have the strenght of 10 men hehe.
enjoy the news


bdantonio - October 24

How far along are you


mjforney - October 25

I am only 6 weeks and 2 days...


wolffie - October 25

Michelle -
Congrats on the twins! How exciting!

Lisa -
Your ultrasound is tomorrow, right? Can't wait to hear how it goes!



mjforney - October 25

Lisa's ultrasound is in the morning and I am expecting to hear that she is having TRIPLETS!! hehe!!


JENNY22074 - October 25

Michelle - wonderful news. A double blessing for you, hubby and Hannah. We thought at first that ours was twins but not so blessed. I am happy just with the one. Yeah not so lucky with the 110 pounds either. That is what my 18 year old sister weighs.!!!! LOL!!!! Now I will be picturing her with a pregnant twin belly. No I better not she is in college and needs to stay there, no babies for her right now!!!! It is funny because our next u/s is next Thursday the 1st and I can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl. We asked my sister to go with us but she had to swear not to tell anyone that she knew first, especially grandma.

Lisa - I bet you will be seeing double as well. Maybe 3 like Michelle said. LOL!!!!! I will be praing for you tomorrow. Talk to you all later.


lisa13 - October 25

You guys are really funny. nervous but excited.

Daniella; how are you feeling
when is your u/s


bdantonio - October 25

Jenny are you getting escited now and less worried?


wolffie - October 25

Lisa -

My us is scheduled for Fri 2nd. The doc wanted to do it a little earlier but my hubby wouldn't be able to go until the 2nd. I've been feeling pretty good other than really exhausted!

How about you?

Can't wait to hear your results!



JENNY22074 - October 25

Beth - I am getting better. However I think the worrying has only just begun. LOL!!!! I will never stop worrying about this little one. I just need to get used to all the additional secretions that have been going on lately and I think I will be okay.

Lisa - sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear HOW MANY!?!?!?!? LOL!!!! Love ya!!!! By the way still waiting to see your profile on myspace!!!!

Daniella - I go on the 1st of November to find out what I am having. You will be fine. Hubby should defiinitely be there and you will most likely see and be able to hear the heartbeat. How far along will you be then? How ar your numbers looking?

Talk to you all later.


wolffie - October 25

Hey Jenny -

I will be exactly 6 weeks at the time of the first us next week on the 2nd. I have my second scheduled for the 12th. My husband is a police officer so it has been difficult to work around his schedule. Obviously, he really wants to be a part of everything. So far my numbers are looking good...

10/22 HCG 552 Progesterone 29.9
10/24 HCG 1650 Progesterone 22.7

I was worried about the decrease in the progesterone level but the nurse said it is nothing to be concerned about since I am on the progesterone injection every 3 days. The first level was the day after an injection and the second level what right before I was supposed to give another. I will go back in on the 29th since I didn't want to wait until the 1st!

Any thoughts on if you feel like you are having a boy or a girl?

Lisa and Michelle - do you guys plan on finding out the gender?



JENNY22074 - October 25

Daniella - That is right you had a very high starting number. All these BFPs that are happening I tend to get lost and forget. LOL!!!! Also the pregnancy hormones make forgetfullness very easy and it is something that I am not used to. All of the dreams that I have had regarding the sex have shown a boy. Most everyone else in my family say a girl. Either way it does not matter to me. I know even though DH feels it is a girl that he would really like a boy. He has a 16 year old daughter. My sister is the one that has me curious though. She will not reveal what she thinks it is. SHe is going with us to the u/s. We had to make her swear and promise that she would not tell anyone that she went. Plus I always said that if a pregnancy was ever successful it woudl be a boy. My last two I felt that they were girls right from the beginning. This one has been harder to figure out. Any feeling on yours? Do you think it is one or 2. I am going to go with 2. They say things happen in 3s. So Michelle started the trend with twins, then we will hear at least twins today from Lisa and I am going to go with twins for you and DH. Is this your first? 3 or 5 day transfer? Talk to you later.


wolffie - October 25

Jenny -

This was our first IVF. We did a 5 day transfer of 2 excellent quality blastocysts. We lost our first pregnancy in June at 7 weeks. It was ectopic and ruptured. Our doc had no idea it was ectopic because all my levels were rising normally and I was having them measured every other day for a week and a half. Very weird!

So far I don't have a feeling either way what the gender is. I felt that the last pregnancy would have been a boy.

Are you planning on telling people the gender once you find out?

How is your Dh's daughter handling all this?



JENNY22074 - October 25

Daniella - Actually it is very funny how we are going to tell. Everyone wants to know except my grandmother. SHe is old fashioned and believes it should still be a surprise. Since we find out on the 1st (hopefully) and my mom's birthday is the 5th we have decided on the 4th when we go to do our registry that the baby will give her a birthday card and sign it with his/her name. It will be at that point that she can announce it to my brother, sister, future sister in law, sister in law, and niece. If she does not tell anyone that day then people will be emailed (those that want to know) on the 5th. As for the step daughter. Nothing since we told her we were pregnant. She cussed her father and we have not heard from her since. I posted the whole story pretty much on the relationship forum under stepchildre if you want to take a look. SHe basically told us where to go and how to get there. So do you have a particular sex you want? How about the DH? Talk to you later. I am getting ansy on hearing from Lisa about her u/s. Does anyone know what time her appointment was?


mjforney - October 25

Hi: We definatley plan on finding out what we are having! Especially now that it is TWINS, I need to plan!!!

Does anyone know how far along you have to be for an amnio?..... I think I will have to have one since I am 35, right??

xoxoxoxo to all!


bdantonio - October 25

michelle you dont have to get a amnio its your discussion. They wanted me to get one with my daughter cause they thought she had downs. I refused it with all the risks involved and shes normal.

Jenny: I though both daughters were boys so im not so good at that what do you feel thing



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