1st ultrasound
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baby4us - October 14

Just wondering what should I expect during my first ultrasound.. I had my IUIs on Sept. 13 and 14... got my BFP at the end of Sept.. so am now waiting for the first u/s on Oct. 24. I have been very anxious because I just want to know that everything is going fine in "there".

This will of course be an internal u/s (ewww).. which is always a little uncomfortable.. but I really hope everything is going to be ok.

Plus I am SO tired today.. I have been having problems waking up all week (I am usually a very cheerful early morning person!).. and today I am really dragging... boy I'd kill for a coffee... I guess I'd better get used to the tired feeling!


tinkerbell - October 14

hi baby4us, first CONGRATULATIONS! the caffeine sacrifice is well worth it :)

by the time of your first u/s, you will be 8 weeks then, right? (count from the first day of your last mens period). You should be seeing a gestational sac with a tiny baby form inside :D (that is just a wonderful sight!). At this stage, you should hear the heartbeats as well, at the very least see your baby's blinkers on the screen! (awesome sight!). I had my last u/s at 8 weeks, and that is exactly what I saw (doc gave me a souvenir print-out as well). At my 8th week though, it's been my 3rd u/s. The first one at 5 weeks (I saw a gest sac with a yolk), then at 6 weeks (gest sac with a fetal pole).

Enjoy the view! GOODLUCK! :)
Let us know what you see, we're excited for you! :D


justme - October 14

I go to see the sac, baby and heartbeating at 8 weeks. That was the only sono I have had. I have not heard the heartbeat yet though. I go to my OB on the 25th and will hopefully get to hear it then. Best of luck to you. Let us know how it goes.

I have to admit I have cheated 2 times on the caffiene. I had sodas both times. Ughh! I felt great afterwards though!!!!! I used to only drink soda most of every day until a few weeks before i did IVF. I decided to give it up early just in case it affected egg development or anything. We can do this. It is well worth it. I have also found that caffiene free sodas provide me with the taste I am craving sometimes. Do you like caffiene free coffee???



oneandonlymel - October 15

baby4us- Congradulations!! That first ultrasound is such a relief when you see the sac and fetal heartbeat! I actually have had and ultrasound each week since 6 weeks and I am almost 15 weeks, its amazing how fast that baby grows, and the heartbeat is the most beautiful sound you will ever hear!!!!


baby4us - October 17

Hey everyone.. thank you for the updates.. I am getting very excited.. one more week though!!!

Tinkerbell.. you are right.. I will be at 8 weeks for the u/s... it is amazing how fast they grow.. so I won't believe my eyes when I see he/she!!!

Oneandonlymel.. I am very excited to hear the heart beat.. that way hopefully I will know for sure that everything is ok... and I can breathe a sigh of relief (I hope!!)

Justme ... hmmm.. not much into the caffeine free coffee! I guess I am a coffee snob.. so what I do... is I now treat myself to one small cup of coffee a week... my doc told me that he tries to get his patients to cut back to one caffienated drink a day (and anythign less than that is great).. so I feel my little once a week treat.. is well.. a nice treat to look forward to (usually Sunday morning with the paper in bed!!!)


Karen123 - October 17

Baby4us, The first u/s is amazing. You will smile like crazy and if you're like me, you'll have to wipe away a lot of tears in an effort to see the screen. It was such a great experience! Of course that was the day I found out I was having twins so it was even more special for us. My daughter video taped it! After crying I kept laughing and making the picture shake! LOL Enjoy!!! Karen


ElizabethS - October 18

Good luck baby4us - the first u/s is amazing and too short. keep us posted.



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