19 1/2 week u/s
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Jenny Lee - May 18

:DI had my u/s today and we are having a ..........
BOY! This will be boy # 2. We couldn't be more thrilled. The sex is immaterial when all you want is a healthy baby and just the chance to be pregnant. I know all you on this board understand what that means! The baby looked great and we got a cool 4 d pic. He is measuring right on target. Anyway, wanted to share the good news. Much love Jen


Meg - May 18


I am so very happy that eveything is going so wonderful for you :) Another BOY ;D ;D Mitch is going to be so glad to have a little brother to play with :)

I go for the u/s tomorrow; I am very nervous :-\ Hopefully everything will be okay....

I bet you are having a wonderful day !!! Congrats on the great news ;D ;D I will talk to you soon.

Take Care and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers :)



cassandra - May 18

Jen, how awesome! congratulations! So when are you due? Your'e more than halfway there! Amazing tech to get a 3d picture!My motherinlaw is hoping I have at least one boy to carry on the family name! What pressure! ;D
I'm so glad you are doing well. Take care....cassandra


BabyBound - May 18

Jen...a little boy :D That's awesome. I just dream about all of these milestones ahead of me during this pg.


Debie - May 18

Congratulations Jen for your baby boy.

I'm glad that all of you are okay and enjoying your pregnancies.

Stay healthy and Tons of Baby Dust to all



ElizabethS - May 18

Congratulations on your BOY!!! That is so wonderful. Have fun shopping for those cute boy clothes. (I know there will be hand-me-downs, but it is still fun to buy brand new)


shaz - May 18

Yai Jen.......Congratulations on seeing your little boy. A 4d picture that is fantastic. I am hoping to have a 4d ultrasound later on in the pregnancy, they are amazing.



Jenny Lee - May 18

Thanks for all the congrats. You are all still in my prayers! Can't wait to hear more about all your u/s.

Meg, how did your u/s go today?? Jen


Meg - May 20


The u/s went okay. The baby had a h/b of about 117, which I guess is good, since they look for it to be over 100. It was measuring at exactly 6 wks. which is where I am. I don't have a corpus luteum cyst anymore, so I really have to stay on progesterone. I don't necessarily think that is a good thing. I had to stop the crinone gel b/c it was giving me such bad yeast infection symptoms. It was awful. I called yesterday and asked if I could stop it and maybe do something else or just stop all together, but they said my choices were either take 2 pills a day or do shots. They would have preferrd me to take shots b/c it is better absorbtion, but I chose pills. I figure the difference can't be the significant. I just didn't feel like dealing w/ shots again, especially since I didn't do the FET. I am still very nervous and anxious and feel the p/g is not going to work. I can't help it; it is just my gut feeling. All of my previous p/g all had h/b, so I can't really use that as a positive thing. They all start fairly well and well we all know how they have ended up. So we wait until the next u/s, which is next Fri. Keep on praying please :)

I hope you are doing well and giving your baby boy and Mitch too :) lots and lots of love :)

Take Care,



cassandra - May 20

Meg, I can understand your uneasyness. I don't think it goes away. The trauma of a m/c stays with us. My dh and I still worry about it. The nurse had me on progesterone for nine weeks because they wanted to see the umbil. cord before we stopped it. I'm sorry the gel gave yeast symptoms. I used to get them all the time and finally figured out it was the baths I was taking. Anyways, I'll be thinking of you...next friday will be here before you know it and we will see everything be alright. Do you have any of the usual symptoms? ;) Take care...cassandra


Meg - May 20


Thanks for the support ;) I found out that I now have to do the progesterone shots again :( The RE does not use prometrium tablets, they use a specially formulated progesterone pill made at a compounding pharmacy. Naturally, our insurance does not cover it, and it would cost us $120.00 for a 60 day supply. So that didn't leave me w/ too many options - pay the $$ for the pills, suffer w/ an AWFUL yeast infection using the crinone gel, or do the shots. I chose the shots. I am used to them after having done them many times before. It just seems wierd that I have to do them and I didn't even do the FET. I have such a sucky body. I just have to wonder why my body is not making its own progesterone??? It then gets my wheels turning that something is not right w/ the p/g... Not that I need any prompting in that area.

I get yeast infections so easily that my regular ob/gyn wanted to send me to a Dr. who specialized in treating yeast infections. LOL, I never went b/c I would have had to travel into Philadelphia to a not so great area of town and felt that I had had enough of people probing me in my personal area ::) I take acidophilus daily and try to avoid yeast infection triggers. I knew as soon as I started using the crinone that I was going to have issues. What a pain in the neck...

I have been having a few symptoms, but nothing spectacular. I sometimes get nauseous, but I think that may be due to anxiety. My appetite has not increased significantly, again when I am nervous I can't eat. I know that is not good for the baby, but I can't help it. When I was p/g w/ the triplets-twins, I was starving all of the time. Everyday I had an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on the way to work!!! Now I am lucky if I even eat breakfast!!!

It is just so hard to shake my forboding feelings. My husband said too bad we didn't have an u/s machine so I could check everyday to make sure the baby was still there and growing. Don't I wish....

Thanks for the thoughts ;)



ElizabethS - May 20

Meg - I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you. Anxiety is so crappy, and there is no easy way to turn it off.

You are not alone. I wish you and all of us worry-warts peace and healthy babies.


shaz - May 20


I just know that everything is going to be ok.....I know how hard it is to accept that things are going to work when you are used to them going wrong. We are here for you and are praying for your pregnancy to be verh healthy.



Jenny Lee - May 21

Meg, I'm glad they saw the h/b this time. I know that you were excited to see it, but uneasy. It's amazing how you can love something so much. It makes the fear of losing it so debilitating. I am still praying for you and your baby. I am so sad you have to do the prog shots. YIKES, I pray your levels go up. I hope you feel better about the preg. but understand that will take some time. I am just sooo excited you actually got preg naturally and my hopes and prayers are that in January you will give birth to a healthy baby. Much love to you! We are going out of town so I'll post when I get back. GOOD LUCK on Friday with your u/s. Love Jen



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