13 week u/s - amazing!
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Karen123 - September 28

Hi everyone. I had an u/s yesterday at just shy of 13 weeks. What an incredible experience it was!! I have total peace of mind now that I know both babies are fine and I cried watching them on the screen. I could clearly see the spines and the arms and legs kicking - I could even clearly see the fingers on one of the twins. It was just wonderful. Amazing. Fantastic. I can't help it, it was just the greatest experience ever! The doctor was trying to make one baby move so he was pushing on my stomach (full bladder and all) and the babies kept reacting to it. I just thought that was the neatest thing! The only downer was that DH called just before and said he couldn't go and I was really mad. Still am. Then he asked nothing about the tests I had or what I saw. Nothing. Jerk. Hope it's not a preview of what's to come. WEll, I can't let him ruin my happiness. I have great u/s pics of my twins. I was told I have to go in for another at 18 weeks. YEY!! Just had to share some good news. We read a lot of sadness. Karen


justme - September 28

What great news. Sorry about the DH. I have a hard understanding stuff like that too. Mine didn't make the transfer and my mom had to go in with me. Ughhh! He was about 30 minutes late. Our transfer was unexpected that day, but still. Anyway, I am happy for you!!!

Take care of those babies!


pj - September 28

that's wonderful!!
i'm so glad you got a clear view of your twins and that you have pictures for their baby books. :)
too bad about dh, but i'm glad you're determined not to let it get in the way of your enjoyment of those two little miracles and your u/s preview of how amazing they are!!


ElizabethS - September 29

I'm smiling ear to ear reading your account of the u/s. What an amazing miracle!!!! It is hard to believe that a fetus can look so much like a person at just 12 weeks. I am in complete awe.

My dh acted a bit weird during the first trimester. I think it just takes some men a longer time to wrap their brains around being a father....let alone, a father to multiples. Hang in there, my dh reads to my tummy every night, but in the first trimester he could hardly even talk about the babies. He think he was just really scared and it wasn't real to him yet.

Take care


Karen123 - September 29

Thanks ladies for the nice comments!! And Elizabeth, thanks for what you said about your husband. I am hoping that mine comes around. Maybe it's just not all that real yet. I know he feared my losing them very much since I had bleeding problems. Maybe as time goes on he'll realize they really are going to be ok and he really is going to be a Daddy. Thanks - you made me feel better.

I wish every woman on this board the thrill that I had on Tues. Baby dust to all. Karen


hope as cassandra - September 29

Karen, congratulations on your u/s! It is amazing to see them! I'm sure your dh will come around. Mine said he didn't really believe it until I started to show! Men are funny about it sometimes. I've noticed one of the many benefits of carrying multiples is you have many more u/s than normal! cassandra



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