10 weeks 6 days!!
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oneandonlymel - September 17

I went and had my 10 week ultrasound done and the baby was moving around, what a wonderful thing to watch, I wanted to just lay there all day watching! The doctor still won't say I am out of the woods and I hate that feeling! He just says we haven't made it this far and that is good! I won't have an ultrasound done at 11 weeks, but will go for my 12th, he is so nice, he said if you feel ensecure and something isn't right he would do one next just to make me feel better! I can't wait to get out of being exhausted and nauseated phase! I can't even look at meat!! I also can't wait to wear maternity clothes! Hope everyone else pg is doing well!!!!! I never thought I would cross over to this board and stay, I bounced back and forth, excited to say I am pregnant then turn around and go to the sounding board and start over!!! I wish everyone to be over here and share the joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cassandra - September 17

Oneandonly, wonderful news! I'm so glad you got to see your little blinker again! My goodness, how long until the doctor says you can celebrate? I hope at your 12 week U/S you can finally at least be told to relax and enjoy it all. I know worrying about everything is one thing we all down here have in common. It's so nice to see some joy around here! Congrats again! cassandra


WantsBaby2 - September 17

One and Only,
I am so happy for you! It's wonderful to see you so happy after all you have been through. I hope more of us can join you soon. Take care and let your tummy keep on expanding!



Karen123 - September 17

oneandonly - I am SO happy for you and DH! I too wanted them to leave the u/s in me so I could just watch my babies moving around. It was SO amazing to see. I have to say, I have finally accepted that my babies are going to be fine. I had a difficult few months, especially with the bleeding for 2 1/2 weeks and the trips to the emergency room but I've gone 3 days now with no spotting at all and I'm too big in the belly for any of my regular clothes. I listen to at least one heartbeat every day with the doplar I rented and the peace of mind I know have is priceless. I get a huge smile on my face when I hear that wonderful sound. I'm pretty sure I heard both heartbeats at once a couple of times. I will be 12 weeks on Wed and I truly think I'm out of the danger zone. You are so close to that milestone too!! Funny thing is, I've never been much of a meat eater and now I crave it all the time! I'm sick every day but I'm keeping my eye on the prize. Well prizes!! I hope you can relax soon. You deserve this happiness and I must say that now that I'm mostly relaxed, I'm actually enjoying this wonderful time in my life. I actually bought 2 cribs the other day! Keep posting! I love reading your updates. Karen


SMS1129 - September 17


That is wonderful news!! I laughed about your meat comment. I can eat meat, I just can't smell it raw. My sense of smell is really something. Yesterday, I bought raw meat at the grocery store and I couldn't stop smelling it in the bag on the way home. I had to open the windows, it was making me sick. When I got home, I asked my husband if he could smell it and he couldn't. It is amazing. I guess not being able to eat it is next...

Great to hear your news!



Fortyfour - September 17

Oneandonlymel, your success gives us all hope. I think of you often and am glad all is ok. I also could not stand meat when pg. I was a veggie and fruit girl. Take care and keep on growing.


oneandonlymel - September 18

Thank you all for your support through the good and the bad, I know what I went through this site really helped me to be able to talk and vent my feelings!

Cassandra The doctor said after I get to my 12th week I should be able to relax, but because of my clotting factors he said the thing to worry about it the placenta clotting off, so to a point I am going to worry through-out the pregnancy, but they are going to keep a close eye on me and to be honest they can't stop what is meant to be! I just pray and hope I will be holding my baby in 6 months!!


sussie88 - September 19

Congrats and good luck!!! Can't wait to be at 12 weeks .... my friend said she saw the fingers and toes at 11 week u/s. Did you?? I am at the end of week 6. So far, so good.


Meg - September 19


I am so happy that your p/g is progressing well so far:) You certainly deserve it after all of the disappointment that you have been through. Please continue to update everyone on your progress. Take care and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.



oneandonlymel - September 19

Thanks everyone for your support! It is so nice to have this site to come to whether it is sad times or happy times, I know you girls are here to lean on!!

sussie88- they are skipping the 11 week ultrasound, I saw legs and arms but no fingers, the baby was moving around alot so it was blurry at times. I am so happy for you and I know how that waiting feels to get to 12 weeks! It seems forever, but hang in there it will come!



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