To D&C or not to D&C that is the question!
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invertigo31 - September 18

** this thread is designed to help others decide if they should or shouldn't so let's get those opinions and experiences out there.....

Ok I have seen several people talking about d&c's for miscarriages....

I am opposed to them unless they are absolutely necessary since they can do so much damage that typically the doctors don't tell you about.... scarring, impalement, hemorraging, difficulty with future pregnancies because a fetus can't implant to a scarred up uterus, etc etc etc.....

Here's the bottom line and some rules I go by IMHO-(in my humble opinion) Because I have had 3 d&c's and each time it becomes harder and harder to stay pregnant..and it also makes each miscarriage more painful for me knowing that it's my fault because I **ELECTED** the D&C's and it may be why I can't stay pregnant....

**Physical factor**
1. Unless you are hemmoraging or there are any signs of infection are setting or you are more than 8 weeks pregnant... You should not consider a D&C!
Our bodies are fairly well equipt to solve problems...If we do not pass what is present in the uterus during an early miscarriage (before 8 or 10 weeks) our bodies are typically able to break it down and absorb it. (I have had 9 miscarriages and 6 of them were fine without the d&c)

**Emotional factor**
2. We tend to romanticize about our babies and having a D&C for a miscarriage can cause us to second guess about if we should of waited to see..etc etc.. It's very unhealthy to obsess on such a thing and it causes a ton of underlying problems, like wondering about if you hadn't done it would there have been a slim chance that it would have turned into a healthy pregnancy... (you get the picture...)

Well there's what I have to say about it...



bdantonio - September 23

i have had 5 m/c and only one d%c i will not get one. The only reason i did it the last time was the baby died and three weeks later i still had not started to bleed. I believe that women have been having m/c way before the d&c so are bodies are made to take care of it. Unless for some reason your body cant then get it. After my only d&c i had a laperoscopy to remove the fibroids taht grew from my d&c. I do not reciommend them at all. I even had one natural m/c at 13 weeks so it can be done. Well theres my oppioion



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