strange period after m/c?
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indy - August 28

Hi there i am new here- found my way here via a search on post m/c periods...
i was wondering if anyone here has had a similiar experience to me.. or could help me out...

on the 19th of august I miscarried at 12.5 weeks into my pregnancy. the baby had died at 6weeks.
I had my first period on the 4th of August. that "seemed" to finsh up around the 19th.
Then: especially from around the 14th to the 25th of August i had had light stained discharges/spotting(?).. sometime very light brown, sometimes with a bit of pinkish brown on pinkish red in either clear or off white discharge.

My doctor says to treat it like a period; i possibly didnt ovulate during my period... she said to wait until after i have my next period and take it from there. possibly a blood test to check hormone levels...

could it be my hormones are out of whack..?

A bit of background info: i had my first baby in August 2004. i got my first period in february 2006 and second period 40 days later... the doc thought it was strange that it took so long for my period to return. my toddler still likes to chew on the breast for comfort but i never had a lot of milk ( very scanty almost non existant supply) so not sure if lack of period had to do with hormone stimulation..



Mandi - October 13

Well I had my 4th miscarraige in April of this year and since then my periods have been so out of whak also. My problem is the opposite of yours actually. An average period lasts 7 days and happens every 21st threw 28th day since the last day of the last cycle. Mine are every 14 days and they only last 5 days at a time. Basically I have my period almost twice a month. I think your body just needs it's own amount of time to heal and to understand what happened. Some days I get symptoms of pregnancy... almost like my body doesn't realize the baby is gone. My period is finally getting back on track after 6 months. So I think it's just another thing to wait and be patient about. My OB offered me to go on birth control to regulate the periods and put my hormones back on track... he said or to wait it out. I've decided to wait it out and let my body heal in its own time rather than pushing it along.
I know how frustrating it can be to not know exactly what's going on with your own body. But I hope some of what I said makes sense.



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