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Aimee37 - August 1

Hi Slatka/Lila/Liz :D

Well to my suprise, AF showed up today. I was a bit suspicious when I woke up with a killer headache. A 33 day cycle without BCP's, I think that beats my record. My nurse told me that having an early m/c sometimes screws up your cycles but than again my cycles have always been unpredictable. In the past my periods have been from 35-41 days.

I called my nurse to inform her and it looks like I will not be starting the pill on day #3 as usual due to the booked up scheduling of ER's around Sept. 9-10th frame time, so she is having me start the BCP's on day #6 (Aug. 6th) of my period instead. I guess this delays my period by 2-3 days so they can fit my ER into the schedule. She is calling my back later this week to confirm this with my protocol. I will most likely start the 10 units of Lupron on Aug. 24th and my last BCP will be on Aug. 26th. AF should show up around Aug. 29th or so. Than start to stim around Aug. 31st. It looks like my ER will be around Sept. 12-13th time frame.

Overall, I am a bit relieved that AF showed up earlier than I expected. I really want to get things rolling. Looks like the Outerbanks family trip might be a No Go. I will be starting the Lupron during this week. Still not too sure yet. I really want to take off more time after my ET and not take off so much time so close together. I have a big conscious about taking off too much time for work.

So that is the update with me....


Aimee37 - August 1

Liz- I ran this morning and it was blazing hot!! My AF headache got real bad. I just ran 6 instead of 8. I am glad you are being careful in this heat. My nurse told me this morning to calm my butt down and not run too much. So I made a pact with her that I will just run 4 miles a day and not run at all when I start to stim. She still thought that was too much and rather I run like 21 miles a week.

I am sorry you and DH have dyfunctional familes. Mine is beyond dysfunctional. I won't even begin to tell you!!
:( But yea...seems a dysfuntional family is almost normal now a days.

I hope you are doing well and staying cool!

[quote author=liz link=board=17;threadid=2612;start=60#23129 date=1154307578]
Hey Aimee -

I don't know how you do it girl. I could never think about running in this weather. I can barely think about moving it! :) Well, that is a great outlit for you so as long as you are not overdoing it good for you! That is awesome that you have an outlit like that.

Sorry to hear about your frustrating family. I can 100% relate. I have a somewhat disfunctional family and my dh has one too. I vowed that the family we create will not in any way be disfunctional, but then again can you really prevent it completly? I think every family has its issues in one way or another.

Dh and I were working outside all day, well for me from 10:30-1:45. I had to rest, the heat gave me such a headache, which I still have. My body was telling me to rest, so rest is what I did. There is always another day, actually the evenings are best since it is not so gosh darn hot.

Well I am off to try and get rid of this headache, I think sleep is the only way to make it go away.

Talk to you soon,


Aimee37 - August 1

Hi Lila- I must have just missed you if you were at Noodles on Sunday for lunch! I went to Coldstone icecream next door at about 4pm that day. I live right behind these places in the condos. :D Small world!!!

Vienna is a great place to live. Did you know that it was ranked #3 this year as one of the best places to live in the USA? I like right by the bike path (Across from the Vienna community center) by Park Street. Do you know the where abouts?

I hope your Acupuncture is going great! I have heard that it really helps fertility. hmmm? I wish is was not so darn expensive!!!

I hope you can get the cyst taken care of Lila. Sorry it has not gone down in size. I hope you can have it aspirated. Keep me updated.

Well, I have to get to work. I hope you are doing great and staying cool!! :) Hotter in blazes eh???


liz - August 1

Hello Aimee, Lila and Sltaka -

Aimee - Congrats on af arrival. Boy that sounds dumb to say, well you know what I mean. :) 33 days, that is pretty good, especially since you are usually all over the place. Maybe just maybe you body is cooperating a little bit for you!
You sound in good spirits, I am glad. Now you get to look forward to moving ahead to your IVF cycle. You know it is going to be here before you know it.
Glad to hear you are taking it a little easier. It is way to darn hot out there!

Unfortuantly my phone lines are down at home and my internet is dsl through the phone so I don't have access. I can only catch up at work. If I don't respond have patience with me I will get there. It is amazing how much you rely on the internet. Last night I felt like my nighttime ritual was all screwed up since the last thing I usually do before I go to bed is check in with everyone one last time for the day. Oh, well hopefully it will be back up soon. (they told me target date is Aug. 3. ughh)

I will talk to you all later. Stay cool (if that is possible)



Lila - August 1

Hey Liz/Aimee/ Slatka

Glad to hear everybody is back and doing well. I am sorry to hear about your phone lines Liz is this a general problem or does this have to do with your new construction? I have been reading your posts her and elsewhere you really sound great this cycle – I think that could be a excellent sign. It would be a great coincidence if it works out for you and DH the same as it did for his parents. I was wondering you were talking about doing extra B vitamin – did you do that? Could that also be what is making this cycle seem so much calmer? I know just getting all the positive medical feedback would be more than enough to keep you strong but was just wondering about the B.

Slatka it sounds like you had a great vacation it must have been so beautiful and cool up on the lake. DH and I usually go up to Lake Champlain in August and since we are skipping that this year I am in Lake withdrawal. We did decide to bring our boat into town this week and we are planning on a little Potomac outing for Saturday so hopefully that will be fun

Aimee I know exactly where you live – great location. I am so happy for you that AF came earlier than expected maybe she can follow up that kind gesture with a little disappearing act. I met with my RE today and he still has hope that I can start things this month. They are trying to schedule me for surgery asap (laproscopy/hysteroscopy/ and D&C). So if all goes well I can move forward with you. My DH was a little concerned about all the procedures since he is supposed to be out of town but I figured this could be a good “test run” for the ER down the road. I have not had any kind of surgery since my appendicitis 12 years ago and this seems to be not nearly as invasive. I know this may sound a little crazy but I am just so relieved that at least now things are happening – I feel like progress is being made. After so many months of not knowing anything and just continuing to have blind faith to keep trying despite repeated negatives and disappointment I finally feel at least I am moving in the right direction. Just have to wait and see. If surgery can be scheduled soon and it goes well he is hopeful that I could start Lupron around the 17th so we really would be just days apart. I have tons of questions but I have a client coming in at 4 and I really should go get ready for that. Stupid work just always seems to get in the way, although I am grateful that I do work for myself. My RE was postponed in surgery this morning and thus running quite late on his appointments, the girl and her husband who were waiting in front of me for their initial consultation were beside themselves since they were going to be late for work. I realized how lucky I was that at least I did not have that stress. I do have to say that having to deal with all the waiting involved in TTC has taught me that waiting an extra 40 minutes for a doctor, which used to drive me crazy, is no big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Talk to you all later


liz - August 1

Hi Lila -

The phone problem is with a cable failure, thats what Verizon told me. Apparently some of my neighbors have been without service since last Thursday. Luckly for us we just lost it early Monday morning. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, I did just call home and it just rings so no luck yet.

I did start taking the extra B6, I began on Friday. I am taking an extra 100mg once a day. I think it could have something to do with my mood. When I used to take B6 and B12 all the time it made a world of difference with my depression. My family doc had actually recommended it years ago since he knew how bad I suffered with the depression and did not want perscription meds. For me it worked. I actually forgot about it (I was relying totally on the prenatals) until Slatka mentioned it. I figured I would give it another shot as long as I am not over the recommended dosage I could be ok. When I get pg I will ask my re about it and see if I can continue it though pg.

Hope that helps. I must run for now, time for me to go home. Facing the heat, yuck. Luckly I am headed straight to a/c. :)

I will talk to you all tomorrow.

Take care,


Aimee37 - August 1

HI Slatka- Welcome back girl! :) yea yea... I love the hotness myself. I really con't complian about the heat because it really does not bother me. lol Only when I run many miles without a water fountain around. Along the bike path there are none! hmmm?? Fairfax County needs to put some along the path in my opinion!!

I have to check out the pomegranete juice at Whole Foods across the street from me. :) Why can't diet coke be great for fertility? ::) Seems like most the things I hate are good for fertility! No running and things I dislike to ingest. ugh.... I will tell you that I am really not going to change my habits. I refuse to. I thin kmost of the stuff is a myth. As long as yuo are getting good sound nutrition and taking good care of yourself you can't go wrong.

I hope your cycle is on track this time and your ovualtion is timed just right between AF! I don't want you to have any worries with a LPD.

I hope you are settling down and getting back into your routine. Good luck on the new house!!! :)

Talk to you laters!


Aimee37 - August 1

Hi there Liz! :)
Yea I am happy that AF showed up too! Or that it showed up!! I am glad to be getting my protocol soon from my nurse. I guess she wants me to start the pill later because the ER schedule is a bit busy so she is sowing my period down. I wish this would not happen because I want things to happen faster. It will just be a 3 day difference. No biggie.

I hope you get your phone line back!!! That has got to suck the big one!! My computer runs off cable. When cable is out than I am out of luck. lol

I hope you are staying cool!!!
Talk to you laters! :)


Aimee37 - August 1

Hi Lila! :)
Yes, I very much like where I live. Just hate the freaks who live upstairs from me. They are nut cases. It is a married couple and they are both in thier 40's. The guy exposed himself to me last year! I had to go to court and all to testify. He got put in jail and had to pay a big fine. The woman married to him has temper tantrums every nite and stomps and screams for hours. Me and the neighbors have called the cops atleast 50 times in the past 2 yrs. I have tried to get them evicted but it is hard when her parents own the place. ugh...

That is wonderful that you are able to start your new cycle this month! So you are goin gto have a lap done? I hope that goes well! Please keep us updated with that. I never had one and hope I never have to have one. I know you feel relieved that things are progressing! I would to! If you start your cycle soon you will probably be slightly ahead of me. My nurse is delaying my period due to the ER operating room being busy. My ER will most likely be Sept 12th or 13th.

That is so awesome that ou work for yourself!!! :) I would be loving that! I would not have to report to anyone or worry what excuses I would use for my IVF! I hate telling my boss that I am not sure when I will need off!!! I made up some fib that I am going on a hiking trip in Spet and not sure of the dates! LOL!! I am trying to protect my privacy and this is my business you know?

Well, I have to run. I hope you are doing well and staying out of the heat. Something I really should do more of. lol I need to listen to my bosy more than I do. I can be my worst enemy.

Talk to you laters Lila!! :)



Slatka - August 1

HI all --

Just a quick hello...I'm distracted by all the news on my MSN page. Is Castro dead? Is Gibson really a drunken anti-Semite? Is Britney going into false labor again? How are DC teens reacting to the curfew? On and on...

Lila -- I hope everything will work out well for you -- I'm sure it will. I know what you mean about even having the surgery feeling like progress. The worst is not doing anything and just waiting. You are making things happen and that is the best kind of empowerment. Our journey here is not easy and we often get sidetracked -- at least I feel I do -- by big and small stuff (like me walking to the store this morning, thinking, "I have to get out of this heat! I am close to ovulating, damn it! I can't be annoyed or inconvenienced in any way!" At least I can laugh at myself now). I know you were asking Liz about the B vitamin; I take B6 too and it really has improved my mood. Though I don't really know if there is any correlation, I seem to be ovulating earlier this month, which is what I need to do. Now, I doubt the B6 had a direct connection, but it is the only different thing I am doing (plus the 750mg of vitamin C).

Liz -- yes, I'm not sure if B6 in the doses we are taking is necessary during pregnancy, but that's easy enough to stop and ask the OB when the time comes. I hope the cable is fixed soon, earlier than they estimate. At least it isn't the electric, god forbid.

Aimee -- I know the neighbor thing. We have "Incense and Dog Girl" a floor below us, "Vomit Woman" right underneath us, and screaming Asian family next door. It can be quite a circus, though your neighbors sound over the edge of scary. Maybe they know our screaming Asian couple??? It's even worse because we cannot understand what they are fighting about or, frankly, if they are even really fighting. It sounds like they are killing each other, but then I see her outside calmly smoking a cigarette. It is time to leave this place...

Well, cheers to everyone! Have a cold glass of pomegranate juice or beverage of choice. What's on tonight? I am a Hell's Kitchen and So You Think You Can Dance? addict -- I know, it's terrible. They are on Monday and then Wed and Thurs so Tuesday is kind of naked and alone. Maybe it's a History Channel night or a travel Channel...

Take care -- Slatka


Lila - August 2

Hi everybody.

Slatka: sorry I forgot to say congratulations about the new house. It must be so exciting and such a relief to get that all settled, especially after you described your lovely neighbors. Although I am convinced that no matter where one lives it will inevitably be next to at least one difficult/crazy neighbor. In the last house we had the lady who lived next door (attached townhouses) insisted that it was all our fault when our houses flooded during Hurricane Isabella. She even tried to sue us. This is the same woman who we took to the hospital when she was undergoing chemotherapy one year earlier when no one could take her (surprisingly for some strange reason she and her daughter were totally estranged). Then in the current house we live in we were trying to get approval (from the Home Owners group) to add a deck on the back of our house. This time one of our new neighbors held us up for months because she was convinced it was all part of some secret mater plan we had to build a private road from our house to the Saudi Embassy which is a couple doors down. What can you even say to these people?!

Anyway, as usual, I digress - I am just so happy everything worked out for you. Maybe that is a good sign that the stars are beginning to align in your favor. It really is quite a quick settlement date – I am sure you are going to be super busy getting everything ready. Good luck. By the way how is O going? Hope you had lots of fun in Canada.

Aimee there is one thing that I am really confused about and with everything I had to do at the RE’s office today there was no time to ask so if you do not mind can I pick your brain? The RE said he would start the Lupron shots on cycle day 21 and then the stims on cycle day 30. I am confused wouldn’t that mean that the Lupron is being started after ovulation has already occurred (day 21)? And wouldn’t that mean the stims start when you would be expecting AF? I am sure this is an incredible stupid question and I apologize I just can’t seem to understand the logic here. I have a great book on IVF but it does not explain this date stuff at all. In reading your last post am I correct to understand we will have one more AF before ER? I have not had my “orientation” yet with the coordinator yet and I am trying to get that scheduled as soon as possible so hopefully that will help clear up some of my confusion so I do not continue to ask silly questions.

With regard to the lap he said it was probably best if we go ahead and do that since they can not tell for sure what it is. He said they did do a cancer marker on it and that was negative (thanks God no one told me that on Sat or I would have been a nervous wreck waiting for him to talk to me today). But he said he can not rule out that it is a benign tumor and thus does not want to go poking it with a needle but would rather just go in and remove it. Like I said I know it is a little insane to think of surgery as some kind of progress but at least this way whatever it is is gone and while they are there they can look at a whole bunch of other things to make sure everything really is as it should be and we do not waste more time. If it is a tumor and thus it might have been some or all of the reason why we have had problems TTC it will be a relief but at the same time very frustrating that we wasted all that time and money on Clomide and IUIs.

Liz: I saw your post to Ladybugz I thought what you wrote was really great. It is amazing that this place exists where we can all share, ask, vent etc anything and I agree that most if not all on the site are very genuine in their responses. I hope she still feels that she can say anything and be safe here as I truly believe we can all learn so much from seeing each others experiences.

Hope your phone line is back on sooner rather than later - we miss you in the evenings. But if I had to choose between the phone and the power without a doubt I would have to go with the power and the AC so at least it is a blessing that you are still able to keep cool. How goes house plans? You break ground really soon - yes? I can not believe how in synch you and Slatka are – first on your cycle dates and now on new homes! When do you expect to be able to move in?

Well good night for now I have a very early appt so talk to you all later


Aimee37 - August 2

Hi Slatka, Liz & Lila-

I am worried about my period yesterday or if it actually was one. I hear that menses can be really light after a m/c. It was more like spotting and not really a flow and it last for 9 hours. I have nothing since 4pm yesterday. I need to call my clinic today and get thier opinion on this. I have never really been a bleeder and my periods have always been really like and last from 1-2 days. I think it was day 1 but I do not want to be too sure because this is important when starting a fresh IVF cycle. I hate this...not knowing for sure.

Staka, ugh...sorry about your neighbors!! I need to move into a house where I do not have to put up with inconsiderate jerks. I would also like a yard for my dogs to roam so I do not have to keep getting dressed to go out and walk the dogs. When it is cold it can be a real inconvenience!! What do you mean about your neighbor below you? You said, "We have "Incense and Dog Girl" a floor below us, "Vomit Woman" right underneath us." Does she stink? I am lost? lol!!!

Lila- No problem. You normally start the Lupron right before your period is about to start. This is to supress your ovaries so that you do not ovulate early when you have your ER. It acts as an antagonist. It supresses them but also gets your ovaries ready for stimulating. You start stimming like 10 days after starting the Lupron. You still inject the Lupron but less units when you stim (Some patients don't and some continue the Lupron, it depends on your protocol) here is a website that helped me understand more clearly about the IVF process:

I wish you the best with your lap! I hope you have no worries! I will keep myfingers crossed for you and hope you have a good prognosis Lila!! :)

Well, I need to call the clinic now and see what they think about my very light period yesterday.

It's a code RED day today so stay inside and keep cool!
Talk to you both laters!!! :)


liz - August 2

Good morning Aimme, Slatka and Lila
I can't believe this weather. It is already 80 some degrees at 7am. Wow, it is hotter and more humid then it is in Flordia.

Lila - Thank you for your compliment on the posting I made on the other thread. I was a bit offended when I read that she deleted all her postings because she felt she bared too much personal information. This is her choice, I just don't think we share the same feelings. I came to this site for support in my long journey and for friendship. In order to that you have to be willing to share as well as accept what others are saying. I know you can not write anything you do not want others to read, but like I said in my post I do believe the members her are very sincere in their intentions. Now, enough about that. How was you test this morning?

Our house plans are coming. Right now I am at the frustrating stage of "matching" exterior colors. I wish there way a way to get your opinions, but obviously that can't work over the internet. :) Frank has so much other things to think about he told me the decision is mine, he dosen't want to look at another piece of siding and colors. I tell him all the time that I am going to chose pink and purple if he dosen't help. :) All in all things are great, moving right along. Thanks for asking.

Aimee - Sorry to hear about those pesty neighbors. :(
How did you make out with your call to the doc about af? I have no idea on that one, unfortunatly I never heard of af for only a day before. Let us know how you make out.

I can relate to your wanting to get things moving with your protocol. Although 3 days is really not that bad in the big picture. I know you are well aware of that, but it is still very hard for you I am sure. I have always been the person who wants it now! I am not very patient at times, I think this journey has actually helped me become a bit more patient. What choice do I have right?

Sltaka -
How are you doing? O time yet?

Well, my stupid phone is still not up. I am soooooooooooooooooooo frustrated. My whole nightly routine is a mess these past couple of days.

I must go get some work done, I think that is what they pay me to do. :) I do payroll, so if its not done I will have 500-600 very upset employees. I will check in later.



Lila - August 2

Aimee: Just wanted to check in to see if you had heard back from your RE or nurse about the light and short period. I hope that still counts as AF and does not postpone your IVF cycle. The waiting during all this really is enough to kill you. My thoughts are with you and I hope you get good news back from them I know how eager you are to move forward.

I know I keep repeating myself but it keeps surprising me how little I knew about my body before having to go through this. I just assumed that whatever my body did was “normal” - how are you supposed to know if you are normal? My girlfriends and I never sat around comparing notes on flow and cycle lengths. Nowadays you have just to type a few words into a search engine and instantly you have thousands of explanations –amazing! Aimee-thanks so much for the website that actually helped a lot. As I said this computer thing is really amazing. Before this I really only used my computer for work and emails, I rarely used the internet outside of job related searches.

Liz I completely agree with you that through sharing on this site we help each other as well as ourselves. I really feel quite lucky to have been able to connect to you all here and thank you very much for the advice, support, and friendship. I was saying on another thread that usually I am an extremely private person and I have really surprised myself in being not just able to post here but really jumping in and trying to be a full participant. To be honest I have probably told you all more in the last few weeks than I have shared with friends and family over the past 24 months. I just feel so much more understood and comfortable here. Thank you.

RE testing I have not had anything today I am waiting to hear from RE when surgery will be. I called to check in but they are still trying to get all the pre-approvals from the insurance. Arrgh! I know I have to cancel all my appointments that day and I just wish they could tell me which day it would be. Just when I think I have gotten better at the being calm about waiting I find out that again that all my patience has completely deserted me. But enough about me - how goes your waiting? You are down to a one week wait- yes? I really think this cycle has gone so well for you and I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you that things stay positive. Throw all your energy into the house plans and the wait will just fly by. Just remember to try to enjoy this process. I am always surprised how many clients hate the planning and construction phase they just want the house finished. They want to be living it house already with all the furniture done. I love the planning and building part – when everything is still choices and possibilities. I am sure you will do a great job but if you do have any questions please feel free to ask away. And by the way I am sure that Frank would love to build you a pink house with purple shudders – he sounds like a great DH that would do whatever necessary to make you smile. Also glad to see you can keep your sense of humor while doing the construction thing – it will be very important survival technique.

Slatka are you in the 2WW yet? I am sorry I have gotten lost on where you are this time. If not hope you are still having fun in the b-ding stage. If you are really going to settlement in 18 days you are not even going to have time to notice the 2WW – won’t that be nice!

Bye for now


Aimee37 - August 2

Hi Liz & Lila-

I talked with the nurse on call and she is telling me that it is probably day 1. After a failed IVF your cycles can be meesed up and out of the norm. She told me to wait a couple- few days and see what happens. More than likely yesterday will be counted as day 1. I will talk to my nurse tomorrow and see what she says. I hope that this is not residual blook left over from my first cycle because it was mostly brown (TMI!) with red tinges. My nurse will give my my IVF protocol tomorrow and of course this will be brought up first. I will update you tomorrow with what she has to say. I just want to be sure!! I hate not knowing! With the IVF have to keep yuor schedule tentative and that is hard for me. I am a planner. lol

Liz- I hear ya! I think we are all pretty much impatient when it comes to achieving our dreams in life. :) I hope your house and interior decorating is comign along. I hate decisions too on picking colors, etc... lol I ask other people for thier opinion to make it easier for me. lol DH better help or it is pink or purple! ;D

Lila- Yea! I too have learned so much about the reproductive system than I ever thought I would want to know!! lol!!! I never even paid attention to my cycles and when they came and how long, etc... I am learning so much about my body and how it functions. I pay attention to ovultory pain I never even though about before!! lol I am glad that website is helping you get a better understanding. It is pretty direct and it helped me understand the process better.

I totally understand your frustration id scheduling the Lap and dealing with insurance companies! ARGH!!! I hope you get it on your calendar and do not have to go thru this hassle much longer.

Well, I have to get going!!! Dogs are at the door!! Hint!!! Talk to you laters...
Aimee :)


Slatka - August 2

Hey Liz, Lila, Aimee --

I'm lazily planning dinner, something that does not involve actually heating, cooking, boiling. Perhaps salad! Yes, salad it is.

To clarify re: neighbors -- "vomit Woman" has bulimia (we believe). She's been steadily vomiting for 2 and a half years now. At first I thought she was pregnant, but no. She is about 40-ish, but looks much older. Thin, haggard-looking. She keeps to herself; if I knew her, I might say something, try to intervene. We live on the second (top) floor and so we have two downstairs neighbors the way the apts. are arranged. It's strange how intimately we know our neighbors lives without really knowing them, especially in an apartment building. We hear them, smell what they are cooking, know when they get home and leave in the night, yet only say a brief 'hello' in the hallway.

Lila -- hope by now (end of the day) they were able to get you on the schedule for surgery. I,too, am a planner and feel disoriented and upset when things are up in the air. I wish I were more spontaneous, but I'm not. Especially with this, I can understand you wanting to know what's going on the next few weeks.

And Aimee - I hope that yesterday was Day 1. After my m/c, it was 28 days to the second that I got my first period and it was relatively heavy. This was unusual for me. All I am saying is that it is "normal" for your first period to be different: short, light, heavy, take 40 days to appear, whatever. Just go with what the nurse recommends -- in the end, they know what to do.

I am entering the waiting game now. Of course I feel like I haven't done enough (meaning, haven't had sex enough! But we have. It's the over-achiever, hyper-organizer in me who wants some kind of statistical perfection with the timing of intercourse! Luckily, the ovulation period is only a few days or you can imagine what fun I would be for weeks at a time! And I'm one of those who stays lying down for the recommended hour post-intercourse. So I feel like an invalid who secretly suspects that lying down makes not a damn bit of difference. ) We shall see in a few weeks.

I have to say, thank you all for your support and congratulations on the house. I am getting tentatively more excited with each day. We just need to make sure the appraisal goes our way, and then we are really set. I handed in our 30 day notice today -- our landlord was wonderful and made an arrangement that, if the closing moves or falls through, we can rescind our notice and remain in the apt. I was so so relieved! So again, thank you so much! Your excitement stokes mine and it is nice to have the encouragement.

Have a good evening in front of the a/c and I will talk to you all very soon.




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