Still very depressed
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Slatka - July 27

Hi Aimee --

I'm glad Dr. Sagoskin is a good one! The appt. nurse just read out who was available at that Center and I just went with him. I'm just looking for someone who is knowledgeable and who will listen to me.

It sounds like you're in a little bit of a clash with your RE...they SHOULD be monitoring all that kind of stuff, your endometrial lining thickness, your progesterone levels. If they have been and that checks out ok, you should be fine. BUT of course you want to be sure and pursue your concerns -- ask her about LPD and if there is a possibility you have it. I did read a study of women who run (specifically, run, not just exercise), who were in their mid-thirties, and the incidence of Luteal Phase Defect. It was relatively (in comparison to the sedentary group) high, BUT was improved when the exercise was lessened. It has to do with the stress on the body, caloric intake v. expenditure and hormones; so it's correctible. Since you had ammenorrhea, this may be a signal about how your body is responding to exercise. But this is all a "perhaps" -- might be worth talking to your RE about as a potential concern. SInce you are bypassing the whole intercourse route, that may cancel out some of the difficulty women with LPD have in actually conceiving, but its the later stages we need to be concerned about as well.

It would be tough to switch REs mid-stream, I know. Maybe it's time for a heart-to-heart with her or, actually, a change to another doc within the practice. Or stick with her through this next procedure, monitoring her carefully and being a "pushy broad" about what you want and are concerned about (my aunt is a famous pushy broad -- we used to call her the Cruise Director because she is so assertively in charge of all family activities!).

The ov. predictor kits I have used seem to work for me. They test for the increased presence of luteinizing hormone in the urine. YOu'll see the test strip darken when it is first detected (for me, around CD15 or 16); this tells you you will ovulate in 24-48 hours (depending on the test; some tests say 24-36 hours). For me, the test strip then remains dark for the next two days or so, then goes away. This tells me I've gone through the ovulation cycle. I've never had it be dark for a week. I just guess the exact date of ov. as, roughly, the second day (hence, the middle day of the 3 days). It's not exact to the hour, really, but it gives a good target area for intercourse. And for you, it could give you an idea of when you are ovulating in general, versus when you get your period. In other words, are you ovulating Day 20 and getting your period Day 34 (which would be a normal Luteal Phase, 14 days)? Or are you ovulating Day 23 or 24 and getting your period Day 34, which is a short phase? I'm not sure how being on BCP would affect this....

Thanks for your email; I'm putting it in my address book. I will probably shoot you an email when I return from Toronto Monday or so. I'd like to hear about your ideas about the man of your dreams! But, if you want, we can do that over email! I will be on here to say 'bye" and check in around lunchtime today, then I'm off to the Metro! We're flying out of BWI and I have to do several twists and turns to get there -- lots of fun in 95 degree weather!

Anyway, I will chat with you soon -- stay cool. I'll miss talking with you over the weekend. DOn't run to hard in the heat and take care of yourself. Remember, that is the program in preparation for Sept.!



liz - July 27

Good morning Slatka, Aimee and Lila -

This humidty is killing me. Last night Frank and I were working outside and I felt like I was going to fall over from the humidity. Yuck. From what the weather channel is saying the humidity is just going to get worse over the next couple of days. Great! Just what I need for the weekend when we will be working outside. Oh, well I guess maybe now I have another excuse to stay in. haha just kidding, I will be there right beside dh helping in any way I can.

Lila -
Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a nice vacation.
Always much needed and deserved. :)

I am not sure about the main differences between prescription prenatals and over the counter. My doc has me take the prescription, Precare. Thye say that the prescription one has more folic acid then the over the counter. ??? I have been on it non stop since my preg. last year.
This is a list of my ingredients in the Precare. Maybe you can compare them with your over the counter and let me know.

Folic Acid, USP 1mg
Vit. B1 3mg
Vit. B2 3.4mg
Vit. B3 20mg
Vit. B6 50mg
Vit. B12 12mcg
Vit. C (as Ester C) 50mg
Vit. D3 6mcg
Vit. E 3.5IU
Calcium 250mg
Copper 2mg
Iron 40mg
Magnesium 50mg
Zinc 15mg

I am confused, I have read that the RDA fro folic acid is 400mg and 800mg for pg women. It seems to me that my Precare only has 1. An I reading tha wrong I wonder. ???

As for the post colital test. It was a piece of cake. Honestly the worst part for me was having to have sex at 5:30am. I am not a morning person and the last thing I am thinking about it having sex that early. haha. The test itself, I didn't even feel it when it took the samples of the mucus. The spuctula was the most uncomfortable part and it always it. I recommend the test to anyone who questions the mucus and possibility of killing sperm. Trust me I am such a baby and if I can handle it anyone can. :)

Green tea - Well I have read that it helps in prove your mucus for one. That was the main reason I am drinking it. I had convinced myself that I had a mucus problem whether I did or not is left for the unknown, since now it is supurb according to the doc. Soooooooo I usually drink 1 cup possibly 2 everyday. I solely drink the decaf, I drink it hot at work in the am and if I am at home I make it hot, but put ice cubes in it with some honey and splenda. It makes it less blah. I am a tea drinker so it was easy for me to switch to green tea. I have cut out the caffeine completly awhile ago. I have such an addictive personality that once I quite I decided not to go back. In April my dh and I were on vacation and I was drinking coffee with caffeine everyday. When I got home I had such a had time getting off the caffeine again I just said hell with it, I am not drinking it. I do agree that a little caffeine is not bad for you. Anything in moderation is ok I really do believe. What have you been reading about the Green Teaa? Good and bad, I would love to compare with you.

We are very excited about the house building. Frank build our place now (a 40x40 garage with an 1000 sq ft apt on top). I love it there, but we are out growing it at a rapid pace. His Father built his house and his Uncle built his house. Basically Frank grew up with it and really is giftted, he can do anything he sets his mind to. It really amazes me sometimes how he does things. We are getting a little nervous about the month of Sept. Frank has off from his full time job the whole month and has 3 sub contractors helping him get it framed and under roof. It is starting to get nerve wracking because of the weather. Sept. is always a hit or miss month as far as rain is concerned. Since we have had very little hurricane activity I am nervous we will get hammered in Sept. which would be very bad. I am keeping my fingers crossed for no rain!

I better end this before it puts you to sleep reading it. I am really long winded this morning.

Talk to you soon,
Take care,


liz - July 27

Aimee -

How are you doing? Surviving this humidity? Yuck.

I am sorry to hear you are having some frustrations with your re. I am fortunate to really like mine and the nurses are wonderful, except 1. We don't seem to agree on much and I often don't like her answers. She tells me one thing, the other nurse (my fav) tells me another. The one thing I can suggest is be as assertive as you can. I think Slatka or you referred to it as "pushy broad". You have to, it's your body and you know what you need.

Are you still on for Sept? When do you begin? Sorry I am a little in the dark when it comes to procedures for IVF. :(

My test went well yesterday. The little swimmers looked great, I actually got to see it. What an amazing thing. I am still in awe at how many. One would think that it would be easy to get pg, well I guess we know better. haha

My final count was 17, 17 and 15 for the follicles. my Estrodiol was at 559 which is the highest it has ever been. They had me do the trigger last night since I was ready. The 15 may not make it, but the 2 17 are definates. The good thing is the 17s are on each side. I also had 2 small ones in addition on the right, but they were too small to ovulate. (13 and 12).

Soooooooooooooooo I will ovulate on Friday and then the wait will begin. God, I hate this wait.

I must run, get some work done even though I would rather sit and chat alll day. :)

Take care
Talk to you soon,


Aimee37 - July 27

Hi Lila :) Yes, it is a sad state of affairs in the Middle East. :( I hope things get better!!!!

I am now on my prescirbed allergy meds as i have to go ahead from my nurse at the fertility clinic. I am starting to feel better now. Allergies are at it's worst here in this area, my lungs have never felt so congested in my life! I can tell because I am a runner. But yea my allergies are better now that I am on great meds. Thanks for asking. :)

My cycle is retarded and I have lengthy cycles. Thanks to my running and low body fat. Stress does not help much either!! i am not sure what my RE will do if my period does not come by the 3rd. I am guising they will let nature takes it's course but do some test to make sure it will come and that I have not suprpassed it. I think after a m/c they check things out more closely? is frustrating waiting for AF to come! Never thought I would anticpiate AF coming! LOL!!

I am still biking, even withuot a helmet. lol! Can't stand those things, esp. in the heat. I have alwasy hated hats too. How they itch my head so much, big time irritating. yea I know...better irritating than flirting with death.

My accident was more towards the Oakton area on Chain Bridge Road, newar Jermantown Road. Do yuo know the whereabouts? Where Dav'e BBQ is.

Sorry about your head butt with that other gal at Wolf Trap!!!! I hope you enjoyed the concert despite a bad head ache! Was this before or after the concert? Owie!!
I hope you are feeling better now!

Today I go in for my last C-Scan on myhead and hopefully things look wonderfully.

BTW- I live right by Whole Foods in Vienna. Do you ever go to this one?

I hope you have an enjoyable day Lila!


Aimee37 - July 27

HI Slaka-
Yes you picked a very good RE to go to! I think he is director of SG or something? Evertime I go pick up my donor sperm from the bank, his name is on my sheet for SG.

Yes, I do wish my RE would look into other possible things as regards to my m/c. Just for safety precautions!! :-\ I would hate to have to go thru the same hell and than be tested after the fact.

I am not too pushy. Now my older sister is!! Speaking of my sisters, I am a very irked and pissed right now over my sisters (mainly my older one, she is a replica of my abusive mother) and I just want to burst! All week we have been trying to plan a good time to celebrate my dad's b-day and I kept saying that the weekends are best for me because I work 9 hour days during the weekdays. What do they do? They schedule the celebration to take place on a weekday in the afternoon!!! How inconsiderate and insensitive eh? They have always thought they I was not as important as them, even more so now that they have kids.

My younger sis is a multimillionaire and takes vacation after vacation. My older sister sells houses from time to time and hardly works. Her bf builds the houses and she sells them. Easy money and is a piece of cake, the oppurtunity just waits for her. She works under my dad's business. I have already taken the first real-estate test and passed. I have to take the state next, which is very hard to pass. Anyway...I fel like I want to burst right now. See...another reason why I do not want to go to the outerbanks with them at the end of August. I would much rather take a week off after my IVF in Sept.

Oh I see how the HPK's work for you. I don't know why they refuse to work for me. I hope that your LPD is just a fluke and your cycle will get back on track.

I hope you have a great time in Toronto! :) I am jealous. I love Canada!! Enjoy yourself!!!!

Talk to you laters!!!


Aimee37 - July 27

Hi there Liz! :)

Yea I am suriving the humidity, running & biking in this stuff. I become innoculated to it after awhile. My dogs are not too fond of it though. lol Too thick for them!

I do think I need to be more assertive with my RE but it is difficult when dealing with Dr.'s, they are the ones with the expertise. Sometimes they are not always right. We are the ones with the body and symptoms so the patient has alot of say in what is going on. I do need to be more pushy!! ;)

Yes, I am having my 2nd IVF in Sept. if all looks good to go. As soon as AF starts I am on the BCP's. If I have a 38-40 day cycle it looks like my IVF (ER/ET) will take place the 3rd week of Sept.

Your cycle looks great Liz! Looks like you have 3 follicles in the running! ;D Your chances look great!!! I am keeping my fingers/toes crossed for you for a BFP!!!! Your Estrogen looks good too. I think they say 200 for every mature follicle is good so your numbers look great. Did you know that I had 15 follicles right before my eg retrieval and my Estrogen was 4355!!! :o I had some hyperstimulaton and a faver after the ER. Right before my egg transfer my fever was 102.8 If I told my nurse I think she would have cancelled my ET. Things are looking wonderfully for ya Liz! I hope this is a winner cycle for ya!!! Keep me updated with your progress!!

I hope you have an enjoyable day and that you are staying cool.

Talk to you laters...
Aimee ;)


Slatka - July 27

Hey all -- Lila, Liz and Aimee --

Just a bye, bye! I will be back on Monday. Toronto, here I come (after several unnecessary hours, a plan change and a trip through the border -- ugh).

I will reply more fully when I get back.

Oh, Aimee, I know how you feel re: siblings/family -- my relatives often schedule family picnics/parties on Sundays. The "main" family house we all meet at is my aunt's and she is 6 hours away from here in North Jersey. I ALWAYS tell them that Sundays are awful for us -- even if we come up on Saturday, the drive back on Sunday in order to be at work early on Monday is impossible, especially since these parties often begin around 2pm. They never listen!

Take care all and enjoy the weekend with lots of fans and water!

Talk to you soon -- Slatka


Lila - July 28

So I am sitting here waiting for DR office to call back and since I can not leave house till they do I thought I would use time to catch up with you guys. AF arrived last night so I am trying to schedule another Day 2/3 test as well as baseline BW and US. I am very nervous about the cysts not being gone yet but will try to keep positive thoughts till test. If I have to wait another month I think I might indeed go crazy. I know we have all said it a thousand times but I REALLY HATE THE WAITING! I also can not believe how frequently my body puts itself on an inconvenient schedule. I feel terrible calling and asking for a Day 2/3 test on a Sat or Sun. I am also frustrated since at the last US they said to make sure to have them schedule my RE to do the US not the nurse and I know since it is a weekend that there is no way he will be there to do the test. I had to miss two cycles so far this year when ovulation fell on the weekend and the IUI could not be performed. At least now with the RE weekends are not as big a deal I just would have preferred to have things start off a little smoother.

Slatka and Liz thank you so much for the info on vitamins. I was out and needing to restock so your information was helpful. I have a stupid (and I guess lazy) tendency to trust things. As I mentioned I had been taking the Whole Foods brand vitamin for a while assuming that if Whole Foods would attach their corporate name to a vitamin that it would have to be very good considering their reputation is based on health and organic. I was so surprised when I went yesterday and compared it to the Simply One that Slatka mentioned. The Simply One was so much more complete. Thanks again for the help. I have to say I keep surprising myself in terms of all the things I am learning with regard to TTC as well as general health issues. I really did not realize that what a laissez faire attitude I was taking about things till I started reading this board and learning about other’s experiences. I thought because I took a vitamin, charted BBT, used an OPK, took Clomid and did the IUIs that I was really being aggressive in this. I had no idea about all the different ways Drs could monitor, I was completely ignorant about all the herbal supplement s I keep reading so many women on the board are taking, etc. Oh well like I said earlier I really believe things happen for a reason and I can’t help but think that maybe all this TTC stuff is a wake up call for me to be more aware and informed about my body and health.

Slatka I know you have left already so since you will read this when you get back - I hope you had a great trip. My DH and I keep trying to plan a trip to Toronto. It sounds like it is a great time ovulation wise to get away from the usual stressors and environments and have a change of scenery so good luck. Toronto is supposed to be another city that is really great in terms of my business – lots of resources and I would love to visit it one day. We love Canada – if fact we were in Vancouver for a week to ski last February and had an amazing time, and we were supposed to go to Quebec this August but now with the IVF schedule we cancelled that trip. Anyway I hope you find it very relaxing sometimes you just need to get away and it sounds like you enjoy your in-laws which is nice. Both of my DHs parents had passed away before I met him so I have never had the in-law experience. Two of my friends have had terrible relationships with their MIL so they always tell me how lucky I am but it always makes me a little sad that I never even got the chance to get to know them, and it makes me sadder that (if the IVF works) my children will not know them. My Dad passed away last year and so my Mom would be the only grandparent. On the up side she is a force larger than life so maybe she will be more than enough grand-anything for a child and she only lives about 2 miles away so there will be no escaping her.
   I had to laugh when you talked about always reading with a pen in hand – I am so glad you read these posts on a computer or I get the feeling we would all have our “mini-books” returned to us with a thousand red marks on them! I am appalled how many grammatical and spelling errors I make on these posts when I go back and read them later so I will just apologize up front. I also read with a pen in hand but for me it just for pleasure – I can not read with out pen in hand to underline take notes etc – it is a habit I learned from my dad and it stuck. When he would finish a book that he thought really highly of he would always want one of his kids to read it next but the joke was his books were unreadable by the time he finished as they would be covered in notes, underling, etc so we would always have multiple copies of the same books filling up the house.

Liz: Thanks for info on vits. and green tea - very helpful. Sorry to hear about the tough work load you have scheduled for this weekend. Luckily we did not have to do any ditch digging during our remodel. Paul (my DH) and I did do all the demolition work and we did that in an extremely hot August so I can feel a little of your pain. Although I have to admit Paul was the one doing the brunt of the manual labor. He just proved much better at wielding the sledge hammer than me so I got assigned to bagging up all his debris and carting it down to the dumpster. Of yes those were the fun times. I kept thinking about that scene in the beginning of Ghost when Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze looked like they were having such fun tearing down walls etc. Suffice it to say we hardly looked that good while we did it covered it dirt, dust and sweat. Best of luck with the home building and I know we will all keep our fingers crossed for you in September to be rain free.

Aimee: How goes your IVF planning? I can not tell how close we will be in terms of schedule since this will be my first and I have such fears about it being long and worse cancelled. It would be great if we were synched up since you know so much more about this process. I have read two books in the last 10 days on IVF and while one was excellent/one OK my head is now swimming with too much information especially about all the things that can go wrong. I know you are having some tough times with your RE but after reading everything it sounds pretty great that at least in terms of your ER, fertilization and development, and then the ET those things went well. Maybe if she can just tweak your meds a little she can resolve the last part so that implementation goes better. I am just trying to be positive but it really sounds like you have many pieces of the puzzle put together correctly so I am sure things will go better for you this cycle. Please keep me posted on how you are doing.

Bye for now


liz - July 29

Hi Aimee and Lila -

I had a quick min. so I wanted to jump on and say hi. I hope you are both having a nice weekend. The weather is horrible, this humidity has got to go. It makes it so hard to work outside when it is like this. Dh is miserable, just miserable, but who can blame him the heat is unbearable and yet the work must still be done.

Anyway, how are you doing? Everything is fine here, been bding the past 3 days like crazy. :) Trying to make this one a good one. I must say it sure isen't for lack of trying that I don't get pg. We have this dry erase board on our fridge, I put a little note on it yesterday for Frank that said "It's time to make a baby." He got a big kick out of it and we had a laugh. I don't know why but this month I feel more relaxed, I am not so worried this time, not sure why because I am definatly not a fortune teller, but I feel calm. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining I just don't know where it came from. Usually I am wreck around ovulation and the 2ww. Well, maybe I might possibly be able to continue staying calm, one could only wish. :)

I must go get dinner started and make my honey a little mixed drink to help him relax from the work and the heat.

I will talk to you all soon, take care


Lila - July 30

I will be uncharacteristically brief as I am having to share my computer with my 14yr old nephew this weekend and as he explained to me he needs the computer constantly because he NEEDS to IM his girlfriend all the time. The joy of young love.

I had my US and unfortunately the cyst is still there and maybe it was the angle but it looked bigger to me so suffice it to say I have been really bummed out all day. Liz I know you mentioned you have had cysts in the past did yours always go away within 1 cycle? Did you ever have to have one aspirated? If you did is that something they do quickly and you did not lose the whole cycle? Sorry to ask so many questions . My RE is scheduled for surgery all Mon morning so they said hopefully he can call me Mon afternoon but if not he will definitely call by Tues to tell me how he wants to proceed. So I guess till then I am back in a holding pattern. The nurse who gave the US said she was really surprised it was there more than 2 months after stopping Clomide. That did not sound encouraging.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend. Liz I hope you are not killing yourself in this heat working on the ditch but if you are drink lots of water and save some energy for b-dancing. Have fun and chat with you guys later.


Aimee37 - July 30

Hi Slatka/Lila & Liz :)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I did alot of exercising this weekend. Needed to release some anxieties.

Slatka- I hope you had a good time in Toronto. Unfortunately, I get really stressed out around my dysfunctional family most of the time. Long story and it just frustrated me when I talk of certain family members. I tell you I just don't understand thier reasoning. It's totally insensitive and heartless. :(

I hope things are going well with you and you made it back safely form Canada. :)

Talk to you laters.

Hi Lila-
So I guess we will be close in terms of our IVF's. :) ASk me anything you would like to know. :) I never know I would learn so much since TTC. Sorry you have a cycst. :( I had a cyct after 100mg Clomid, which was my first medicated IUI. I reacted way too well to it and developed 10 follies! My RE was in shock. After that my next 2 IUI's were at 50mg Clomid. I did 3 IUI's and that was it. My 2 cysts went away after one month on BCP's. Is yours still there after 2 months? Probably needs to be aspirated. I hope you are having a good weekend. I hope your nephew finally got to IM his girlfriend. lol :)

Hi Liz :) Woo Hoo Gettin' busy on the BD'ing eh? :) LOL!! You go girl!! Yup it sure is humid eh? I hope you and the hubster are keeping cool and well hydrated. I just got back from a 7 mile run. I went in the a.m. and it is still super hot. I hope you are enjoying your weekend or what's left of it. I need to get started on some chores now. Can't believe it's back to worked tomorrow. MOANdays come so fast!

*hopeful hugs for all*


liz - July 31

Lila -

Teenagers. :) There is life is so rough, you know. I have an 18 year old Brother, I can relate.

I am so sorry to hear about you cysts. I was told by my re that they would go away in 1 to 2 cycles. I didn't have the problem you have, sounds alot worse then mine. I would say you might have to have that removed. Which from what I understand is really not big heal. You could have no problems moving right along with you IVF in Sept. Let me know how you make out with it, I am curious as to what your re recommends you do.

I know you must be bummed. Although it can be so hard try to keep postive and most importantly smile. Smiling always makes me feel better even if I really don't want to. :)

Take care, talk to you soon.
Lots of ((hugs)) to you, sounds like you could use it. Trust me we have all been there, somedays are always worse then others.



liz - July 31

Hey Aimee -

I don't know how you do it girl. I could never think about running in this weather. I can barely think about moving it! :) Well, that is a great outlit for you so as long as you are not overdoing it good for you! That is awesome that you have an outlit like that.

Sorry to hear about your frustrating family. I can 100% relate. I have a somewhat disfunctional family and my dh has one too. I vowed that the family we create will not in any way be disfunctional, but then again can you really prevent it completly? I think every family has its issues in one way or another.

Dh and I were working outside all day, well for me from 10:30-1:45. I had to rest, the heat gave me such a headache, which I still have. My body was telling me to rest, so rest is what I did. There is always another day, actually the evenings are best since it is not so gosh darn hot.

Well I am off to try and get rid of this headache, I think sleep is the only way to make it go away.

Talk to you soon,


Lila - July 31

I can not believe you could run 7 miles in this that is truly amazing. I actually was over in your neck of the woods today at that Fresh Fields getting dinner and meeting a friend for lunch at Noodles - I must have been close to you (or at least your dogs since I am sure you were at work). That really is a nice part of Vienna with all the historic buildings and so close to the W&OD trail.

I am not sure yet if I will be with you in Sept. My RE called to day and said I need to come in tomorrow and talk about the cyst. He said it had increased and that has him a little concerned. If I am pushed back I would still love to cheer you on and chat so that I can learn from your experience.

I did decide to start accupunture today. I had done it before for a neck problem and was really happy with the results so I thought why not. I also had a friend who did it with IVF successfully so that encouraged me as well.

Slatka: I think you return today so welcome back and hope you had a great trip.

Liz: You sound like you are having a really great cycle! I am so happy for you. It would be great if that calm cool and collected feeling stays with you for the 2WW and I really hope it does.

Hope everyone is staying cool and I'll talk to you later.


Slatka - August 1

Dear Lila, Aimee, and Liz --

I am back from the Great North! Luckily, it really was cooler than here -- I actually had to wear a sweatshirt. We flew in to Toronto (after a completely unnecessary -- in my opinion -- layover in Detriot), then stayed the night/morning, and drove up to Bracebridge, about 2 hours further north, to the family cottage. It is still in progress, so we were roughing it a bit, but that was ok. It's on Lake Muskoka and is very beautiful and pristine, lots of pine trees, forested islands, clear water -- very "healthful," if you know what I mean. My husband and I had very little alone time, except at night, but that's the way it is with family.

It sounds like you all have been busy trying to beat the heat here (except for Aimee, who runs right into it! Ha, ha). I was traveling around by Metro yesterday and saw all these wilting tourist families, lugging bottles of water, wearing hats and shorts and carrying maps. August is a very popular DC tourist season -- too bad it is brutal out. The museums will be packed for the next few weeks. I will be avoiding the Mall! Just what I need: a hot, sweaty, annoyed me getting entangled with hot, sweaty, lost tourists! And me yelling, "DOn't irritate me! I'm ovulating!"

I need to catch up on your posts here -- I just read them quick. Still stuffing myself with vitamins, and I am tempted by the green tea Liz and Lila have been discussing. If only diet coke was infused with green tea! How wonderful that would be! Oh, I forgot to mention pomegranete juice -- it's a major anti-oxident and well worth drinking. You only need a little bit a day, which is good, because it is expensive. Incredibly, Fresh Fields has POM brand juice for less than it is at Safeway -- go figure. It's a great thing to drink -- has benefits like vit. C, blueberries, cherries, other anti-oxidents.

I'm getting my mild cramping yesterday and a little today which normally signals ovulation for me; I have to test my urine later today for LH to see for sure. If it is, this means I am ovulating a bit earlier this month, which is good for me (normally I ovulate later, which may contribute to my difficulties getting and maintaining pregnancies). So we'll see...

Oh, god, I forgot again: we bought the house! In Annapolis! That's where my mind is...we did the big inspection yesterday and have a crowd of things to do over the next few weeks. We hope to close August 18 (the house is vacant and they want to close as soon as possible; we only have about a van's worth of stuff to move in terms of furniture. I can't wait to see our little Ikea couch sitting in this large living room all by itself!) so the next weeks will be busy busy. I will fill you in more as days go by.

So I'm off to do food shopping -- we can no longer live on Sour Cream and Onion Baked Lay potato chips and leftover Mexican food, no matter how tempting that sounds to me!

I missed talking to you all. Take care and I'm sure we'll talk soon --


Aimee37 - August 1

Hi Slatka/Lila/Liz :D

Well to my suprise, AF showed up today. I was a bit suspicious when I woke up with a killer headache. A 33 day cycle without BCP's, I think that beats my record. My nurse told me that having an early m/c sometimes screws up your cycles but than again my cycles have always been unpredictable. In the past my periods have been from 35-41 days.

I called my nurse to inform her and it looks like I will not be starting the pill on day #3 as usual due to the booked up scheduling of ER's around Sept. 9-10th frame time, so she is having me start the BCP's on day #6 (Aug. 6th) of my period instead. I guess this delays my period by 2-3 days so they can fit my ER into the schedule. She is calling my back later this week to confirm this with my protocol. I will most likely start the 10 units of Lupron on Aug. 24th and my last BCP will be on Aug. 26th. AF should show up around Aug. 29th or so. Than start to stim around Aug. 31st. It looks like my ER will be around Sept. 12-13th time frame.

Overall, I am a bit relieved that AF showed up earlier than I expected. I really want to get things rolling. Looks like the Outerbanks family trip might be a No Go. I will be starting the Lupron during this week. Still not too sure yet. I really want to take off more time after my ET and not take off so much time so close together. I have a big conscious about taking off too much time for work.

So that is the update with me....



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