Still very depressed
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Aimee37 - July 10

Slatka- WOW! How scary! :) We sound so similiar in our thinking/ways of doing things!!! :o LOL!!! Actually, my parents are divorced. Got divorced when I was 13. Alcoholism tore the fmaily apart. I lived with my dad after the divorce, my mother was really abusive to me.

I hope to have a day 5 transfer but I doubt it will happen since my RE put me on basically the same protocol with the lowest does meds possible for an IVF. :( I would like to have more than 15 eggs retrieved so that I can work with more. But...I know she just fears that I will get hyperstimulated so I can understand her decisoins. I just fear another m/c with a 3 day transfer.

Yes, I am also much better "anxiety wise". I used to not be able to sleep a wink because mymind would be racing a mile a minute. How frustrating. It was killing me. Now I am dealing with it better and it is not tearing me up so much. I am not as tense as I used to be and trying to test my patient and not get too upset if things do not happen right away. I know it is all about control. :)

Annandale!?? I went to Annandale High School. I lived on Medford Drive (the street the HS was on) for about 5 years. I am sure you are familiar with Lake Accotink? I ran that lake a million times. Still do because my dad lives in Springfield (right next to the lake)


It sure is great getting to know you too and it's just amazing how much in common we have. :) I am learning alot from you and I thank you so much!!


liz - July 10

Hi Aimee and Slatka,

Thank you both for your support. I had been reading your tread here for awhile before I had decided to drop in. I am really glad I decided to stop by, I hope neither of you mind.
I was never on Paxil, but I heard a lot about it. I was on a zillion (or atleast it seemed like) different anti-depressents until I finally settled on Wellbutrin, it worked the best for me and had the least side effects. Actually I had no problems at all with the Wellbutrin except I wanted to be med free! I wanted to fight it and win. My Mom is a manic depressive and was very verbally abusive to me when I was younger. Finally when I was 23 my Mom and Dad divorced. (it was a blessing). I have watched her ruin her life with her drinking and manic/depressive behavior. I was so afraid that I would turn out like her I vowed to change take control of the depression and fight it with all my heart and soul. It is tough, believe me I have rough days, they have become fewer and further between over the past 2 years. The only time I really lost it was my m/c in Dec. It was my 3rd and I just could't take it. My Grandmother (who is like a Mom to me) had double bypass surgery and a valve replacement and 2 days later I had a miscarriage. Oh, and my Great Grandmother was in the hospital for a stroke. My poor Grandfather, his Mother, Wife and Granddaughter were all in the hospital at the same time. Talk about overwhelming. I thought I was going to go out of my mind. I think dealing with my Nana was a deversion for me and helped me to not dwel on myself. Sure I mourned and had great difficulty getting out of bed, but I had to, I had to help Nana.
Tony Robbins is really good. I had never heard of him before dh brought it home. I love inspirational books and cd's, it helps to clear my mind of the negative! (always to much of that) That is awesome that you have your literature to help with support. I am a firm believer in whatever works for you stick with it.

Aimee, are you feeling better? I hope your head is gettign better. Did you have a scan today? (I think I read that)

Slatka, I am very excited to go camping, except I have to do these prgersterone suppositories. That is going to be a real pain in the butt camping. :( Oh, well it is for a good cause. :) My dh and I are big campers we have a boat and spend a numerous weekends a year at a lake here in Pa called Raystown Lake. This year however we are not getting the boat out because we are building a house. Ground breaking is in mid Aug. so we are busy with that this year. Next year will be another year. We are going camping twice this summer. Just for the weekends.

Well, as usual I have written a small book.
I will talk to later. Take care


Aimee37 - July 11

Hi Liz :)

I am so sorry to hear of your mom and yourself dealing with depression. I know my mom has a mental illness but refuses to seek treatment. She has major issues and is somewhat of a narcist with bipolar personality. Since I was a child she would lash out at me physically/mentally. Thank the lord my parents divorced when I was 13!!! Talk about freedom!!! I suffer from PTSD as a result from living with her. Total nitemare!

I am so sorry you had 3 miscarriages. :( *hugs* Liz you sound like a real fighter who will not let anything stand in your way! You are a very strong women and I hope that you continue to do well and try to keep peace and happiness within yourself. It is very hard I know!!

I will have to seek that book from Tony Robbins. I am sure it will do me alto of good, esp. now.

I am doing a little better, thanks for asking. I had the C-san on my brain on Sunday and the bleed is now gone. I am still experiencing chronic headaches/dizziness and I am told this will diminish in a aweek or so. Eversince I hit my head I am been more depressed (I normally am anyway) than ususal. I had read that this is common with head injuries. Hopefully time will snap me out of it. I am having weird buzzing of my brain from time to time which freaks me out. Hopefully, I will be back in mint condition in 2 weeks or so or by the time I start the BCP's for my next cycle.

Liz, are you on your 2ww from an IVF or IUI? Those progesterone suppositories can be nasty and leak alot. yucko! I have to use those with my IUI's. I had to adminiter PIO injections in my butt/hip area with my IVF and my butt was sore & colorful for a long time. lol

I hope you have fun camping! I love to camp! We camped all over Europe when I was a kid. Under waterfalls, etc.. I hope you have a wonderful time! Do you live in PA?

Well, I better get going. Work awaits. Sure nice heargin from you Liz. Thanks alot for your support. *hugs*


liz - July 11

Good evening Aimee

How are you doing today?

I am very sorry to hear about your mom. What a tramatic experience for you. You are very fortunate to have a wonderful father. I know he can never take the pain away that you had to endure, but I am sure his love and support has helped.

I did not have and IUI or IVF. This was my first month on Repronex and my re automatically does the progesterone suppositores. Since I have also had 3 m/c and a known hormone imbalance with my estrodiol so they want to be safe.

Glad to hear that your c-scan went well. You seem to be healing very well. I am sure the headaches will be become less and less.

Are you headed in for your next IVF in Sept? I bet you have some real mixed feelings. I know I would be very scared, also very excited. Are you healing ok from the mc?

Yes, I live in PA. You are in MD correct?

I must run for now, take care, hugs to you.
Hope to hear from you soon


Slatka - July 11

Hi Aimee --

I lived on Random Court in Annandale -- it was in a little subdivision; we were close to NOVA, if I remember right. And my cousin Frank now lives in Springfield (with the way things are going, probably right next door to your dad!). My parents divorced when I was 8; my dad just didn't love her anymore and left (nice!). Both sets of grandfathers (and one grandmother) were alcoholics -- luckily, both my parents were so tramatized by growing up with that they never drank and so did not repeat that when I was growing up. I can't imagine that additional pain that you had with your mom and her mental illness.

I am pretty much estranged from my father and we've gone through long periods (like years) of not talking; I often forget he's around (that sounds awful, but he was never a father to me -- I have no memories of him prior to the divorce; maybe blocked out???). Anyway, we had made a shakey peace this past year -- which meant that when he would call I would listen patiently to his complaints about health, life, people, etc. and he would ignore me -- but when I miscarried in March, he didn't call me for almost a week after it. He knew (my mom had called to tell him and he knew I had been bleeding prior so he knew something might have gone wrong), but chose not to call me at all. I have not forgiven him.

I'm sorry to hear you're still experiencing some effects from the accident; it does seem natural, though, that you'll have some residual problems after such a serious blow to the head. Just keep being monitored....did they give you anything for the pain/headaches/buzzing in the head?

Here's me being nosy (and ignorant of the process): are you doing IUI next or IVF? IVF, I think I remember. How many eggs will they fertilize and implant? Or will that just be decided once they see what they get? If I don't conceive in the next month or so, my next step is IUI and I'm trying to get more educated in general (again, none of us thought we'd have to become experts in this stuff!!!).

Isn't it hot as hell here? I have both window-unit air conditioners going (I live in an apt.) and of course all the cool air avoids where I am sitting....

Hope you are well and hope to talk to you soon. Good thoughts!



Aimee37 - July 12

Hi Liz ;) I am feeling a bit better today. My head hurts less and not as tired as I have been the last 2 weeks after the incident.

Yes, my dad is wonderful and I love him so much. He has a heart of gold and he is very caring/understanding. Very supportive.

Yes, My IVF will mide September. Yes I have mixed feelings about this, fear another miscarriage. I have heard this is not unusual because not all embies you transfer are sucessful implantations. You just take a risk.
I can't help but wonder if I did naything to cause my m/c. Stress/anxiety/worry, etc???

No, I live in Northern Virginia, not too far away from PA.

I hope you are doing well Liz!!! Enjoy your camping trip! :)


Aimee37 - July 12

HI Slatka- Sure is super hot/humid day out eh? I went home to let my doggies out on my lunch hour and they looked at me like "I ain't moving!" lol! They are both furballs. Shelties have way too much fur! ;D

Sorry that alcoholism ran in your family. Mine too, it destroyed my family. I refused to touch the stuff. My older sister is now sober for 3 years.

:( Sorry to hear about your difficult dad and him being nonresponsive towards you. I have had to accept that my mother will never change and it is out of my control. I have learned not to let her push my buttons and continue to let her have control over me and how I feel.

I have only TTC 4 times in my life. So far I have had 3 failed IUI's (50mg clomid) and one IVF (m/c) I was on the lowest dose for meds because I am a good responder. I was on 175iu gonal and 74iu menopur and developed 16 follies, they retireved 15 and 9 fertilzed and they would only put back 2 embryos on day 3. My clinic frowns upon multiples. When they wait until day 5 your chances are somewhat better (the embryos have more cells and are more developed) and the embryos have more of a sucess rate as far implantation is concerned.

Anyway...I sure hope it rains this evening as cools things off!!! I hope you are doing great Slatka and things are going your way.


liz - July 13

Hi Aimee,

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I am sure it is just one day at a time. I hope your headaches/buzzing are getting better for you too. Sounds like you really took quite a blow to the old header.

This weather is horrible. It is so sticky, it is almost hard to breathe. Yuck! My little beagle is the same when I let her out she takes one step on the deck and turns around to come back in. She's no fool, she knows where the ac is. :)

I believe we can all understand your being nervous about your next IVF. Unfortunatly there is always that chance of m/c and our of human nature we seem to want to focus more on the "what could go wrong", I feel we do this so that we can protect outselves from getting hurt if it dosen't work out. Although I want to get that BFP so badly I know that once I do I will still be scared of another m/c, I will probably worry myself sick for the first trimester.

Off to work I must go. Have a great day.


Slatka - July 13

Hiya Aimee --

Well, my mom is coming down this morning to go house-hunting with me in Maryland -- nice day for it, huh? And to top it off, I woke up in a horrible mood: I'm pretty sure my period is coming. I'm due in a week, yet my body so conveniently lets me know in advance. I just feel awful about it. Done everything I can on my own: cut back a bit on strenuous exercise, did more yoga (trying to calm that always impatient, anxious personality!), used an ovulation predictor faithfully, all the good stuff. And still, nothing works. I feel so old, like time is running out for me and I HATE that; I'm only 33 for god's sake, but I feel ancient in the "reproductive" world.

Anyway -- thanks for explaining how they do the IUIs and IVF; I'm gaining a better understanding of how they do it. It sounds like you may need to push for the 5 day, as the center will prefer the 3 day. That's one thing I'm really learning hard: to be more aggressive about what I want (well, within reason).

Maybe your mom and my dad should get together --ha, ha, ha! I have in many ways opted out of the father-daughter relationship (though that sounds terrible) out of self-protection. He will never change and oh, have I tried. I feel like the parent in all our exchanges. I think I am at the stage you are with your mom: I have to decide to let it roll off my back; it's his problem, his deal, not mine.

How many SHelties do you have?? We'd love a dog, but not in this small apt (that would be cruel). I had a yellow lab/Irish setter mix as a family dog -- boy, was she neurotic!!! As you can imagine with that mix of breed! Oh, how nice to have dogs around!

Well, I have to make the place respectable. Enjoy the gray day!


Aimee37 - July 14

Hi Liz & Staka!!! :) TGIF!!!! Thank golly!!!!! What a long work week!!!!

Liz- I am feeling much better physically but mentally that is a different story. I feel much more depressed than ever after slamming my head into the pavement. :( I hear that is very common with head injuries. I am really thinking about seeking a therapist. I would just hate to get stuck with an awful therapist that I am forking out lots of money for.

You have a beagle? Very cute doggies!!! Love the big floppy ears! hee hee! What's her name? Yea dogs know where to plop down when it's hot, right under the AC vent! lol!! :)

Yea, I am pretty anxious and fearful at the same time abotu my next IVF. Fearing another m/c is a normal feeling to have if you have already had one. I will try to go into my next cycle with a positive attitude and hope for the best. Gonna try to push for a 5 day transfer, for the embies are stronger with more stem cells for better implantation. I just do not want to have to expereince the same devestation! :( I hope you get a BFP soon Liz!!! *hugs* It will come!!!!! :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
Slatka! How are you feeling? Did AF arrive yet? Yes, same here, my body lets me know a week in advance of AF's arrival too. I get crabby/irritable but I keep it to myself and try to contain myself. lol! ;D

You are 33!! Plenty of time to concieve. Yes, I know patience is not something you have. lol I am the most impatient person. I want things to happen now, esp. when I want something so terribly. This 2 month break is killng me!

Yea...I hardly speak to my mom and when I do it is so superficial. After seeing her I get really dperessed and angry, it really effecte my mood. I am not letting her control me anymore. No more abuse!!!! I feel it is best for me to keep my distance and share very little with her.

I have 2 Shelties, Trapper & Peaches. I live in a 2 br appt. They have thier own room. lol They will have to move out if I ever get pregnant. ;D They shed big time. They are very low maintenence (very intelligent) except for thier fur maintenence. lol! If you want to see them, here is my website. It is a cheesy website, I was just learning HTML and I just threw something together. lol Don't laugh! ha!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend Slatka! Make is a nice relaxed one!!! :)


Slatka - July 15

Aimee! What an awesome site! The photos are wonderful, really great. Ok, here's my geeky self, but your hair color is the color I have always wanted. I'm blonde and always am bored with it; I remember dying my hair in college red and it turned orange, then pink as the dye sloooowwwwly washed out. Very nice for an insecure 18 year old!

What a beautiful family you have and I can see the joy you take in them and in your doggies.And I know from what you've shared, that it is a strong family that has endured a lot in the past. And you can still see the love in your faces -- wonderful!

My mom is looking for a rescue King Charles (good luck, I tell her) and I told her about your Shelties. She loves them, but worries about the shedding -- this may be why they have their own room?! When you get pregnant, you'll have to ease them out of their cozy little palace; I'm sure they'll be agreeable!

My husband used to vacation with his family at Corolla; they would drive down from Toronto (they are from Croatia, originally, then Canada, and are crazy to drive as much as they did!) to camp there. Loved it.

You were born in England? Or is that a family origin? My mom's family is, a few generations back, from Scotland (the MacLeans) and we're going next summer to the family castle (Duart Castle) on the Isle of Mull for the clan chief's 60th birthday. MacLeans were west island people who fought a lot and often did incredibly brave and stupid things. I'm truly a mutt, heritage-wise, but I can relate to the Scots.

Oh, I could go on and on. Used to run track and cross country in high school (I was a 110 high hurtler, a 400 IM hurtler, and a 4X400 runner); did ballet until I was 17; did soccer as well when our high school finally instituted a women's team my junior year.

Topic switch: if you are having intense depressed feelings about the m/c, it may be a good idea to see someone. I bet your OB/GYn could recommend someone who may be specifically trained to deal with loss. That might be better than striking out on your own with no background info. I saw one about 3 years ago who said I was probably going through a mid-life crisis, gave me a book list to read and said I was much smarter than any of her other clients. SCARY! I bolted.

And topic switch again: Your site was so much fun to see! Just fabulous pics; I wouldn't know the first thing about getting a site together -- good for you! Thanks for sharing it with me..if I can find it, I should pass along a photo of me with red/orange/pink hair: it would make us all laugh as we struggle through this journey.

Stay cool -- it is supposed to hit 100 on Tuesday. Yuck. Take care --



Aimee37 - July 16

Hi Slatka :D Thanx for the compliments on my site. lol It is not too great and was more like a trial run. I definitely need to do a touch up when I have more time. I have no idea where my hair color came from (I think both sides of the family must have redheads?) and it's not dyed. Never dyed my hair. It is much more strawberry blond in the Summertime when the sun hits it. Funny how you said you dyed your hair and it turned out orange. When people used to call me "RED" I used to say, "It's not red, it's orange." LOL! Why do people call me carrot top and than RED? hmmm ::)

Yep I love Shelties and yes they shed big time. lol! You should see my SUV. I am afriad to give people rides because they get hairy in the process! I had to give my boss a ride to the METRO and when he goit out he had quite a bit of dog hair on his suit! LOL!!! ;D My Shaeltied are too smart that you would think they are human.

My family is going to Corolla late August and I am unsure I want to go. The last few times we went it was all about my sisters and her kids and I was left out of almost every activity/conversation. It left me feeling quite depressed. I drove home early both times. I would rather same my leave for time off for my IVF during the 1st or 2nd week of September. Still thinking about it. It really boils down to when this period comes. When I am not on BCP it is irregular (32-40 days) When I get it I go on the BCP's prior to the month of my IVF and AF comes in 26-27 days. If my period comes in a 30 days cycle this month I will most likely not go to the outerbanks because I will be stimming at the time and will need to go to the clinic for appt.'s I know it all sounds confusing...

My older sister and I were born in England. My dad as stationed there when he was in the Air Force. I have lived in about 10 different places (including Germany) So you mom is of English/Scottish heritage? I like Scotts. :)
My donor that I picked is 100% Scottish He is very good looking too. I am part Dutch, Norweigen, German, English & French Candadian. My name Aimee is French. My mom's dad's & Uncle's middle name is Aime (one E is the male version) My gramps is French Candian. Many people assume I am Irish or Scottish because of my red hair. Gotta love stereotypes.

Wow so you were a trackster too eh? You sounded like you were good too. I ran HS track, indoor track and cross country. I played soccer and basketball as well. I was an all american in HS and college. I loved it because it got to be like a chore/job and was slowly losing interest because the pressure got to be immense. :-\ I relaly thought that my excessive exercise would effect my ability to have children but I was wrong. I thought htis because my first period was when I was 19 and it lasted a day. This was because I was on Provera. I stopped taking it because it made me irritable. I never got my period until I was 26 (on BCP's that time) It was because of my running and low body weight that made be have Ammenorea. Thankfully my RE told me that my blood work looked excellent. She told me to put on some weight (10 pounds) which I did reluctantly.

I am still trying to decide if I will go see a therapist. It seems like I know so much and what I have to do to deal with my issues/problems. It just helps to hear people listen to me and give me thier opinions/advice and to feel less alone. I am sure I can get this from the free support groups in the area. I need to look into some other options before forking out my hard earned money. My insurance only pays a percentage and it adds up after many office visits.

I hope you are having a great weekend. Super humid today. The rain cooled things off. I know it won't last long. I also heard that Monday and Tuesday are going to be scorchers! Stay cool Slatka!

Thanks for your wonderful/supportive replies!! I am enjoying our dialog going on. :)


Slatka - July 17

Hi Aimee --

I know what you mean about the trip to Corolla: it sounds like you have two reasons for not going this time, physical and emotional. You're right, some of the physical reasons are a bit confusing for me (stimming?), but I get the gist of it. They use the BCpills to keep you on a regular cycle, I take it? So they can better control the timing?

The emotional reason for not going I get only too well. Though my brother has no kids yet (and I can't imagine that really happening anyway!), I know, I feel some of my family watching and wondering if I am pregnant, when I will get pregnant (because, you know, I'm "old" -- a lot of my cousins have children and, though they are older than me, they had their children in their twenties). Or there's the pity factor from my m/c. I just don't want to talk about it, don't want it to be an issue. I have a family wedding to go to this weekend that I do not want to attend; I love the bride, it's not that. It's that I would've been 6 months along with my pregnancy at this wedding; I remember calculating that out when I was pregnant in February. It's just a reminder, I guess.

And -- see how much I can relate?! -- we're going up to Toronto next weekend (July 27/30) where I will hang out with a friend who was married a few months before me and who has a one and a half year old little boy. I think, that could've been me. Then, why wasn't it? I love her, but just don't want to see her, really; I have a feeling she wants to get pregnant again soon. Arggg.

You're a bit of a mix, too, but they sort of go together, nationally! I'm Scotch-Irish (my name, Meredith, means "gift from the sea" or "protector of the sea" in Gaelic, I believe) (we actually moved from Scotland TO Ireland during the potato famine -- really smart!), Swedish, Polish and Hungarian. All of them love a good drink and are prone to brooding, occasional melancholy, love revolutions and can be fierce. A pretty neat mosaic of culture, all in all.

So how did you choose your donor? I know this is personal....Will you let him meet your child some day? What did you look for?

I wondered about the weight issue with conception, as well as activity level. My periods are pretty regular, not totally like clockwork, but usually 30-31 days. Since ttc post-m/c I've cut down my exercise a bit, as my OB recommended I not be too strenuous. I'm 113 at 5'5" and have been told that I could use a few pounds, though I am not drastically underweight. Your period history sounds tough -- you had long stretches without your cycle -- I'm glad everything worked out ok and your body was able to recover a regular pattern. You must be in excellent health!

Yeah, I know what you mean about the therapist; I get that feeling, too. I know what to do, how to change my behavior or thinking, all about healthy distractions, I know how, for example, my relationship with my dad affected my choices as a young woman, I know how my stress and anxiety may be inhibiting conception, etc., etc. I would be surprised, in fact, if a therapist had anything new to tell you.

BUT it might be helpful in a cathartic way. Only your dad knows what you are going through in ttc, right? ANd we do on this forum. When I write to you like now, I'm sitting in my apt., looking out the window, watching some guy hit golf balls in the common area and thinking that I am talking to you. It is close, but we are not sitting across the table from each other, having a coffee (or in my case, a diet coke) and really seeing each other -- does that make sense? Sometimes, you need to be with someone in person, in this case, a trained therapist or a women's support group or a church group, face to face.

Now, all that said, it would be a tough step for me to take. I am not a great group person, mostly because I find I'm not always good at taking turns and sharing (that impatience thing again!). Maybe it's because I'm a teacher that I feel I have to be in charge, and then I find myself helping everyone else and organizing everyone else that I, myself, don't get what I may need. Or maybe I'm just too independent and not as communal as I would like to be.

You need to take care of your mind, however you want to do it. I have to tell you, I wish you were in the next apartment and could just step over to chat (you could even bring the Shelties -- I have a lint roller!!). But our conversation on here is excellent and I really appreciate it as well.

Time to water the plants -- it gets so hot in here by the windows I think they are tempted to jump out, just to end the torture!

Talk to you soon --


Aimee37 - July 17

Hi Slatka! :)
Gonna be a hot one today! Yesterday I did something super stupid. Hit my head too hard a few weeks ago for sure! I went for a super long run in the middle of the day and about mile 6 I developed a huge headache! There we not water stations along the way. :( By the time I got home (2 miles later) I developed a huge migraine! ugh! I started to pound the Propel and after an hour I started to feel much better. After that I went to DQ and got a large butterscotch dipped vanilla cone. :) That was not wise of me.... I ran this morning when it was alot cooler.

I am on BCP's to quiet the ovaries down as well as to bett time the ER. I am not on them this month because it is said to come the ovaries down too much. It is hard to predict my ER now because my cycles are lengthy when off the BCP's.

I totally understand you not wanting to go to your friend's wedding this weekend. *hugs* Memories/reminders hurt...the fact that you would have been pregnant at this time is upsetting. :( And yes seeing your friend in Toronto would spark up the same feelings as well. She has a little boy and probably wanting to get pregnant again soon.....I can relate to your feelings. It is very hard to have baby on the brain and being envious of others with children, etc. Hang in there, it will happen sooner than later. :)

WOW so you are Irish/Scottish! :) I just love thier cultures and people in general. I like your name too. I always thought yuor real name was Slatka like you were Russian (or where ever the name derives from?) or something? LOL!!

I selected my donor from the Fairfax Cryobank. I have a very stressful time picking out a donor because I liked so many. I looked for these qualities: Personality, looks (great facial features), Athletistism, Smarts, etc. I liked the fact that my donor volunteered his time alot to diff. organizations. He is the youngest of 4 sisters and he is really close to them. He is a marathoner/triathlete as well. I liked fora wekk balanced good looking guy. :)

Yes, my dad is the only one that knows of my TTC, althought I think my older sister might have an idea? Not sure but I think she is putting two and two together. Not sure how she thinks I am trying to have a baby. I am sure she expressed her thuoghts with my sister and mom. ugh... My dad is wonderful and very supportive, even though he has his reservations about me having a child without a father and going about this the unconventional way. It is far more common now a days.

Yes, you are so right. I do think a therapist or a group of woman would be better for me in coping and handling my emotions for sure. I do not have enough support right now and the internet just is not doing it for me. Meeing people in person is much more potent.

I think that would be wonderful if we lived next door to each other so we could chit chat and life's hardships and worries. :)

I totally busted out laughing about the lint roller! LOL!!! :) You are too funny!!! hee hee I tell ya my allergies were so bad this weekend that I was sneezing all weekend. I had to get a wet wash cloth and get all the fur off my furniture! lol! Just thought it would help ease my sneezing a bit.

Well, I hope you are enjoying your day and staying cool!!! Always nice chatting with you via this forum!! :)



liz - July 17

Hi Aimee -

How was you weekend? I hope you are keeping cool. Boy is this weather something else. I have been in the office since 7:30 this morning, I am actually afraid to leave and walk to my car. :)
Running in this weather? Honey you are nuts. I know it is a huge stress releiver for you, but you need to be careful. Sorry I don't mean to sound like a mom. :(

I got some bad news... Yesderday af arrived for me. Today was my test day, but no such luck. Back to square one for me.

I will talk to you later, for now I must go play catch up on all these treads. It is amazing how much happens in a couple of days. :)

I hope you are feeling well.
hugs to you,


Aimee37 - July 17

Hi Liz :D

(((((((((((((((big huggies)))))))))))))))))) I am so sorry AF arrived today!!!! :( I know it is frustrating!!! Just remember preserverence pays off!!! ;)

Yea, I am nuts. lol I think I have always been a little crazy! ;D I like it hot but yesterday was definitely a bit too much for me, esp. with intense exercise. OK I will be careful from now on. ;) Yes, I am feeling better but I think I need to take it easier from now on. You see as soon as I feel better I take full advantage of it and do too much. Not good!

I have been here at my job since 7am, drove to work with the windows down. On my lunch hour I went home (windows rolled up with AC on) to walk the doggies and they ran back up the stairs and into my conod without hesitation. lol! trapper (the biggest fur ball) ran right under they AC and plopped down.

I hope your camping trip was fun!

Have a great rest of the day!!!
Talk to you laters. *hugs*
Aimee :)



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