Special Video: "I Spoke With My Child" ... beautiful!
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mikep45678 - July 15

:PThis is UNBELIEVABLE. A friend sent this to me.

"I Spoke With My Child"

and heart-stirring.

---------------------- :-*


toytay83 - February 23

That was beautiful and just what I needed after this miscarriage. It was my first pregnancy and my first miscarriage...



lili246 - February 27

Thank you for sharing this, it made me feel better and that is what I needed. I know that our lil angels are with god and he is takiing care for them andone day we will meet them. :)

From Heaven they are taking care of us and blessing us each day!


silviamal - July 13

This was so beautiful......this was my first pregnancy and miscarriage as well. I believe God sent me an angel instead of a baby, why I do not know, but I do believe we will see our little angels one day.

This was what I needed-this amazing video.

Thank you.


jyc - August 7

Thank you that was wonderful, I have had to many m/c but I know my babies are w/ God and I will one day meet them again. God Bless.


JENNY22074 - August 8

Absolutley Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with those of us who have lost a child in one way or another.


bdantonio - August 10

I think it is beautiful, however if you would of showed this to me 3 yrs ago i wouldnt of. I have went through fertility off and on for 5 years. I have a daughter who is 2 1/2 yrs and pregnat now. However i have lost 5. I think maybe if i would of seen this after the first though it would of helped however before i got pregnante with my daughter i was starting to hit a dark place anyone who has mulitple m/c's u prolly know what i mean. No though i think its just part of who i am and makes me the person i am. However being 25 and pregnate 7 times you should see nurses faces when i go to the er and they ask what number pregnancy this is for me when i say 7 you see it on there face that im easy and prolly aborted alot. When they find out im married and why its number 7 they look stupid. However i know that having my m/c makes me appreciate my daughter and this pregnancy 100X more.



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