so confused...
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confused21 - March 5

so here's my situation which confuses me quite a bit...
I found out at the beginning of feb that I was pregnant, I did an at home test then went to a sexual health clinic to confim the pregnancy. According to the nurse there I was about 6 weeks. (The test I did at home was on a tuesday, thursday i went to the health clinic.) On friday morning i had a small panic attack and thought something was wrong.. i was still spotting and concerned. Saturday afternoon the bleeding became heavier and i went to the hospital as it really concerned me. in the emergency room after blood tests i was gold that my hgc level wasa at 4000 but should have been at 25,000 and after an exam the dr also said the bleeding was coming from the cervix which was not a good sign. i was kept overnight in case it was ectopic and sent for an ultrasound in the morning. sunday morning i was told that there was no viable pregnancy but to go for a follow up with another dr and to make the appointment. I had the appointment on the following tuesday (a week aafter i originally found out i was pregnant). At the appointment I was told that the ultrasound showed a cyst, but not told where, also i was told that it could be a very early pregnancy and was sent for bloodwork and another ultrasound, but the dr also told me that there was no viable pregnancy. which is what confuses me!! i wish they would make up their mind.. so i had the second ultrasound on feb 27 and am waiting for the results. between the time of originally being in the hospital and the 26th of feb the spotting still continued, occassionally a bit heavier and sometimes a bit lighter, and passing small clots and tissue occasionally. I started cramping on the 26th and bleeding heavy and thought that it was just my period starting as it was around the time that I usually got it before finding out I was pregnant. this past saturday i was cramping really bad and passed a fairly large clot. on sunday i was having the worst cramps ever... they would be really strong, then would be nothing and it went on pretty much all day and into monday, monday afternoon i passed an incredibly large clot that had to be the size of an egg or bigger. I'm still waiting to hear from my doctor with the results of the blood tests and ultra sound that he sent me for. I'm thinking that if the miscarriage didnt happen in the hospital as i was originally told it did, then it's happened now. curiosity got the best of me and i did another at home test and immediately showed positive. If the clot i passed on monday was the miscarriage, how long will it take for my hgc levels to go back to normal? I'm tired of being left in the dark by my doctors taking forever with results for me. its so stressfull and emotional and i'm having an incredibly hard time dealing with all of this :(



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