second Miscarriage
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LingyRose - January 6

i had my first miscarriage in june 2005, i didn't know i was pregnant untill about two weeks later i was still bleeding i rang my sister inlaw as she had previously had had a miscarriage and she sent me up to the hospital. After talking to my doctor and nearly wrecking my relationship with my beautiful partner i struggled but got through it. I felt so alone and didn't know what to do. On christmas day my partner and i got engaged then we found out i was pregnant, we thought our luck was finally changing, then 4 days later i had another miscarriage. I am more angry at the world and god then anything. I think where is the justice that you have people having babies for the money and all the wrong reasons who don't deserve to have children and then you get people like my self and partner who have problems, where is the justice. I know i shouldn't be thinking like that but its hard not too. I feel like i am the only one who feels like this? please comment and let me know if what i am feeling is just me or am i not alone!

thanks LingyRose


chynadoll - January 6

Dear LingyRose, I know how you feel, but you can not blame yourself or GOD, As crazy as it may sound I feel everything happens for a reason...good or bad! Have you been to the doctor to see why you are possibly having miscarriages? My story is to long to go into but I have had over 20 miscarriages, But I do have 2 daughters 16 and 9, but I want another baby. I just found out July 2005 that I had ANTICARDIOLIPIN ANTIBODY SYNDROME, My last miscarriage was January 2005 I have been able to get pregeant since...since October 2005 my doctor has put me on baby asprin, prenatal pills, folic acid and I take a Lovenox injection 60mg once a day which is also a blood thinner, You need to find you a good doctor and see if he can get down to the bottom of what's going on...Hope this can help put you in the right direction. I am a member but I forgot to login...Take Care....chynnadoll


chynnadoll - January 6

I'm logged in now LingyRose if you would like to respond feel free! Good Luck


Chynadoll - January 9

my grandmother has taken me to her doctor as he is very througher with what he does and he is sending me for blood test for something about thyroids i have no idea what they are and didn't think to ask so if you can help put a clearer veiw on things that would be great. he is also going to do an ultra sound to see wat he can see. he also states i am falling pregnant rather quickly which i guess is a good thing but why can't i carry thats my question. any way thanks for your feed back its just hard accepting these's things.

cheers Lingy Roze


Debie - January 10

LingyRose, I am sorry about your losses and glad you are seeing someone to help trace the cause. I also suffered two m/cs last year in May and Aug. What you are feeling is very normal for a person who's been through such a sad and cruel experience, so don't think it's just you.

Most of the ladies here are seeing an RE and that has made a huge difference. I wish you all the best and am praying that you and your partner are able to get through this trying time together.


Fortyfour - January 11

LingyRose -- Its so normal to be angry after miscarraiges. I always wanted to know why my babies had to die and others get to live. I have yelled and screamed at God at times and I think that it is normal. How can we go through this and just take it like it means nothing. Our babies are dead for goodness sake. Take care


fiso - January 11

Hi all. Just came back from the dr's office with the new issue of the magazine Conceive. I'm pretty sure all of you know this magazine, the only magazine on the market about our situation. In this new issue, there is a big article about miscarriage.
LingyRose, you are not alone. When you hear about babies born from mothers on drugs (and not fertitility drugs!!), and you on the sother side, do everything you can to take care of your body and to be ready to conceive a healthy baby, it makes you scream. But it's the mystery of life and its miracles. Hard to accept, I know. Hang in there.


chynnadoll - January 11

fiso, what you said is so true about this women that have babies and could care less about them, then you have women like us that would give the world to have a beautiful healthy baby, Sometimes it does'nt seem fair but God sees the bigger picture, we will all be blessed, I'm going to get the magizine this morning....Thanks



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