Second M/C
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Jeanne254 - May 25


I just went through my 2nd m/c and now I going in for genetic testing. I had all my other tests done and they all came back normal. I am now worried that my husband's and I tests will come back with bad news. I know I should not worry about it until something happens (or not), but I am so scared. Has anyone else gone through genetic/chromosomal testing? How long until you got the results? Any good news from the testing? I need some optimistic thoughts...thanks!



tiggerpounce418 - May 25

First, I'm sorry for your 2 miscarriages. You must feel awful, and to add this on top of it must make matters worse. I hope all comes out well for you.

I had genetic testing done before I started ttc, because my sister found out after she became pregnant that she is a carrier for cystic fibrosis. They told her that any siblings should be tested. It was a simple blood test and the results were in within a few days (like other blood work I've had done). I am not a carrier for the disease (thank God). Her daughter was born without the disease also.

Good luck.


Debie - May 26

I am so sorry about your losses. m/c can be draining physically and emotionally. I have no answers or advice but will be praying for you and your family. (((HUGS))).



Fortyfour - May 26

Hi, I am so sorry for your loss. TTCinSOCal went through testing maybe you can email her.


Karen123 - May 29

I am so very sorry for your loss. From personal experience, I know how devastating the loss is.


WantsBaby2 - May 29

So sorry for your loss. Welcome to the site. Feel free to chat and vent anytime you need to. I have never experience miscarriage, and I can't even imagine the pain. I do know the hurt of not being able to have my own baby to love and hold in my arms.

You have all of our support and I hope you are feeling better soon.



Jeanne254 - June 1

TTCin SoCal and all...
Thank you so much for your very helpful responses! I really appreciate you all taking the time! I did go in for all of those tests you told me to ask for...My blood tests so far have come back perfectly normal (as I said before) and I am still waiting on the genetic testing. In both m/c's (12 weeks and 4 weeks) they said they did not find anything from the embryos, which is somewhat disappointing. It seems like there is not going to be a pin point answer, which is getting me scared all over again. Anyway, I will keep you posted with what I learn. Thanks again!


TTC in SoCal - June 1

did they do genetic testing on the embryos? and they were chromosomally normal? if so, there is something else going on. i would make sure you get your thyroid checked. as a general rule, tsh should be below 2 for conception. also have the beta integrin test to make sure your uterus has the right proteins to allow the embryo to implant. that's all i can think of...
good luck.... hugs coming your way.


Jeanne254 - June 2

TTCinSoCal -

Sorry to have confused you...the first m/c, she said that it was chromosomal...the second they do not know. I did get my thyroid, Lupus, clots, all the standard tests - and they all came back normal! I am still waiting for my second hormone test this cycle, so that may be it. My husband and I are still waiting for our genetic test results, but the doctor said it was highly unlikely that is the just seems strange. It is good on one hand that the tests are coming back with good news, but I would also like a definitive answer....oh, well. Just wait and see, I guess.
Thank you so much for your advice. I'll keep you posted.



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