Progesterone and Miscarriages!
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Tiffany F - March 19

Hi Ladies,

My story is so long I won't even go into it right, but I have had several m/cs. What I'm wondering is have any of you ladies had a m/c or m/cs and gone on to have a successful pregnancy? I have done SO MUCH RESEARCH on low progesterone and m/cs. Which I recently found out that I do have low progesterone. I have not tryed to conceive since my last m/c which was Aug 06. I will be ttc this month, as well as using progesterone. Would love to hear from any ladies who can relate to this issues.....Baby dust to all....Tiffany~~~~


Debie - March 22

Hi Tiffany

I'm sorry to read about your m/cs. I too m/cd twice in 2005 and was told that my proj was too low to sustain my pregnancies. When I conceived in March last year I was put on prog suppliments, oral and supposetories, it was a successful pregnancy, I know it helped.

All the best.


Tiffany F - March 23


Thank you so much for the information, can I ask what strength and also what kind of suppositories you were on? I asked my RE to put me on suppositories and injections, but he said that what be too much progesterone, But with my history I would rather be safe than sorry! I'm going to ask if I can take the pills along with the suppositories.Thanks so much for the good information....Tiffany~~~~


Tiffany F - March 23

Hey Ladies,

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smart - January 9

Hello ladies,
i was just wondering what test do i need to ask for to check out my progesterone levels?


bdantonio - January 10

smart are you pregnate now? hey usually test during your period if not. have you had a m/c or more? I was told after2 m/c's they will almost always put you on progestrone and test it every two days during the st trimester.


kohlby - March 28

I've never had proven low progesterone. However, I was put on progesterone suppositories twice daily as a just in case three times now. I have two healthy kids - both of who were pregnancies that included progesterone. Even if your progesterone levels are normal, they can easily go out of whack. Due to multiple miscarriages, I get put on progesterone as a "can't hurt" measure. My history is mc, mc, child, mc, child, mc, mc. So, I have managed healthy kids in there! I didn't start seeing an RE until after my 4th miscarriage. So, the only thing that was done differently in the two pgs that made it was progesterone. However, I just lost another pregnancy at 8.5 weeks and I was on progesterone for that one too.

I'd rather take progesterone and not really need it than take it and need it! Also, keep in mind that the oral progesterone doesn't absorb as well. The vaginal one is much better. Injections also work and are done in women with proven low progesterone. My progesterone was a compound made my the pharmacy. It was 50mg of pure progesterone mixed with something to make it into suppository form. It cost $120 for a 30 day supply, which was 60 suppositories. I sent in the form to my insurance company and they're reimbursing all but $25 of it. Many insurance will help cover progesterone since it's not a fertility drug.


bdantonio - March 29

Try freedom pharmacy they will mail you the progestorne anmd they take insurance the number is 800-660-4283


sandraB - April 20

Hello ladies I as well was on progesterone but I found out thru another specialist that I was taking it too late. My ob suggested to take it orally as soon as I found out I was pregnant, it was too late. Now I must start my prometrium( progesterone) it looks like little candy balls on the 14th day of my cycle,but I have to do it suppository way, then 2 days before my period starts I have to drive 2 hours away so this new doctor can give me a pregnancy test in which if I do get pregnant then immediately I will start injecting myself with Fraggamin( a form of Heprin) also I have to take a baby aspirin everyday. I am emotionally not ready to start this just yey. I hate needles! On 3 separate occasions 3 different types of doctors asked me if i had a form of lupis! I've never been told that but because of the method my new specialist has given me it is the same type of thing a person who has Anti coagulant lupis would be on when they get pregnant. It's when antibodies reject the pregnancy because it thinks it is a virus so it attacks it and causes m/c. i still want to get checked for that Lupis. Does anyone else have this?


bdantonio - April 22

Sandra B
I took all the same meds. And i have a beautiful baby girl. I do not have lupus just 5 m/c's. If you go under female infertilty forum on this site there is a site called lovenox and pregnancy its exactly where you need to be everyone on that site s in the same boat as you with the blood thinners and different antibody problems. Im surprised they arent using lovenox its the choice of most dr's.



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