previous miscarriage....2 months later hpt is positive.. i dont know if im preg
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wolffie - February 3

jennh -

i did not have any symptoms at all until my ectopic ruptured! i had massive internal bleeding and required emergency surgery and the removal of one tube. had i not gone to the hospital right away i would have died. it was the worst experience of my life. you mentioned before that they already told you that they suspected an ectopic. you really should have that checked out. your life is more important than anything. another u/s at planned parenthood can't be that expensive. we are all very concerned for you.


JennH2007 - February 3

I understand. I want to but it costs 100. I just dont have it. They looked at my tubes and ovaries and saw nothing. they suspected because the levels were high and they saw nothing. BUT the woman that was giving the ultrasound said she 'highly doubted it' so I really dont know. Thats crazy though that you didnt have any symptoms. they told me to only worry if I had cramping on one side.. or severe pain along the entire lower abdominal region. I am sorry that happened to you, that sucks. Worst comes to worse, if I dont have the medicaid by this week I will be pain by then, so I will go. They dont take am ex, only mastercard and visa... dont have a visa and my mastercard is my debit..which has nothing in it. lol


bdantonio - February 4

jenn u can transfer some for you mastercard onto you amex to make room if needed. Also just to make you feel better i have not worked since i got pregnate and i didnt work the year i was pregnate with my 1st daughter credit card debit is my middle name i had almost $30,000.00 in it down to $16,000.00 now but still high you do what you have to do to make it.


JennH2007 - February 5

the mastercard has no debt, but its a debit card... it comes directly from my checking... and i have no funds in there. Did you have a weird 'pulling' sensation?? I feel like ive done a million crunches.... kinda sore. I still havent bled since thursday.... and we have been doing the bd since.... but we are going to stop because I think I am ovulating.... I have the milky white discharge but its elastic like..... I saw this today when I took another hpt to see if the levels can still be detected since I havent had anything since thurs. it came back positive... my body is a wreck.


bdantonio - February 6

milky discharge is called leulorrhea which is normal during pregnancy and increases



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