previous miscarriage....2 months later hpt is positive.. i dont know if im preg
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bdantonio - January 21

so what did the test say. Did they do a beta?


Marina - January 22

Jan,sorry for jumping in,but by the test you ARE pregnant,right?So,do you know about Maternity card?They give you some type of insurance coverage if you dont have one.I think you should look into that .I don't remember the exact address,but you can google it.


JennH2007 - January 23

I havent heard about that. Thanks for the heads up, I am going to check that out. I went in for another blood test today, So i will find out in 24-48 hours. Thanks for the advice!


bdantonio - January 24

keep us updated


JennH2007 - January 24

So Ive had a bad day. my count went from 1,821 to 1,774... they said im miscarrying. withing 20 minutes that i got off the phone i started bleeding and had clots.... blah! this sucks. everyone is disappointed... I am too. hope you have better luck. :)


lyly14 - January 24

JennH2007- I am soooo sorry to hear your bad news. Any way you will be able to get insurance for yourself. You really need to be followed and make sure your numbers return to zero. Make sure you take care of yourself and when you are ready try again. I know trying again is probably the last thing on your mind right now, but after you take your time to mourn and heal you will decide what is right for you. I wish you the best of luck and we are all here when you need to talk.


bdantonio - January 25

hennh2007: Soo sorry for your loss, its never easy. Now that you have lost more then one you need to also make sure your dr runs some tests to see why this may be happening, before trying.


JennH2007 - January 25

yea thats what I want to do. I want to get a d&c. they want to do an ultrasound again..... they think its an ectopic. you must be excited!!! 24 days to go!!! send some pics ! :)


wolffie - January 25


sorry to jump in on the conversation but if they think you are having an ectopic they should do an ultrasound ASAP! I don't mean to scare you but an ectopic is VERY dangerous. I had a ruptured ectopic in June and had severe internal bleeding, needed emergency surgery, blood transfusion, and the removal of one of my tubes. Please follow up with whoever you are seeing soon.

FYI - my doc didn't suspect an ectopic until it ruptured because all my blood levels were normal. I only had severe cramping right before the rupture.

wishing you the best.



JennH2007 - January 25

I have very high levels for 4 weeks and they suspect it. Unfortunately, I am not seeing a physician but rather going to planned parenthood because of no insurance. The ultrasound costs 100.... and I dont have the money for it right now. I do not have any pain or even cramps. I am going to try to wait another week till I get paid.


lyly14 - February 1

JennH2007- Just thinking about you. How are you doing?


JennH2007 - February 1

im not doing too bad. been bleeding very lightly.... kinda weird actually. the first one was terrible..... I think it may be because they didnt see anything on the ultrasound... so i think i started m/c very early. the first time they saw the sac at 5 weeks... this time they saw nothing.. and i have been lightly bleeding/spotting since xmas eve. ive been taking folic acid to help build the lining again.. I am waiting for medicaid to kick in so i can go to the docs. how have you been?


bdantonio - February 2

arent you etting worried its a eptopic and something will go wrong?


invertigo31 - February 2


This is difficult.. I can definately relate after 9 miscarriages it's just horrible... Your symptoms seem pretty crappy and worrisome to me... Lack of money or inability to pay is not a good enuff reason to get proper care... I am worried about your symptoms because mine were the same with 2 ectopic pregnancies.. You need to call some Offices up tell them your story and see if they wont help you!!

All my failed pregnancies were during a time when I had NO insurance and even though I owe lots and lots of money I dont care because I am still ALIVE!! I could have died 2 times if I had spent any time worrying about how I was going to pay for anything!!

If all else fails go through your local E.R. and let em rack up the bills to make sure your safe. Its mandatory for them to treat or stabalize you and any unborn!!

I wish you the best of luck and send you tons of strength and a truck load of hugs!!



JennH2007 - February 3

I am not too worried that it is an ecoptic. I have no pain what so ever, not even cramps. I stopped spotting 2 days ago... been very weird. I have called offices and have had no luck. I have called and went to over 15 different offices and finally just decided to stick with planned parenthood. I cant go till this medicaid kicks in. I have $2,000 from my last e.r. visit in sep. and $2600 in c.c. debt. I am not bleeding profusely and I have no pain so I a going to wait. I should have it in the next 2 weeks or so. Ive just been lightly spotting for over a month now.... so... idk it is weird. The minute tho that I have any pain I will go immediately. Do you think that it is possible that I could still be?? probably not because the levels dropped 75 points.


wolffie - February 3

jennh -

i did not have any symptoms at all until my ectopic ruptured! i had massive internal bleeding and required emergency surgery and the removal of one tube. had i not gone to the hospital right away i would have died. it was the worst experience of my life. you mentioned before that they already told you that they suspected an ectopic. you really should have that checked out. your life is more important than anything. another u/s at planned parenthood can't be that expensive. we are all very concerned for you.



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