Post-miscarriage cycles
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Slatka - July 11

HI BabyCasey --

I'm stuck inside the house today since it is about 100 degrees here in DC, so I just read your post (I'm spending valuable quality time onthe internet! oh, yeah).

Huh, I'm not sure what to say about your current experience. I can say that, yes, over the counter pregnancy tests will detect residual HCG in your blood within quite a few weeks after a m/c. There's a little bit still there, that's why the line you see is so faint. ANd the first test you took that was negative, that could just be because the test wasn't sensitive enough. See, my guess is that if you are pregnant, the pregnancy test line might start out faint, but the one you took this morning (several days after the one you took last week) should be much much darker as the HCG would have increased if ther ewas a pregnancy.

It's tough to guess when it is the best time to test for pregnancy since you have not had a period since the m/c; therefore, there is no date to start counting the days or figuring out ovulation. I know I ovulated about 2 weeks after my miscarriage because I had an OB/GYN exam that day as a check-up, and the doc, as she was examining me, said she could tell by what she saw that I was ovulating. So it is perfectly possible to ovulate within 2 weeks post-m/c.

My overall suggestion is to call the doc; perhaps even over the phone they can tell you whether you are probably not pregnant or if they want you to come in for a blood test. See, if you are pregnant -- and I hope you are if you want to be! -- the HCG levels should be getting stronger and stronger with each passing day (hence, a darker line on the test stick). But please check in with your doc, especially if you have travel plans.

Good luck to you!!!! I'm glad you're doing ok -- and I hope you get to the bottom of this issue. It must be nerve-wracking not to know.
Take care --


babycasey - July 11

Thank you so much for being there. I understand what u are saying and I will be honest I would love to become or be pregnant again, but on the same note I don't want to go through another m/c cause I wasn't patient enough. My husband and I have discussed the situation and we have decided to wait till next week and I will take another hpt. If this comes back with a faint line( if darker I guess we can assume that I am pregnant.) again I will call prenatal and discuss the situation with them, cause I would love to party with my brother, but he knows if I am pregnant or the slightest chance I am I won't! It has been 3 days an I am cramping(mild) on and off again. Maybe a sign that I am getting my period?? Guess I will take it one day at a time and go from there. Stay cool that is some hooottt weather u are having out there. God Bless you. BabyCasey


Slatka - July 11

Hi BabyCasey -- Sounds like a plan; good idea to call the prenatal center and just talk it over. Best to be safe, but, boy, do I know the temptation to go out and have a few martinis! Especially with all the stress and sadness we women have gone through -- how great to be able to just "forget" for one night and be like I was before, normal and happy.

You know, either way you are in good shape: if you are pregnant, that's wonderful and the OB/GYN should be able to help monitor you very carefully, very early because of the previous m/c. And if you are not -- yea! you got your period and your body is starting its cycles again. That's exactly what you want (some women go months before getting their period after an m/c). So, see, you have a good result either way.

Keep us posted and good luck to you -- though it may not feel like it, you are in a good place, really. Ok, enough of me playing around on the computer -- dinner to make! Oh, the thought of a hot kitchen -- ick.



babycasey - July 24

Hi Slatka,

Well I went away and was careful and had cramping the whole time I was away. I woke up this morning to find I have started my period--this kinda made me feel at first like a blow to the face cause it's more reality letting me know that I am not pregnant anymore!!-- I also am starting to feel some relief cause this is exactly what I needed before I start trying again. I will see my doctor on the 1st and ask about starting to make baby's again(even though they say 3 months I figure I can at least ask about starting to try now since I have my period and I'll be there for a check up anyway! Thank u soooo much for your support it really helps. I really had a difficult time being with my cousin and her 11 month old son, well being with them wasnt that difficult. It was listening to all the "first times" that Evan did. It was like she was kicking me in the stomach. I didnt realize how much it was going to hurt still! Sometimes I just want to scream. Than I come home to find that a friend of the family is pregnant and that made me angry. I am very happy for her. I just felt this anger I don't want to feel this way anymore. It still hurts sooo much still, eventhough I made my peace. I want the pain to just go away, but when u lose something so precious, I am starting to believe that the hurt never goes away. My sister in law just lost her mother and had nerve enough to tell me that losing her mother was harder than me losing my 13 week old baby. I wanted to tear her to shreds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I m sorry, but the way I look at it, children bury their parents. Thats a fact of life. Parents should never have to bury their children!!! Ok I think I let it all out! Sorry to babble on, but hey at least its all out know!!!!!!!! Life is a dance, give it your best shot!!! but don't ever give up!!! God Bless BabyCasey


Slatka - July 24

HI BabyCasey --

Well, some congratulations are in order! Yes, it definitely is a confirmation that you are no longer pregnant and it understandably re-awakens the memory of the m/c, BUT it means your cycles are returning and this is an excellent thing. I'm glad you are starting to feel some relief.

It is good that you had your period before seeing the doctor August 1st; he or she would probably tell you to wait for your period to come back anyway. This means that your HCG levels have dropped and it means, most likely, that there are no complications from the m/c, physically. I know it hurts to have it, but really, this is a good sign.

I was at a cousin's wedding this weekend and saw my cousin's daughter for the first time (she's about 11-12 months, just the same age as Evan); I know how you feel. She grabbed my finger and did all these cute things and I had to close my heart against remembering that I would've been over 6 months pregnant at this time if I hadn't had the m/c.

I'm so sorry you are going through a lot of emotional anguish, especially with the unkind thing your sisterin law said to you. I believe (if I remember right), you just had your m/c very recently. It is totally normal and understandable that you should still feel this way...I can say that it does get better. You will never forget it, but as time passes, some of the fresh pain will too. You will always have that little soul you lost looking out for you; he or she still exists and will comfort you always. That;s how I try to think of it. That I will not have that baby in my physical life, but it will always be with me in spirit.

I know nothing can help completely -- let yourself cry and scream if you want to. As time goes on, as you talk to your doc and see that you can try again, the pain won't be so much on the surface. Hang in there, babycasey,and keep us posted on how you are doing -- don;t you ever give up!


babycasey - July 31

Hi everyone. I am so nervous!! Tomorrow I go in for my follow-up since my m/c. I am hoping that they are going to say everything is great and that my husband and I can start trying again. I was a little nervous that I was pregnant again, I had started cramping on a off since the 4th of July. I finally got my period on the July 23. I was worried something was wrong cause I was cramping, but no period. I would love some insight on some questions I should ask my dr. I have never had a regular period and I even(this is sooo embarrising) have facial hair and some black hairs on my upper arms. I am wondering if this my have something to do with the fact that it took 7yrs before we concieved. My husband has had a sperm count done and that is good. Not sure where to start with questions so if there is anyone out there that knows Please let me know. I have even started checking my Basal temp and have test strips for checking when I will start ovulating. I just find it hard to believe after 7yrs of no protection that my husband and I never concieved till now. I mean surely we had intercouse while I was ovulating?? It just is confusing. I pray for God to give us all the little miracles we wish and pray for. Love u guys. BabyCasey


Slatka - August 1

Hi Babycasey --

How did your appointment go? I was out of town until today, so I didn't get your post til now. Wish I could've given some suggestions beforehand, though I'm no expert.

I am sure everything is fine and I hope your doc gave you a clean bill of health. I would guess it is important for you to ask about how they can regulate your periods: if your periods are not regular, you are not ovulating regularly (that's maybe why you could have 7 years of unprotected sex with no conception).

If you are not having regular periods, it is a hormone issue. I'm not sure if the little bit of facial hair and arm hair have much to do with it; a lot of women have this -- it often depends on your heritage. BUT it could prompt you to ask for a series of hormone tests to see if your hormone levels are normal at different stages of your menstrual cycle (they will check estrogen, progesterone, FSH, LH and prolactin). This is an easy blood test and I think it is fairly routine.

The BBTs (basal body temps) don't really work for me, so I don't know what to tell you there -- perhaps someone else has advice?? I do use an ovulation predictor kit where I check my urine mid-cycle (the box instructs you how and when to check your urine) to see when my LH surge begins -- this indicates that ovulation is about to occur. This might be helpful for you to try: at least you can figure out when and if you are ovulating and if the hormones are present in your urine.

Good luck. Again, I hope the appointment went well. Don't hesitate to call them back with more questions -- that is what they are there for! Keep us posted!




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