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laceymcgallion - September 27

My husband have been married for 4 1/2 years. I got pregnant for the first time last September, we were so excited. He shipped out to Basic Training and Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Benning on November 13 2006. I started spotting around 8 weeks, and called the emergency room since it was on the weekend. The nurse told me not to worry to just rest because if I was miscarrying so early there was nothing that could be done to help. The doctors were so booked in my area that my first appointment wasnt until November 27 2006. I began bleeding heavily two days before that appointment. At my first appointment I should have been 12 wks, but the ultrasound and further test revealed my fears, I had miscarried the fetis stopped developing at 6 wks and there were no signs then. My periods became normal around January 2007 and stayed normal until May and since then I have had a cycle every 6 wks sometimes every 7 wks and two months ago it didnt come until 8 wks. Today it has been 6 wks, and I have been nauseated and feverish for a few days. I took a test this morning and it was POSITIVE!! I was just needing to know if the hcg hormones could still be in my body after 9 months or if it is possible that I am pregnant? I have made an appointment with the doctor, but I just wanted some opinions on the subject. I am completely paranoid now!!


bdantonio - September 28

no there is no way it could still be in your body. However i wont lie i am one person who does not trusted home tests. I have had false negatives and positives call the dr for blood and get the levels.


happymom - December 14

I found out that I was preg. on 10/23. They said i was by my LMP I should have been about 8 weeks. I was cramping so they sent me for an u/s on 10/25. They saw the gestional sac but no baby. They told me not to worry to much because I might not be that far along. They draw my HCG and they were 251. On 10/27 they drew HCG again and that were now 130. They said that I was miscarrying. The same day I started spotting. On 10/29 I passed the baby HCG levels went down to 90. Went back to dr. on 10/31 drew another HCG and they were down to 10. I still have not started my period like the dr. said I should. I took HPT yesterday 12/13. It came up postive. I went to dr. today (12/14) took their test, came up postive. They drew an HCG level and want to draw another one 12/16. What I am wanting to know is could I be preg. again so soon after miscarriage or could it still be from the miscarriage even though a week after miscarrage my levels were down to 10? please somebody help me.


bdantonio - December 14

happymom: More then likely you have cncieved again. fter a m/c just ike fterbirth you aremore likely to conceive. Its actully easier oconeive the most pople think after a m/c. What is you current hcg level?


happymom - December 15

my current hcg levels are 2785. i am suppose to have them repeated tomorrow. does that sound like a good level


Marina - December 16

wow ,it's a big number,mine was like this at 5 weeks.You are definatly PG ! :)Sometimes after m/c if there small pieces of placenta left it can show on a test positive results,but not THAT high !
good luck! :)


bdantonio - December 16

yeah u are pregnate let us know how the next apt goes


happymom - December 16

thanx everyone for caring. i got my levels for today and they were 4163. does that sound ok?


bdantonio - December 17

thy doubled sounds good when are they going to do a u/s


happymom - December 17

i have an appointment with the dr today at 2:30 to find out what the results were. I am not suppose to know yet, but my mother-n-law workes at the hospital here so she looked the results up for me. When I go to the dr. today he will probably go ahead and schedule one. He is alittle worried about eptoic (don't know if i spelled it right) pregnancy because i am hurting in my left side after me and my husband have sex, so he told me i would diff. have an u/s if i was pregnant. But he also told me not to worried to much about that because more than like if it was eptoic i would hurt all the time, plus when i was preg. with my little boy (now 22 months old) i hurt like that in my left side. So i will know more this afternoon. I will keep you posted.


happymom - December 17

hey everybody wanted to give an update on how the dr. appointment went. he said that i am deffenently preg. he also said that by his calculations of the numbers that i am only about 3-4 weeks so they can't do an u/s right now bc they won't be able to see anything yet. i have the u/s scheduled for 1/2/08. i can't wait until then to make sure everything is okay. he also said that as long as the cramping don't get any worse i should be okay that it is probably just my uterus changing for the growth of my baby. i am happy to hear that so far everything is okay. i was worried because of me just miscarrying 10/28. but i will keep yall informed and let yall know how things go. everybody please pray that i can get this baby to make it. thanks to everybody.


bdantonio - December 17

Happymom: Congrats i will pray for you. Just think positive. Also take it easy i wouldnt have sex until after you have your u/s. My husband and i dont until after our first u/s since we have lost so many we just like to take it easy that way if i have any cramping or pain i kown it wasnt from sex and ill know that for sure.


happymom - December 18

Well I had to go to the hospital last night bc i went to hurting in my back. The baby is okay. I just have an infection that they call BV. Well, anyways, I am further along than what the doctor said I am. The ER doctor wanted to do an u/s, but he told me that if I was only 3-4 weeks they wouldn't be able to see anything. Well, i went to u/s and they saw the gestational sac. I am measuring 5w 4d. They didn't see a fetus or heartbeat but they told me that was normal this early. I may not got to see my baby but I did get my mind easied now knowing that the baby and everything is where it is suppose to be. Thanks everybody.


bdantonio - December 18

well keep us upadted at how u and the baby are doing


happymom - December 20

bdantonio, hey i need to ask you a question. it does not have anything to do with pregnancy. that ticker that you have, how to you get it to go on every post to type. thanx


bdantonio - December 20

You have to go to gaga.com and set it up then they will give you directions on how to put it one your profile


Marina - December 21

Wish you all well and what a great gift for Christmas(if you celebrate)
You also can find qute tickers at lilypie.com



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