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wantingbabies - May 2

Here is a short summary.....ttc for 3yrs, now have a 2yr old son.....ttc again 1yr and had a m/c....these were both via clomid. Then did 2 round of injectibles and both were BFN. I just finished my 1st round IVF.....positive but they say there is no hope for a successful pg. I had 20 eggs, 12 mature, 8 fert and only 1 was good quality...all other ones degenerated.
Now my beta is low 9dp5dt 35, 11dp5dt 68, 15dp5dt 118.....they were concerned about etopic but believe they saw it im my uterus. I have another beta tomorrow and another u/s next week.....I just stopped prog. B/c it didn't double in 4d they say there is no way it will be a successful pg. How do they know this?
If I find out tomorrow my beta is going down I will be okay...but if not they want to give me a shot of methadoxine (something prononunced like this). Is there any hope at all? Would you wait a week before the shot or do you trust the RE?
They now are concerned about genetic abnormailites too....I am only 27 and confused......I hear of people saying they generalize too much or give up too fast....I just don't want to ever doubt that there may have been a chance for this baby.

Thank you! Please don't think I am crazy! LOL!


bdantonio - May 2

wanting babies i had the same thing happen once. Un fortunitly i did eventually lose it. However they did testing and there was nothing wrong with the baby. However this was before i was on progestrone it was my 1st m/c. I think you should continue the ride and take the progestrone and see what happens. Unless you are scared the baby is not perfect and dont want to take that chance to me there is no such thing as perfect and my baby would just be a little more special. However i would not stop things unless my level went down i would not want to play god i would let it take its course. keep me updated.


wantingbabies - May 2

i feel the same way but re is urging me to stop everything.....he says there is NO hope. he also said that my body is producing enough prog and the supplements are just icing on the cake.....i am confused and don't know what to do.
i am going for another beta now and this will give a good indicatio of what the future holds.
i'll post later.....thanks!


Marina - May 6

I just read your post.What a nonsense your doctor s say!There is a hope!I know it's been a few days since you posted and you probably know the result by now,but even so,there is so many good outcomes with a slow start.Unless your HCG goes down or stays the same there is always hope!
You didn't post since-what's the result?


wantingbabies - May 8

It is over.....hcg went down to 15....unfortunatley I was not surprised. Thanks for the support! Maybe my next bfp will be lasting+++


bdantonio - May 8

sorry! if you need to talk im here unfortunitly im a vertern on the topic.



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