normal fall of hcg levels after misacrriage in early pg
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AZORE - July 7

I experienced miscarriage about a month ago.
I started spotting on may 30, had hcg measured may 31 : 103.
(my previous periods started on april 21)
seeing such low levels I knew my pg was doomed. july 4 hcg: 121...
during all this time I bled.
My dr said it wasn't necessary to run more tests because the levels being so low everything would come back to normal quickly and naturally...

I started feeling pregnant again so I did a urine test which came back positive.
I'm starting to worry that my levels didn't reach the normal levels by now...
or could I be pregnant again?
I guess I should have new blood works?....

thanks for your advice.


bdantonio - July 8

I have had 5 m/c i feel your pain. Is this your first? I would ask the dr for more blood work and an ultrasound you may not of had a full miscarriage if you did not have a dne. Have it checked out if you did not get all cleaned out you cna get a bad infection and scar tissue that may affect further pregnacies.


AZORE - July 8

Thank you very much for taking time to answer.
Yes it is my first, I've had a boy in april 2005 and wanted him to have brothers and sisters (at least one). I wasn't sure when but my obgyn told me to try to get pregnant fast because I developped fibroids which could be a pb if I waited too long. But actually with such low levels I don't think they had anything to do with my m/c..
I'll go straight to the dr's tomorrow, I wouldn't want to jeopardize my last chances of getting pregnant!
I'll let you know!
thanks again

Hope you'll be luckier next time and I would like to find something comforting to say but I really don't know whether such words exist.


bdantonio - July 8

Well i am 8 weeks now. I have been pregnate 7times. My daughter is 21/2yrs old. And yes your right there are no comforting words. I also have fibroids. On top of it all every pregnancy is a fertility baby. I dont have it easy getting pregnante or staying that way. So far this one is going good. If i make it to 12 weeks then I should be in the clear.



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