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xmommyx - August 10

Hello...I am new to the board and just really bummed at the moment. Let me tell you the story...

07/23 - I started my LMP....which was normal like usual..and lasted its normal annoying 5 days. Well after AF ended I DTD three times (sorry if TMI), and after the last time i started to spot. I spotted brown, with very little pink every once in awhile when I wiped with toilet paper for 4 days, and had menstrual-like cramping for 2 days. During these symptoms I went to my DR who checked me out and said I looked healthy and said they were going to run some tests to see what was causing this irregular bleeding. As I sat waiting to check out the nurse pulled me back into the room where the doctor told me that they had performed the necessary pregnancy test on any patient with irregular bleeding and it showed I was pregnant. I was happy/sad at the same time My husband had a vasectomy reversal MArch 16, so we have been TTC since then. Well they took me for a pelvic ultrasound where they saw nothing, they said this could be because it was a early pregnancy. They sent me that day for an HCg test (which was on a friday) and I had to go to the hospital on sunday for another hcg test) Monday when I called for the results, the doctor told me number was low like a VERy early pregnancy, but it did not double from friday to sunday so it was a chemical pregnancy. I have to go in again this sunday to the hospital for another hcg test to make sure the levels are going down i guess.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

How long does it usually take to get a period after an chemical pregnancy?

I am just so sad because my husband leaves in 2.5 months on military leave...and we will miss out on 5 months of ttc.


bdantonio - August 10

well my 4th m.c was like that unfortuanitly i have had 5 m/c i have a daughter who is 2 1/2 yrs old and one on the way only 13 weeks so still praying. After having so many m/c you start to know them. I didnt know i was pregnate at the time see all my babies are fertility babies i was told i would never have one naturally. We were no trying at the time. I started what i thought was one of my periods (mine are completely out of wack they come when they want sometimes 37 days sometimes 105 days apart) well late into the night i started having some cramos that felt too familar. SO icalled the dh at work and we went to the hospital they told me i was preg and it may just be my last period. Went for hcg two days later and to dr and they told me what i already knew it was another m/c. They said a chemical one like you said. Normally if it is a developing pregnancy they tell you to wait 3 mths but i was told to a chemical i could try right away but we didnt. see with all my m/c i have to have planned pregnancies due to my problems carring. A person on a normal cycles should get there next period 28-31 days after the bleeding starts. I would like to suggest though if you really want to try go to pharmacy and get the clear blue easy ovulation test not the disposable its expensive like $100-$150.00 and a months supply of strips is like $50.00 however that is the ovulation kit i used even during fertility instead of traveling to dr and it worked the day i hit peak ovulation we called off work and stayed in bed all day and i got preg everytime. soo good luck if you have anyother questions i will help if can



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