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iwantababyx2 - August 5

I am 39, my husband is 46, we have been TTC for awhile, :) we do not have a problem getting pregnant staying pregnant is the problem. M/C in 12-05,6-06 and 3-07, all at six to seven weeks. :-[
Recently, I was put on clomid and progesterone(the second time for this), and was very hopeful......until AF showed up. Was diagnosed with Luteal Phase Defect. My cycles were 21 days apart, until this cycle this one is 28 days apart.I was scared to take a HPT. I feel as though my time is running out and have found myself to be very impatient. Sometimes I think is is so unfair,that others can get pregnant w/ bigger issues than mine.There are other medical issues with this, I have RSD/TOS which is very uncomfortable at times, but would REALLY LOVE to have a baby with my husband.
My question is all this normal, does anyone feel like they are losing hope? Have a BIG fear of Doctors? And just would like to live instead of feeling like you are treading water all the time? At times I feel like I am losing my mind.
Baby dust to everyone!!


bdantonio - August 10

I am younger however have a hard timne carrying i am on pregnancy # 7 with 5/mc i have a daughter who is 2 1/2 yrs old and am 13 weeks now. and scared every day. I went to a dark place alot. I wanted to know why all these women out here who did not even want kids and aborted them and threw them away like trash could have them but me who wanted one waited till marriage to have one and was financially stable could have one couldnt. I never found that reason though. But it hurt alot. I felt like i was defective. I know it sounds bad but have you though of serrogancy. it all your baby your egg his sperm. We were all set to do it when i found that i was pregnante with my daughter. you get to have a baby with your husband and you get to be fully involved with the pregnancy, i got lucky my brothers and his wife where going to do it for me. well if you just need to vent some more write and ill check in i dont have a problem with that.



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