multiple miscarriages
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michele - November 9

I have had another miscarriage this makes 7. Everything in terms of tests comes out fine. Two fertility specialists have both said there is no explaination. Has anyone been through this?


Fortyfour - November 16

I would check out Dr. Alan Beers website. It is not normal and he may be able to help you. Take care.


kvonblon - January 21

We have one child, 4, and have since had 4 miscarriages. Our testing has all been normal so far also. We are seeing Dr. Mary Stephenson at Univ of Chicago for a few more tests and then possibly to enter her clinical study with using ivig. I know how frustrating it is to have test after test and miscarriage after miscarriage and get no answers. Have you read Jon Cohen's book "Coming to Term?" It's a really good resource.


chynnadoll - January 21

kvonblon, Yeah it's a drag when test are coming back normal, which is a good thing but you know in your heart somethings not right, Maybe 1 miscarriage but to me 2 or more somethings not right and we have to get to the bottom of what it is going on, I will also check out the book as well...Take Care....China


kvonblon - January 21

It is a drag, but someone out there is going to be able to help - and I'm hoping for us it's Dr. Stephenson, and I pray that everyone else finds their answer as well. The book is great - he also has a website Take care...kira


Morgan1 - March 12

Hi Kira-

Just now found this part of the site. I am so sorry for your 7 miscarriages. I had 6 myself before we found Dr. Foulk (Reno, NV) who knew exactly what was wrong. Have you been tested for antiphospolipid antibodies and antipaternal leukocyte antibodies? (Also, Natural killer cells?). I tested positive for the first two and negative for the NK cells. The treatment I was put on was IVIG every 4 weeks, prednisone, aspirin, progesterone, and lovinox (heparin at first). It worked because we now have a one year old son. We had tried the paternal leukocyte immunizations at first without success, but the IVIG worked for us. Hope this is helpful. We went to three specialist and spent thousands and thousands of dollars before finding Dr. Foulk. He actually got into his profession because he and his wife had infertility problems - so he really knows what his patients are going through. He is doing it for the right reasons. Well best of luck to you.


Jessica - March 17

I have only had 1 but is was very painful. I just wish I would have had that baby but it was growing in my fallobian tube.


eiregrl - April 20

Well, this has been my nightmare week. I miscarried for the second time on Tuesday evening at 10 weeks. so painful, so hurtful. My first M/C was in November 2003, at around 5-6 weeks. Everyone told me that it's common for a woman to miscarry the first time, but now it's two. I'm scared. I mean, really scared. My husband is so loving, but this really broke him down.

Today I go in to see my doctor for a US scan. She also wants to do some hormone testing. I want to ask her if there are tests we can do, anything to do to help us along for the next time, if there is a next time.


Tiffany F. - April 21

eiregrl, So sorry for your loss, I have been there several times and it gets no easier, You start wondering why me!

That is going you are following up with your DR, usually after 2 miscarriages in a row they start to do alot of testing, Blood disorders are very common in women who have recurring miscarriages, not saying that is your problem, just read through all the past post and you will get alot of help information.

I have read so much on here and I will go tell my DR please check me for this, currently I'm trying to conceive I have had of 6 miscarriages, I am taking 81mg of aspirin, prenatal pills, folic acid and I am on Heparin injections twice aday.

I pray that you get the help and the answers that you need, we are here for you.

Take Care....Tiffany

PS: Thank God you have a supportive husband as I do also!


eiregrl - April 21

Hey Tiffany,

Thanks for the reply and the encouragement. My family has never really been very showy with their emotions, but after my m/c, they have truly shown their love and affection. Friends at work (I'm an elementary school teacher) have also been so supportive, so my head is no longer down, i am no longer defeated. I have also found a place here where I can discuss with other people who know and understand the situation firsthand.

My Dr. did a u/s scan, and I have no tissue left. Then she asked if I had any questions on where to go from here. I asked about testing. She explained three tests, chromosonal (for me and my husband), lupus anticoagulant, and anticardiolipin antibody. So we're going to go ahead with those three. We'll see. We'll see.

I think I feel stronger now because I have less fear of the unknown. My husband is worried about trying again because of the pain he saw me go through when I miscarried. He is glad we'll do this testing, before we try again. The Dr. says we need to wait ubtil i complete a full menstrual cycle before trying again. That give us some time to do the testing and find out if there's anything we can do differently next time.

Knowledge is power!

Thanks again for the reply, Tiffany. I appreciate it much more than you know.



Tiffany F. - April 21

Hey eiregrl,

You are so welcome, If there is anything we can do or questions that need to be answered we are all here for you.

This website was truly GOD sent to me, Sometimes I would feel like know one understood what I was going through, and if you have never experienced a m/c you will never understand!

I as well have a very supportive family, my family sounds alot like yours not very showy with there emotions either, but everyone has been so wonderful since I have been on this rocky road of what is called fertility problems!

There is an excellent book that I read everyday called "Supernatural Childbirth" by Jackie Mize, it is wonderful you might want to look it up on the net.

Just wanted to let you know, I love school teachers, you all are my favorite people in the world ;)!

And that is so true, we are no longer defeated, we have to be positive and speak positive words to ourselves and our bodies.

Everyday I saw to my body that I will conceive and I will not have another m/c, and I also read scriptures everday from the book I spoke of before.

That is a blessing that you had no more tissue left, everything just passed naturally.

Thank God that you are going in and having the testing done, it is so much better to know then not to know, I have been tested for they same test you named as well as a host of other test, they always come back negative, which is usually what you want to hear from a Dr's office, but I was hoping to hear we found at least one test positive, that would have been the answer I have been looking for, because once you find out what's wrong it can be treated as long as it's not life threating!

I still don't no what is causing me to m/c everytime I conceive!

Therefore my Dr is assuming that I form blood clots in my placenta, she thought for sure I had anticardiolipin antibodies or APS, but I don't so we are still unsure, I even went to a Hematologist a few weeks and they took 15viles of blood, to my surprise once again all negative, I just pulled over my car and cryed like a baby.

But I'm keeping my head up and praying daily and I know it will work out.

My Dr also told me to wait for a complete full menstrual cycle to come before trying again also, It was taking so long that she gave me a prescription for Provera to induce and bring down my cycle and it worked, I got it 3 days after taking the last pill, I don't think we hit the target this month, we went to Las Vegas and were really busy, but we try next month!

Last but not least are you able to conceive natrually? I was asking because I am and that is a HUGE problem alot of women have and can you imagine not being able to conceive natrually going through IVF and other things and then to m/c would have to be even more devasting.

Sorry that I have talked so much, hope to hear from you soon.

Take Care, Tiffany


eiregrl - April 22

Hey Tiffany,

You are such a great person to talk to about all this!

Answer to your question: yes, I have conceived naturally, both times, although as you noticed, there wasalmost 2 1/2 years between each pregnancy! I'm hoping that the next one will be a bit sooner, since I'm 39 right now.

Las Vegas sounds fun right now! Did you win any$$$?

You know, talking to you makes me feel so much better.
Take care, have a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon.



Tiffany F. - April 22

Hey eirgrl,

It is so nice talking to you as well, I understand what you are saying about the age thing, that does play a big part, but now with technology I hear about women up to about 45 having beautiful healthy babies.

Even though I know once we reach 35 we are at greater risk, I turned 35 this year and I dread thing about having an ammnio once I'm am pregnant!

But at the same time as bad as we desire a baby I will do whatever needs to be done once I conceive again.

We had a ball in Las Vegas, and know we did'nt win a dime, well the little I won I played right back and lost it, I just play the slots and a littlt black jack. It's just nice to get away sometimes for a few days :).

I am so happy I can be here to talk and when you need someone to listen as well as you being here for me!

You take care and have a wonderful, blessed weekend.
Talk with you soon...Tiffany

PS: make sure you read through the past post you will get alot of good helpful information.


Miicki - September 14

It's so scary to think how many women are going thru this. I have one 3 1/2 yr old child-normal pregnancy & delivery at age 34... Now that i'm 38--everything is downhill it seems. 4 m/c in 2 years. Right now i'm very nervous. I am almost 6 weeks pregnant, going to the dr tomorrow and just waiting for the awful news. There is nothing fun about getting pregnant any more. I too have done tons of blood work to rule out any problems. Testing after the m/c---everything comes back normal. Go figure.
Is the bottom line-the age factor? are the eggs just not viable any more to sustain pregnancy-you gotta believe that i've gone 1 good one left, right? On one hand, having a daughter is the best thing in the world, but wanting one more child is just heartbreaking when it doesn't happen.
I'm on Lovenox right now 40mg & we'll see what happens tomorrow.
Has anyone tried anything else when you've got no answers?



Miicki - September 25

Just a quick update since my last post- i am 7 weeks along & had a dr appt Friday-we did hear the heartbeat. I've gone thru this twice before where we heard it & then 2 weeks later we didn't. so i'm not too excited yet.
I am doing Lovenox still w/the baby aspirin. HOpefully this one will sustain.

will check in after next appt in 2 weeks.

good luck to all....


sharon b - September 27


I was glad to hear that so far everything is okay. I am also 38. I had 3 children earlier in life & it was a breeze. I was 16 weeks pregnanct in March when I had my first miscarriage. I am now 19 weeks along. I have been scared to death the whole time just thinking something would go wrong. It is so hard once you have experienced something like that to go on & be possitve. I am almost to the point where I can get excited. I go in 2 days from my sonogram. I just want to hear them say that everything looks good & then I feel like I can get happy. I opted not to do any of the testing (which you will also be faced with because of your age) But I must say that I will probably be nervous until the day I deliver.

There are many woman having children in their late 30's so hang in there. I know that is hard to do but that is your only option. Best wishes & let us know how things go.



RoRo - September 30

Hi. Let me first say how grateful I am to have found this site. I am 36yrs old and have had 2 m/c. One at 7wks and the other at 19wks. This has been such a trying time for me and my husband.

The doctor's have run test and say nothing is wrong. How can that be? They want to put me on Lovenox and baby aspirin when I get pregnant again. I think I should be taking the aspirin now because with my first pregnancy there was no heart beat at my first visit.

As much as I want a child I am so afraid. I don't know if I can stand another loss. I no longer look forward to the day I found out I'm pregnant or the first doctor visit. I can't relax. I no longer see pregnancy as a joyful exciting time. All I know is fear, anxiety, and grief.

We are trying again and I may be pregnant right now. How do I get passed the fear??



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