Miscarriage or Ectopic? Rising HCG
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LG - November 21

My wife and I found out she was pregnanat using a home test on 11/6. We were really happy since we'd been trying for more than a year. On 11/7 she had a blood work done which verified that she was really pregnant. Unfortunately we were not given the exact hormone level but they told us they were high. According to our temperature graphs the conception must have occured arround 10/22. Using the menstrual age might be misleading in our case since my wife's cycles had been irregular (6-8 weeks). Around 11/9 my wife started to feel some dull pain or discomfort in her abdomen and lower back. There was also a slightly raised temperature (ca 37.2) accompanying the pain and she described it as feeling bloated. On 11/13 spotting began (brown blood) and the next day it was more of a bleeding. She went to ER and they tested beta HCG which was at 1394 and did a transvaginal ultrasound but it didn't show anything in the uterus or outside of it. We came back for a follow-up 2 days later. The B-HCG was now at 1434. The doctor said that it most probably had been a miscarriage. However on 11/19 she came back for another test and the B-hcg had risen again to 1552. Today 11/20 she went there again to have an ultrasound once more. It showed the same as before - no sign of intrauterine or ectopic pregnancy. Today's B-hCG was 1603.
Since the hcg level is still going up and nothing can be visualized they are saying it's inconclusive - could be ectopic or maybe an incomplete miscarriage. We're hoping it's the latter as ectopic may have some serious consequences.
So, is it possible that the B-hCG levels are still rising very slowly eventhough a miscarriage already happened? Also, factoring in the time of conception about 4 weeks ago, which in the case of a regular cycle would correspond to the 6th week, shouldn't an ectopic pregnancy be visualized in the ultrasound? My wife isn't experiencing any pains right now, the bleeding/spotting had been gone for the last few days but it returned today.
From what the docs told us it looks like they wanna wait for the symptoms to worsen before giving any diagnosis.
Can you please shed some light on what this really might be?

Thank you.


Debie - November 22

LG I'm sorry for the uncertainty you and DW are going thru now. I'm afraid I'll share with you a negative side of what I went thru last year. But to answer your question, yes it is possible for beta levels to rise in a miscarriage or a blited ovum.

I too conceived last June and levels kept rising slowly, not doubling every 48 hours and I was told this was a sign that things would not work out eventually. After 10 weeks of hope and despair I had a d&c as I began spotting. As I said I'm sharing what I went through and have no certainties about your wife's situation. I wish you well.



LG - November 22

Thanks for your response Debie.
Actually my wife started bleeding and passed some clots or tissue yesterday without much pain. She compared it to menstrual symptoms. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of our dilemma. We're going for another hcg test tomorrow and I'm hoping to see at least a slight drop in the levels.



Jen1027 - December 12


I am truely sorry to hear about your families heartships.

In March of his year I had some bleeding while I was 6weeks pg. I had some pain that did feel like contractions that I had with my 2 year old daughter. I went to the ER and while wait for 3 hours passed what they said was the baby. I thought everything was over but when I had the blood work at the doctors 2 days later my hCG level did go up. I went for the ultrasound and there was a empty sac. So, 2 days later another hCG test and levels still up. Week later another ultrasound just to make sure nothing was there. Well, after a month of tests doctors appts. they finally said it was time for me to have a D&C. Keep in mind, after the bleeding and the hospital I did not bleed or spot. My body did not m/c all the way. Because the sac was still in me my body believed I was pg and the sac kept growing.

I understand the pain and confusing this makes. I wish you luck and prays on your quest! It is hard but it does make you strong in the end and make you love your family more!

I hope your wife is well and I hope you are well.

I know you wrote this awhile ago but I wanted to let you know that there is others with the same problem. I wish I found this sit early this year when I went through this.

Talking Helps!




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