Miscarriage or early pregnancy?
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ashleygville - December 28

Over the holidays I had an episode of intense cramping and slight bleeding 3 days after the end of my period that began on the 16th. Today I had a mild pain and went to the doctor. He found that I had a infection of my cervix and ordered a CAT done to make sure my appendix was ok. He came back and stated I wouldn't be able to have the CAT because my blood work came back as positive for pregnancy. My HCG level was in the 150s. He said it could be the sign of an early pregnancy or coming down from a miscarriage. I have to go in tomorrow for more blood work to see if it goes up or down but they won't be able to give me the results until next week. I've never been pregnant before and was caught completely off guard. The doctor is convinced im pregnant but im pessimistic. I don't see how its possible as I JUST had my period, or believe my period (4 days long) may have been the miscarriage. Any one have anything similar or any advice?


lili246 - December 28

I think that I had something kinda similar at my first pregnancy. I remember that before I knew that I was pregnant with my baby boy. I had my period the 10th of December and then on the 28 of December I had another period. I just thought hat they were my periods and didn't pay much attention to it. I found out I was pregnant in February so as you can see there was a long time before I found out that I was pregnant. ofcourse I didn't even tested for pregnancy because since I had my period I didn't believe I was pregnant, but ended up pregnant. So who knows maybe the first bleeding you had was implantation and the other bleeding might be a sing of a m/c so please take good care of yourself and go to the doctor to find out for sure if you are pregnant. Every pregnancy is differrent! Have you done a pregnancy test at home?

Good Luck!




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