Miscarriage and pregnant again very confused?!?!
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Lynsi - May 22

Im very new to this but my head is going crazy and doctors dont help much, so i thought id give this a try and see if anyone has been through this. APril 2nd I had a miscarriage i was 5 weeks my HCG levels were on their way down 80 at the hospital and 30 when i went to my doctor 2 days later she asked me to get them checked once more but i am in college out of town so failed to do so. All of my pregnancy symptoms were gone an d i bled for about 3 or 4 days so i figured everything was just fine. A few weeks after my breast became tender and swollen, i was cranky once again and all of the symptoms returned i had not had a period so was very confused i took a preganacy test and sure enough came out positive. I went to the doctor 2 days later the did a vaginal ultrasound and saw the sac and what she thout was the embrionic pole but not sure and no heart beat she took my HCG levels and Progestrone levels to help decide how far along i am her guess was 5 weeks. She told me this could because its too early or its because its going to end like the last one..sympathetic right? She also had me go get blood taken 2 days later. My Hcg went up and she said did not quite double and my progesterone says im 12 weeks (which is about where i would be with the first one) and says could because i concieved so quickly after the miscarriage they progesterone never had a chance to go down. Im scheduled for another vaginal ultrasouns on tuesday and this whole thing is driving me crazy because i dont know what is going on and cant stand the thought of losing it again. If anyone has any ideas or has been through the same thing please let me know!


fiso - May 22

Hi Lynsi.
Sorry to hear about your situation. I agree with you, sometimes, you really have to poke the doctors with questions until it finally makes sense to you. They know what they are talking about, but we don't! And sometimes they tend to forget that.
If you look around this site, you will see that it takes quite sometimes for your HCG to finally go down after a m/c. You can still have pregnancy symptoms because of those elevated numbers, but the keys is, when those numbers don't double or triple, it's not a good sign. If you take a pg test, it will show positive, it's only because your HCG numbers are not down to zero.

I hope this helps. Try to stay calm and not worry too much until tomorrow. Make sure you ask plenty of questions to your doc, it's your health, your body, you are not at their mercy. But whether you are pg or not, take good care of yourself. That's important.
All the best to you. Keep us posted!


Lynsi - May 22

Thank you that helps a little they did do the ultrasound and she did say i was pregnant again, and all the sympotms had gone away and then returned because my hormone levels were going up as i am pregnant again it just seems like such a weird thing to me. Im just confused about all these levels and stuff especially the progesterone. I will definitely be asking questions. Thanks for ur response.


jem - May 31

hiya didn't know this place existed till now glad it does!! wondered if anyone can help me out. I miscarried my first baby on 10/04/06 and was devestated. had a d/c on the 11th so its now been 7 weeks since it all happened. Went to docs about 3 weeks ago and my hcg levels were back to 3. last week thought i'd started my period but just spotted for 2 days. felt sick a couple of mornings, needing lots of wee's and had a positive home pregnancy test. Is it possible its just come up pos because of the last baby?? going to doc's later in the week but very confused!!! really hope i am pregnant but dont want to get my hopes up! xxx


Lynsi - May 31

Well sounds like we have the same thing goin on. U can definitely be pregnant like i said it had only been six weeks after my miscarriage and sure enough pregnant again. I went to the doc like i said i would on tuesday and they saw the baby and its heart beat and i was exactly 7 weeks now im 8!! SO u can definitely be pregnant!! I hope that helps Jem!


uncpr4u - July 23

i had a samilar situation but after the vag.ultra one night while lying in be d with my husb. I started spotting blee I was not in pain. Keep in mind I had just had a miscariage a month ago. Later during my ER visit the Dr. stated to me it was a early miscarriage in progress and he felt that I would miscar My levels was at 61,000 and earlier that day I went to the doctor and they told me the next day when i came in earlier that day my level was 60,000 so it was going up in the few hours differ. So I am learning to Trust in God because he makes us all and nomatter what he is still on the thrown of mercy The next day my level was at 75, 269 and I don't know what they are now. But I do know that God is still in control nomatter what happen I can't do nothing but allow him to come in and continue to take over.

When they didi the ultra sound ER said that they could not see nothing just a sack no fetal pole or nothing. I had the MS on MAy 31 then I found out that I was pregant 2 week in July so how do they get 12 wks for my unborn fetus age. This I do know is I am going to remain calm and let God take full control over me and my life and sometimes it is hard when the spirit of fear comes upon us and we have to demand that spirit to go to hell and not be afraid to plead the blood of Jesus is against it.


Mel1975 - July 31

Hi I' m Mel, I thank ya'll for sharing your stories. My store is that I m/c about six week ago. One day I was at work and took a pt and came out pos., so I had blood drawn at work to confirm the pt . When I got my hcg levels everthing was normal. A few days past and I started to have sharp abdominal pain on my right side. I became a bit concerned so I had my blood drawn again to see if the levels were goning up, and they were. about 3 days later I was still have the same pain, so I decided to go o the ER to have an ultrasoud done----no heartbeat, and levels dropped. supposed to folllow-up with ob/gyn and did not. B/c I thought I had m/c. Bleeded for about 2 weeks. and then begin of July had a normal cycle. Now it' s the end of July and the same pain is back on the right side and some light bleeding. My question is if anybody know could I still be pregnant or did I conceive again between that time. I am very confused b/c I did not f/u with the ob/gyn and really don't know if I had m/c or not. b/c is very possible for a woman to have some bleeding the first few months of pregnacy. Tomarrow I will be schduling an appt. w/my



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