miscarriage after stopping bcp's
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toytay83 - February 26

I just wanted to know if anyone thought that a miscarriage could result from stopping bcp's just a few months before coming pregnant.
I stopped my bcp's on 9/12/06, I became pregnant in January 2007 and I miscarried 2/16/07. :-[
I'm not sure if these factors even relate to each other but I just thought that I would ask. Anyone with a story similar? Thanks!



lili246 - February 27

sorry to hear about your m/c. I wish you the best!
By the way what's a bcp's?



toytay83 - February 27

Sorry... bcp's are short for Birth Control pills and thank you!


lili246 - February 27

I am not sure of that might of been the cause of your m/c. I took ovulex for 2 months and then got pregnant and I am blaming ovulex for my m/c and who knows if it was the cause but since I took good care of myself I can't find something else to blame on.
I know how you feel and I am sorry!

How long are you going to wait before trying again?

I have a question to you? I have been taking my temperatures every morning and first ovulation was confirm then it wasn't because my temps have been crazy they are not up high the highest has been 98.4 and then it goes down to 97.7 then up again do you know anything about low temps. and a chance to be pregnant? I had my last af on 1-16-07 and I haven't had my af this month. I am so irregular and I don't know how many days are in my cycle because they always change. last month was only 32 days and who knows what they are this month? Has naything like this happened to you before?


and best wishes!!


doglover - February 28

Hi there
I had a similar situation. I came off the pill after 17 years of use and unexpectedly became pregnant 2 weeks later. I then miscarried around 7 seven weeks. I feel certain it had something to do with my m/c. I am sorry for your loss.
Take care,


lili246 - March 1

I am sorry to hear that to. We are all here for you. So are you trying to concieve again? How long has that been?

Have a great day :)

Love Lili


toytay83 - March 1

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement! The same to all of you all... we are all going through the same things and are here for one another...

The doctor said that we cant try again for 3 months so we gotta wait for awhile. It has only been 3 weeks since my miscarriage. My husband says that he is not even sure that he wants to try again in 3 months, he says that he may want to wait now. I don't know... we will see.

I see that I am not the only one with concerns about the bcp causing a miscarriage. At least I don't feel like I am the only one that may think that!


lili246 - March 2

I guess when something like that happens we go back and think of what might have been the cause. I was taking ovulex before I got pregnant for two months and after my m/c the only thing I could of think was that ovulex might have beent he cause of my mc/ so who knows maybe it was or maybe it was in gods plans, who knows but I know that it was done for a reason but it is very hard to understand that.
It is a big pain and I know that you might be scare of going through that again because I am but I am thining positive and I know that I will be bless again ans soon.

Have faith and talk to your dh if it happen the first time it doesn't mean that it will happen again, have faith and keep your chin up girl, you are not along you have us here for anything you might need.

Take care

Love Lili


toytay83 - March 2

Thank you Lili! I have faith and I know that it happened for a reason but it still hurts. I know that God has a plan for me and my husband, He just wanted my baby. I will accept that because I know that one day I will see my baby... :-)


lili246 - March 2

You have the great attitude towards that I know the pain will not go away tha easy. It still hurts me so much but i am trying to be brave. I see other women pregnant and others who just gave birth and I imagine myself being pregnant at almost 7 months right now because I was due at the end of May or beginging of June and that is sad but you know god did it for a reason and he wanted our lil angels. We have to be happy because they are taken care of us and they will send us that special babay dust they have and soon we will see them.

So did you have a d&c or did you miscarry on your own. I had a d&c done which was so painful emotionally. :(

Have faith girl and chin up it wil happen for us very soon, you'll see :

Love Lili


toytay83 - March 2


Thank you for your response. It is not that easy but I have faith and I know that everything will be okay. I know that my baby is in a better place and that God took him/her from me for a reason. Sometimes he does things that we don't understand, and may not ever understand, but I have learned not to question God.

To answer your question, I miscarried on my own. They thought that they were gonna have to do a D & C because my HCG levels were still high 2 weeks after my miscarriage but now they are down to 19.

Are you trying to conceive again?



lili246 - March 2

At this point I can't understand why it happen but like you say it happens for a reason and we have to learn to accept thos things which is hard to do that. But have faith and God will bless us very soon with another lil one.
Do you have any kids?
I have a two year old boy and he is my life! :)

yes at this moment I am trying to concieve again. My last period was in 1-16-07 and I haven't had af at this moment. I am not even sure if I O because I've been taking my temps and I haven't seen a rise. Do you have any idea of whats going on.
I am so confuse and I am so irregular my cycles are crazy but once I started taking my temps every morning it kinda help but this month since it's my first month TTC again after my m/c I am so confuse because my temps are very low, do you have nay idea why?

Thaks for your help!

Love Lili



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