m/c after tube reversal
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bdantonio - November 21

keisha hadnt heard from you how is all going? have a good turkey day


keisha - November 22

I am fine. How are you?
Have been having turkey day all week lol
waiting to O this is my last cycle on clomid


bdantonio - November 22

when should you O


keisha - November 24

welp Im pretty sure I did this morning my surge was wed and I started having O pain that lasted till this morning when it got really strong now I just need my temp to confirm it then I will start the hormones again in a day or so


bdantonio - November 24

keisha have they talked about iui?


keisha - November 24

well when I asked him about iui he said he felt like he would be wasting my money the problem he thinks I have is that my tubes are SHORT one is almost 4in on is 2 3/4 inches he likes them to be at least 4inches I am missing the middle section of the tube that holds the fertilized egg in place for a few days before it goes to the uterus to implant if it gets there too soon it will not be able to implant properly the progesterone helps the lining a lil which in turn helps with implantation but I have not concieved since I started the progesterone the clomid I guess was to give us more of a chance to conceive but I was pg at least 3 times in past year so he doesnt think our problem is getting the egg fertilized sooo we just have to have really good luck or ivf would bypass the tube altogether but you know we just dont have the money for that right now We are going back to see him in Jan this is our last cycle of clomid but I am supposed to stay on the progesterone and estrogen after O but I was thinking of taking a break from ttc altogether DH doesnt want to though so we will prob go ahead with the hormones next month im def. not gonna ttc without them . How are you ?


bdantonio - November 25

Im doing pretty good 11 weeks to go. Have i told you about looking under arc fertility. It will help finance and gives discounts for fertility if your doctor is a participating dr. If hes not they will tell you were one is.


keisha - November 25

yes you did tell me about arc we checked it out and will prob try to use it if we do decide to try ivf but it still wouldnt be possible to consider it until maybe end next year if we cut out all extra expense we could prob make the payment but we cant see doing that because the kids we have would have to do without


bdantonio - November 25

i Know the feeling. This pregnancy has been hard without me being able to work we hav to watch every prenny. Thats another thing i cant wait is to work again and not be broke. This time of the year is so hard. With Christmas and my older daughters birthday January 3rd its hard.


keisha - November 25

Tell me about it dd Jourdan will turn 9 dec.22 ds Walker will turn 6 dec.24 plus christmas from us and Santa for 3 hands are full!!! Pockets empty!!!lol


bdantonio - November 27

i know what were we thinking during the spring time getting pregnate?


keisha - November 27

well Jourdan was actually due march 12 and walker jan. 30 but both showed up around christmas lol go figure


bdantonio - November 28

morgan was due 1/10/05 but had her 1/3/05 ten days after xmas


bdantonio - December 17

just wanted to see how you were and wis you a merry christmas


keisha - December 23

Beth just wanted to stop in and say Happy Holidays I have finished my 3 months of clomid and nothing but i will go back to Dr. in Jan. Looks like you are almost there good luck with that angel


bdantonio - December 23

Tahnks you have a good holiday too. Well im closer then i need to be in some ways. I am on complete bedrest she has dropped and is putting preassure on my cervix, they are trying to keep her in until 1/20/08 (36 weeks).



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