m/c after tube reversal
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keisha - November 6

well i did the last time i seen him and he said the testing would be considered fertiltiy related and unless a dr was willing to mis code it my insurance would not pay for it thats why i am hoping the new insurance will cover something but i have a 750.00 deductible so i will have to pay for most of it anyway i spoke to a few insurance reps and they all told me there wasnt any insurance in tn that covers fertitlity sooo... i am pretty much on my own like i said i really hope the bcbs will at least cover some of the testing when it goes into effect in jan. but more than likely my prob is that the middle of the tubes are gone and that is the part that holds the fertilized egg long enough for it to get ready to implant then it is supposed to let it go into the uterus and implant the dr thinks the fertilized egg is just going into the uterus too early to implant there for no pg or there is m/c in my case some good luck or ivf is needed if you know what i mean but id like to do the tests just in case there is something else going on


bdantonio - November 6

Have you tried looking up arc fertility online it helps pay for fertility treatments and drugs and payment plans, you just have to go to a particiopating clinic. my re told me to tell you.


keisha - November 6

no never heard of it thanks i will try to find it


keisha - November 6

talked to my dr nurse a while ago she said the new insurance may consider this a pre existing condition go figure


bdantonio - November 7

that sux


keisha - November 7

i did find the arc fertility site and filled out the form to get a packet there are only 2drs within driving distance and they are 3 1/2 hrs away but if i stayed in nashville with dh family i would be 2:45 away from the ky office i could maybe do that if we did do ivf but that would be way down the road tell your re thanks it will be worth a try we just have to pay off some bills (my surgery loan) for one thing before we even consider borrowing to do ivf we could prob. do without and sacrifice and do it now but i dont think its fair for the 3 we have to make those sacrifices if it were just us two we d deff go for it asap but we hope to pay off those bills this year and maybe do round of ivf next year if ttc naturally doesnt work by then we may even try iui in the mean time i dont know going back to see dr when my insurance changes and have them find out what it will and wont cover


bdantonio - November 7

mt insurance covered one round of iui a year luckly it took with this one.


keisha - November 8

how is she doing do you have a name yet wont be long now im sure you are gettin excited


bdantonio - November 8

Angelina Grace shes big almost 2lbs already Feb 13


jdsmouse - November 9


WOW, just reading this Ididn't know how expensive this can be for you in the USA. I am in Edmonton Alberta Canada, and we have all of our health care paid for by our government.

I had my tubes tied 6.5 years ago, and had them untied 7 months ago. That cost almost 7k because that wasn't covered but everything else is. I guesss I am really lucky that way.

We recently had a m/s which is still pretty hard but we are trying again. We hope that we can get pregnant again right away.

I truely wish you all the luck in the world in dealing with this infertility and all the healthcare issues. I hope all works out for you.

When you had said just to get a beta I was shocked to see the price you had to pay. I know I take healthcare for granted up here and after listening to your story I think I will thank my lucky stars for our healthcare here in Canada.

Again good luck keep posting or send me an email to let me know how everything is working out for you guys.



bdantonio - November 9

keisha are you getting ready for the holidays?


keisha - November 10

Hey sorry i didnt answer sooner didnt get notification of new message whats up with that?
Beth that is a beautiful name i really like it ! yes tryin to get ready for the holidays jourdan my 8yr dd has birthday 12-22 and walker my ds has birthday 12-24 he will be 6 so yes im starting to panick as i do every year but we will get through it and it will be great (for them) lol i will prob have nervous break down before its all over lol no seriously it is hard to work in bday parties for 2 bday presents for 2 and then santa for 3 and then they are like what did you get us mom and im like those socks over there lol but santa brought them 4 wheelers if you know what i mean one day they will look back and understand i think next month will be our 1 yr wedding aniversary as well but we will prob not get to really celebrate much
Christine thanks for taking interest in my story i am sorry for your loss we have had 3 m/c now we are on clomid but that doesnt seem to be doing much for us i hope things go better for you we had tr 6-22-06 first m/c in 9-06 second 2-07 third on fathers day this year so something was trying to work but now nothing seems to be happening even on the clomid my cycle was really screwed up this last month i havent even started yet and today is cd32 usually have 29 day cycle its the hormones i know im not bfp took too many tests to have missed it lol we have one more cycle of clomid to go before doc wants us to come back and discuss other options but damn it costs 250.00 just to go talk to the man and then we would have to have the money to do whatever it is he is wanting to try so we will be waitin for the first of the year to go back
Beth i did contact the arc fertility ppl they do have a participating dr in nashville so i am waiting on the info packet to find out how it all works maybe it will be the miracle i have been praying for tell your re THANKS !


keisha - November 11

well af showed up this afternoon sooo here we go again wish me luck


bdantonio - November 11

i will pray that the arc can help you


keisha - November 12

all prayers are appreciated


bdantonio - November 21

keisha hadnt heard from you how is all going? have a good turkey day



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