m/c after tube reversal
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bdantonio - October 25

your insurance does not cover any of th re


keisha - October 25

no not even blood work apparently im gettin bill for my beta tests now that sucks 279 dollars everytime


bdantonio - October 25

find out what lab your insurance covers like lab corp? then tell the RE they have to send you there to get work they can give you a slip. Your insurance is crazy who do you have?


keisha - October 25

United health care does not cover infertility or anything assoc with infertility i think they should cover my beta though im gonna have to call the lab and make sure they coded it right thats usually the problem


bdantonio - October 26

I had uniteed heatlh care with my first 4 fertility babies and my daughter. All i had to do was have my od call united healthcare and get the referral they paid everything long as i used one that they covered, i did have to travel 2 hrs


keisha - November 1

well i had a lil good news we got to change insurance for next year we will have blue cross blue sheild it still will not cover fertility treatment but there is no network so i can go to any dr and they will cover other stuff hopefully some testing and stuff that isnt considered fertility treatment my other ins was a network and didnt have any re in the network so they covered zero i am on cd 21 think i o on cd 12 so i will test soon let you know how it goes how is the lil one bet she is growing now


bdantonio - November 1

I have blue cross and blue shield they paid for all my fertility apts


keisha - November 1

wow do you live in one of the states that require insurance to pay for fertility ? tennesse def isnt one of those


wolffie - November 1

I also have blus cross blue shield PPO and it has prety much covered all my fertility treatments (IVF). I live in illinois.



keisha - November 1

wow! all i know is that every insurance i have ever had says it does not cover fertility treatment or anything related to fertility treatment i know united health care didnt couldnt even try cause my dr was out of network but the blue cross blue sheild plan i got now is a no network plan so i can see any dr or specialist but that doesnt mean they will pay for the fertility treatment but they would pay for stuff like the u/s i had to have to make sure one m/c wasnt a tubal (had to pay cash for that) stuff like that maybe we will be lucky and this insurance will be better than the blue cross blue sheild


bdantonio - November 2

see if your gyn/ob can get a referreal approval thats all mine did. They faxed over and it took like 7-10 days and i got a referral approval for treatment in the mail. It will cover certain things and tests and drugs. Like mine wouldnt cover IVF and it only covered 1 round of IUI every 12 mths. But it covered the Dr fee and all tests and meds.


keisha - November 2

The bcbs will go into effect jan 1st so in the mean time i am tryin to find out what they will cover but not having any luck cause i dont have a member number yet but i am sure i will get it all worked out this is a no network plan so i shouldnt have to have referal it just depends on what they will cover maybe at least some testing that would at least be a start


bdantonio - November 5

Did your obgyn do any testing or can they


keisha - November 6

obgyns seem to hate me they just tell me to go back to the dr that did my surgery i was going to an ob for my b/w after the m/c and after my levels started rising again they scheduled an ultrasound to look for a possible ectopic then called me and canceled it and said they would not treat me i had to go back to the fertility dr with my second bfp i went back to them and after doing first bloodwork they called and said they would not see me and i needed to find another dr so i went to another obgyn (cause insurance would pay for me to see them just not the fertilty specialist) who saw me thru that m/c but after that one i started having ovarian cyst and the dr i was seeing got mad cause i wouldnt go on birth control for the cyst hello i am trying to get pg and then after my next m/c she said i just needed to go back to fertility specialists so i saved my money and paid cash to see him and thats how i got here taking the clomid and hormones which i dont think is working for me he said if i didnt get bfp within 3 cycles it wasnt going to work i am at the end of cycle #2 today is cd 27 bfn so far i am going to do one more month on clomid then in jan start from scratch the main reason he hasnt done any of the testing is cause i cant afford to pay for it and the insurance i have now wont pay for any of it maybe the new insurance will help im sure hoping


bdantonio - November 6

ask your re if he can refferal you to a obgyn they usually know good ones.


keisha - November 6

well i did the last time i seen him and he said the testing would be considered fertiltiy related and unless a dr was willing to mis code it my insurance would not pay for it thats why i am hoping the new insurance will cover something but i have a 750.00 deductible so i will have to pay for most of it anyway i spoke to a few insurance reps and they all told me there wasnt any insurance in tn that covers fertitlity sooo... i am pretty much on my own like i said i really hope the bcbs will at least cover some of the testing when it goes into effect in jan. but more than likely my prob is that the middle of the tubes are gone and that is the part that holds the fertilized egg long enough for it to get ready to implant then it is supposed to let it go into the uterus and implant the dr thinks the fertilized egg is just going into the uterus too early to implant there for no pg or there is m/c in my case some good luck or ivf is needed if you know what i mean but id like to do the tests just in case there is something else going on



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