m/c after tube reversal
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bdantonio - October 3

i have a subcortal bleed(thats where a small sack of old menstrual blood gets trapped between the sack and your uterus wall). I have had it the whole pregnancy and my body is dissolving the blood which is good but since it is absorbing the last bit its irritating my uterus, causing cramping. Theres is no harm to the baby though. I have my level 2 u/s tomorrow at 1pm and it last 2hrs so i will get to see her for two hours i am so excited.


keisha - October 3

well hon im sure everything will go well sounds like a big day you have tomorrow good luck let me know how it goes i slipped and took test this morning i knew not to buy them early lol nothing yet i really dont feel preg either thinking it prob didnt work but who knows we will see i guess re says i have to come monday for blood work just in case unless i have bfp at home then i go immediatly


keisha - October 4

hey beth just wondering how u/s went today is it pink or blue i know you found out for sure today


bdantonio - October 5

its a girl and everything is great


keisha - October 7

im happy for you well today is 13 dpo im still BFN i guess if i dont start today i will have to go for bw tomorrow but only so they can tell me to stop the prog and est i guess we will try again next month re wanted me to do the clomid for 3 mos i dread it i felt so bad with the headaches and then when i o it was awful for a few days but at least i will get to stop taking the prog which makes me so tired all the time maybe i will get my laundry done and house cleaned soon lol take care of that lil bun in the oven and keep me posted on how she is doing


bdantonio - October 7

sorry to hear that you have not had any lick yet. Dont get fusterated. WE started in Nov of 02 and my daughter was not born until Jan of 05 its not always a quick journey. Fertility is a up hill round nothing is easy. After the adventure that i have been through i have actually started to write a book on a womens battle through fertility and the undissuced topics.


keisha - October 8

blood work was bfn just as i figured soooo here we go again as soon as af shows up we will start clomid again on cd 3 -cd7 hope you are doing well


bdantonio - October 9

yes im doing well next sunday i will be 6mths. I cant wait till then end but i cant believe ive made it this far. Just think positive.v Ask the RE about an ovidrel shot the night you O to increase your chances i did it everytime.


keisha - October 14

hey beth thanks for the advise i havnt had chance to talk to re but i will ask about the ovidrel in the mean time i have started clomid again for this cycle today is cd5 so wish me luck
take care of your lil baby girl im sure she is doing well i bet she is getting very active right now lol


bdantonio - October 14

she is very active good luck call him monday ask about ovidrel and its not too late for this month


keisha - October 23

hey beth just wanted to stop by and say hi i am on cd 14 for this cycle opk says i surged on cd 12 so i dont know whats going on for this month just gotta wait and see i guess lol well hope all is well with you talk to you later Keisha


bdantonio - October 24

Did they put u on the ovidrel? I have been wondering about you. I have been pretty good tired and have a bladder infection so much fun


keisha - October 24

Im fine just been busy re was out of town when i tried to get in touch with him about ovidrel but i plan to see him after this cycle if things dont go well so i will discuss it then i have been all worried about my cycle this week has been crazy i started having fertile cm on cd 11 so i started opk it was - cd11 then + cd 12 13 14 last month i worried about o late now im worried i o early but no thermal shift or real o symptoms i didnt even do the opk this morning they are just making me mad!so why would i surge if i wasnt going to o nurse told me it may be a cyst that cause a false pos so i dont know if i have already o or if im going to o tonight today is cd15 i know i shouldnt get frustrated and but i am so tired of worrying i dont know when to start prog and estro because i dont know if i have o or even if i will this month i always feel my o and i just havnt felt it this month yet ive had some ovarian pain here and there but not what i would expect especially after last month i felt like i was passing bricks sorry im ranting and raving but i am sooo confused right now hope your infection clears up soon and make sure you get plenty of rest and take care of yourself


bdantonio - October 24

Y doesnt you re monitor your O mine did. They dont do scans for it?


keisha - October 25

he hasnt done any tests so far just my surgery and us when i mc to make sure there wasnt a tubal other than that we have been ttc naturally until last month when i started clomid he wants to try this before we do anything more expensive or invasive im not sure what his plan is after this because he said just try this and see what happens in the next 3 mos up until now i was getting bfp every few months and losing it now i cant get bfp since june so i dont know what else is going on im scared i have scar tissue blocking my tube now or something but i will give it the whole 3 months then we will see what else we can do and if we can afford it my insurance covers none of this and i have 3 children already dont know how soon we will be able to afford more expensive options but we are gonna try to work it out maybe i will be lucky and get bfp and the prog and estro will help


bdantonio - October 25

your insurance does not cover any of th re



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