m/c after tube reversal
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bdantonio - September 24

no i got through out that whole month and a bad ones right before O. Nothing i did really helped. The only thing that kinds helped was a hot bath with just a candel and relaxing.


keisha - September 25

ok well then i guess it prob is the clomid maybe it will get better now that i have O but can you tell me why it felt like i was passing bricks instead of eggs and why i am so tender and bloated now i am 1dpo and my uterus and overies feel so inflamed i am thinking of calling re they didnt mention any side effects of the clomid(maybe i should have asked ) i can live with it as long as i know it is normal the only thing doc said was i could make my cyst worse i havnt had any cyst pain yet ;Dmy uterus and overies just feel really swollen and hard it hurts when i stand and when i sit and pretty much when i move at all and my stomach is very quezzy this morning i started prog and estrog this morning i know they will make me feel bad i have been there and done that but only when i was preg this will be first time i start them right after O dh is beginning to get worried about me having to go thru all this i can tell he feels guilty so i try not to complain to him too much but its hard to hide when you are this uncomfortable lol how does your dh deal with everything?


keisha - September 25



bdantonio - September 25

well i bloat alot. and i ovulate really strong on clomid that it does hurt more. The progestrone also will make you sick and can make you very sick. M/S sick bad. The rock hard im not too sure. are you constipated at all from the meds?I hate progestrone i get really really sick on it but i have to take it till 14 weeks i pray every day when im on it for the time to fly.


keisha - September 25

My O was really really strong it started sun night and went well into mon morning both sides together (i usually O right side and next day left goes ) couldnt sleep it was so strong feeling so i got up at 3 am hurt most of morning then the throbbing went away im not constipated and the progesterone just makes me sleepy mid day really sleepy im just really bloated swollen and really really tender in my abdomen im hoping i just spit out several large juicy eggs that really wanted to be fertilized lol it is getting better as the day goes on so maybe thats all it is i appreciate your time thanks hon how is you m/s ?


bdantonio - September 26

my m/s is getting better they put me on another med. When do you take a test?


keisha - September 26

im really not sure since i O late but going by my normal cycle i should start on 10-7 so i will prob try to wait and take one on 10-6 but it will only be 12dpo so... i just dont know right now i guess it will depend on how i feel im not a patient person spend a fortune in tests cause i cant wait to find out whats going on i think i get a lil obsessive lol laugh and tell dh we need to buy stock in hpt lmao any how glad meds are helping you it wont be long now till your u/s do you think pink or blue? i always knew before the u/s i just did and was never wrong im that way with my sis too lol good luck hon


bdantonio - September 27

well i was told to take one 10 days pdo. I think blue and i hope im right. If we dont have a boy my husbands last name dies with him hes the only male. It would also be nice to have one of each but wither way healthy you know the drill. I have been having dreams of it being a boy. My dad swears its a boy and hes never been wrong so we will find out next thursday 1pm is our level 2 u/s and cardioechogram on baby.


keisha - September 27

i am happy to report head aches are gone and most of bloating is gone now im just really sleepy cause of prog. it knocks me out mid day have to lay down i will prob test 10-6 that will be 12dpo and 2d before i expect af thinking of switching brands of test the first response let me down last month im tellin you that batch of tests were messed up which messed me up dont want to do that again might switch to clear blue easy hpt just a thought well maybe we will both get good new next week you get your boy and i get my bfp and keep it lets pray a lot good luck keep me posted


bdantonio - September 28

dont use the digital i never got a positive with the digital you have to be very pregnate yuse the plus or negative


keisha - September 29

thanks for the info i am hanging in there this has been the longest week ever lol and i still have one to go but i have my fingers crossed and maybe kids will keep me so busy it will just fly and i can test fri and hopefully see where we stand i hope this worked man the progesterone is HELL i am sure there is other stuff out there worse though how are you doing Beth


bdantonio - September 30

im doing good. I cant stand the progestrone either its horrible, i get really sick on it voimitting and all.


keisha - October 1

im glad you are doing good only a few more days till u/s and maybe i will test that day just for the hell of it that will be 11dpo


bdantonio - October 1

well i tested 10 days pdo. Well i went to the er today was having a little cramping everything was great got to see the baby the dr thinks its another little girl. but they said to have the level two tech confirm it, so well see.


keisha - October 2

ohhh thats sweet my first two were girls but i was hoping for your boy mine has such a special place in my heart he is my lil man you know we have been so ooo busy with the girls they have a big cheerleading comp coming up on sat and i think they got a chance to win they are really good i hope to know by then if all the meds worked this month fingers are crossed did they figure out why you were cramping?


bdantonio - October 3

i have a subcortal bleed(thats where a small sack of old menstrual blood gets trapped between the sack and your uterus wall). I have had it the whole pregnancy and my body is dissolving the blood which is good but since it is absorbing the last bit its irritating my uterus, causing cramping. Theres is no harm to the baby though. I have my level 2 u/s tomorrow at 1pm and it last 2hrs so i will get to see her for two hours i am so excited.



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