m/c after tube reversal
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keisha - September 13

does it help to use it or is it just recommended if you need lubricant?


bdantonio - September 15

i never did the temp thing i used an ovulation kit.


keisha - September 16

well "RE wanted me to do temps not because of O he wanted to check something to do with ludial phases he said i prob. had a really short one but i dont know what that is or how temp goes with it or anything else i guess i should have asked but i had already asked so much he said the things we are doing were the cheapest way to figure out what was going on with me and if they didnt work in the next 3 mos we would stop clomid and start testing i am trying not to think about all of that because it will be hard to come up with all the money im hoping the meds im on now and the hormones after ovulation will be what i need i think im gonna google ludial phase lol


keisha - September 16

ok i did some research and the lutial phase comes after ovulation it is when you produce estrogen and progesterone to support a possible pregnancy i dont know what the temps have to do with it but i will find out


bdantonio - September 16

o never talked to dr about that and i have been doing for 5 year


keisha - September 16

how are you doing beth? when do you find out sex of this baby it is gettin close aint it? i am done with my 5 days of clomid just waiting to O i think it will happen earlier this month i usually dont till 16th day but my period was shorter and im not spotting like i usually do


bdantonio - September 18

i go to the dr thursday they will schedule the u/s then. I have been okay i guess ive been having alot of m/s again, not fun. I have my good and bad days i just cant wait till 2-13-08 at9:30am my c-section.


keisha - September 20

well hope all goes well today for you and i hope you m/s gets better as you get further along i am on cd 12 waiting to O and then get into that wonderful 2ww too bad you cant O on one day and test the next lol that would eliminate a lot of stress and worry wouldnt it


bdantonio - September 20

well everything went well my next u/s is 10/3 well get to find out what it is


keisha - September 20

thats good hon great to hear how is your m/s


keisha - September 21

ok today is cd 13 no lh surge i surged past 2 months on cd 13 sometimes cd 14 but thats when i had long cycle month before i took the clomid this month day 3 - 7 100mg and it seemed to stop my period short and i did not spot like i usually do ;D so i have no way of knowing when to expect to O temp has been running 97.4 to 97.5 i am getting worried that i will not O this month ??? and i O every month has clomid ever threw anyone else off their normal cycle? or am i just gettin paranoid? i feel more like im gettin ready to start than to O ive been kinda crampy dh thinks i may have O early right after i got off my period but my temp would have went up right the highest it has been is 98.0 and that was on cd 8 but i came back down to 97.4 the next day this is the first time i have done any of this other than the lh test strips but the strips are so light they look like i dont even have any lh much less getting close to a surge if you use them you will notice they start out light and get darker gradually until you surge then they get real dark at least the ones i use anyway if anyone has a clue to what is going on please let me know if i always o and i dont this month should i stay on the clomid ?


bdantonio - September 22

keisha i dont know i always used the o kit from clear blue easy. Maybe you did O and didnt realize it. I would wait see what happens and maybe next month try a different o kit or ask the dr to monitor your o. But about my m/s its getting abd again 3-4 times a day they think i am relapsing on my hypermesis.


keisha - September 23

i use the clear blue easy too except i use disposable one but it has always worked great i feel my O anyway so it is just to help me know it is coming but after another neg test this morning i started to get worried then remembered one month about year ago that i didnt surge until cd15 and i have started feeling heavy in the overies so i am almost certain i am going to O im not sure how soon though and how that effects your cycle when you dont o until cd 17 it seems late but may be a good thing man i hate that you are getting sick again bless your heart hope it gets better soon


bdantonio - September 23

me too i have not held a meal down in 4 days now


keisha - September 23

Hey Beth can you tell me about headaches you had while on clomid i didnt have any the days i took it but i have had terrible ones for about 5 days now do you think it could be the clomid? or did you have them only when you were taking the meds?


bdantonio - September 24

no i got through out that whole month and a bad ones right before O. Nothing i did really helped. The only thing that kinds helped was a hot bath with just a candel and relaxing.



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