m/c after tube reversal
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bdantonio - September 6

i always get a faint pos. even with this pregnancy and all test fade to almost nothing after a while, i know i kept my daughter and this babies
But i have done clomid somany times its easy i never had any side effects what mg did they put you on?


keisha - September 6

50 mg 2 a day = 100mg day is that good ? day 3-7


bdantonio - September 6

yeah you should concieve on that. dont be surprised i always concieve the first time on 100mg. Are they monitoring your ovulation in the office or are you doing it at home and if at home what kind of system do you do?


keisha - September 6

i monitor at home using clear blue easy test but i can also feel when i release egg its always accurate i surge 2 days before i ovulate


bdantonio - September 6

do you use the disposable tests or the monitor that you buy strips for


keisha - September 6

i use disposable but i can predict ovulation cause i spot on and off until i surge then i ovulate its same every month i ovulate around day 16 of a 29 day cycle


bdantonio - September 6

thats good see ihave the non disposable one cost money but its on the dime everytime.


keisha - September 7

well i thought about gettin one but im so predictable i dont usually use anything but from time to time i use the disposable one i ovulate every month so im not sure how the clomid can help me maybe the hormones will though


bdantonio - September 7

clomid will make you ovulate stronger and possibly more eggs. it does raise your chances of mulitples


Nix - September 7

Hi Keisha,

I have also been doing IUI's with Clomid (50mg), I am currently in my 2ww. This was our 3rd attempt at IUI with Clomid (the other 2 attempts didn't work). I also ovulate on my own, but my husband has a sperm motility issue.
I am interested to know how your blood test went this morning - was it positive? How many times have you done IUI?


keisha - September 7

well bd i want to thank you so much first of all for all your helpful info i went for b/w today but i m pretty sure if something were working it is gone now all my symptoms are gone now pretty much so i will probably just focus on next month and starting the clomid

Nix im sorry we havnt done iui and now my dr doesnt think it would help any more than just taking the clomid and the hormones after ovulation i thought before we may try iui but he says no soooo.... we will be starting clomid next month if my blood work is neg today


bdantonio - September 7

ii only did iui with this pregnancy none of the others. The only reason i did iui this time was i had went a long time without my cycle and had gotten fibroids and they had to go in and remove them so they wanted me to pregnate right away so they did not have a chance to grow back but we still had sex too, so we dont know which one worked, and i dont want to


keisha - September 8

b/w was neg so im glad cause if i were pos something was prob wrong the way those test looked to me they were weird and i always use that brand (first response) all three test showed a faint line but there really wasnt much color to the last two test so im not sure what was going on but blood said 0 like i said if not this month we have something new to try next month im lookin forward to having some hope i kinda been dreading pos tests cause i keep losing them good luck to everyone else out there i will be keeping my fingers crossed for us all thanks Keisha


bdantonio - September 8

well i know the feeling i have lost 5 you just have to keep the faith, keep me updated


keisha - September 9

hello all my oldest turned 10 today i got her contacts for her b day ( all my kids wear glasses ) my lil girl turning 9 in dec is sooo jealous lol her time will come there is nothing like your kids gettin older to make a woman feel old i had them so young one at 18 and preg again before i was 19 and my son at 22 barely old enough to get my tubes tied now my boy has started kindergarten (boy did i cry) and it really has made me realize im not done im ranting i know but like i said its my daughters b day and i have been remembering this great day 10 yrs ago and it seems so long ago and then again it seems like yeasterday i know i am sooo lucky to have these feelings and some women dont have the luxory of feeling like they arent done they are tryin to get started and believe me i do realize how lucky i am to be asking for one more blessing to everyone here that isnt as lucky as me i pray for us all every night


bdantonio - September 9

well keisha i am 25 and after this pregnancy i am getting my tubes tied to but i know i will never want to be pregnate again. I love my daughter and the baby i am carrying however pregnancy itself is not a joy for me. I take alot of meds while pregnate am not aloud to work and i get really sick during it. My body and soul could not take another. This being pregnancy #7 for me and child #2 is good enough for me. My daughter is my world and i love being a mother but i could never love pregnancy to me the best part is delivery. But dont feel stingy wanting another and ranting and raving is what this site is for. Tell your daughter happy birthday.



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