m/c after tube reversal
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keisha - August 26

hello i am new here i was wondering has anyone had tube reversal and their experience good or bad i had the surgery last year and we have had at least 3 m/c more i think but i dont know for sure i am going back to dr i want to try something else and wondering what that may be


bdantonio - August 26

waht meds have they put you on to conceieve and carry


keisha - August 26

with the first two m/c i was on progesterone and estridol for a short time but m/c were really early by the time preg. was confirmed and meds started numbers were dropping


bdantonio - August 27

it sounds like me at first i didnt have a tubal reversal just dont ovulate normal or have a reg period. I can only carry if under dr supervision and i have to start the progestrone the day of ovulation not the day i find out.


keisha - August 29

my periods are regular and my ob said that that prob ment i didnt have a hormone prob i ovulate every month i am going back to the fertility dr thurs i am wondering what he is gonna say im sure he will want to do a lot of test i cant afford lol but we will see thanks for the info


bdantonio - August 29

well my progestrone level took alot of meds before it would stay up high enough to carry.


keisha - August 29

my progesterone was low with the m/c one was 11 one was 50 at around 4 or 5 weeks fert dr put me on prog and it started coming up but not much ob dr said it was low cause i was m/c not m/c cause it was low but aparently fert dr thought it would help havnt seen him in a while going to see him tomorrow


bdantonio - August 29

yeah my levels never get past 11 without the prgoestrone and anything around 10 will make you m/c but with the progestron i am around 30 they like it to be 25-35.


keisha - August 30

ok dr put me on clomid some kind of estrogen and progesterone , folic acid and a special prenatal vit. does all of this sound right to you i will start the clomid after i start my period but he didnt want me to start estrogen or progesterone yet even tho i just ovulated and have started having preg symptoms he said it was too late


bdantonio - August 30

no i used clomid to thats all i need for help to concieve but then the night i ovulate they have always put me on progestrone that night and i take it till wheather im 12 weeks or i m/c or get a negative test.


keisha - September 4

well i was right i had bfp this morning i am so scared of having another m/c i will call dr first thing today its 3 am now i couldnt sleep today is only 8dpo but my symptoms have been so strong you would think it was a good one the way i feel but i have felt this way before and lost it please pray for us we have hope if this doesnt work out for us we have bought the meds dr wanted us to have and start next cycle but it would be great if we didnt have to take them good luck to everyone here thanks for being there this has been such a help to me


bdantonio - September 4

well keep me updated


keisha - September 4

well ever see a pos home test and a neg blood test im very confused will do it again fri


bdantonio - September 4

yes and i have had false positives at home and false negatives i dont trust home test i only do blood no urine


keisha - September 5

re said could be false pos at home false neg in lab or i could have fertilized egg that didnt implant which could cause hcg in urine and not in blood soooo... he said could still be a developing pregnancy and we repeat blood work on fri this is crazy anyone ever had false neg in the lab before cause that home test poped up pos fast before i got done peeing lol dont usually happen that fast this early well we will find out i guess sooner or later thanks for your advice it s nice to know someone else is out there thanks Keisha


keisha - September 6

well i took another test this morning and it was kinda weird it had a faint faint line i really think i got a bad batch of tests the other one was a good pos but it faded to hardly anything after 30 min anyway i go for my b/w fri morning but im guessing its gonna be a big fat 0 and we are gonna get started on the clomid soon this has been so crazy i know ppl prob think im crazy but the dang test was pos


bdantonio - September 6

i always get a faint pos. even with this pregnancy and all test fade to almost nothing after a while, i know i kept my daughter and this babies
But i have done clomid somany times its easy i never had any side effects what mg did they put you on?



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