Lupus Anticoagulant AND MTHFR
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KBell - August 24

I have had 2 m/c and I was just barely diagnosed with MTHFR and Lupus Anitcoagulant. I've already read a lot on these forums about MTHFR. Which is great. My dr already has me on Folamin. I'm waiting for my appt with the perinatologist. While I am waiting I wanted to get more info. I just haven't heard much about the Lupus Anticoagulant. I have a son who is about to turn 2 and then I had 2 m/c when we started ttc #2.

Is there anybody out there that has both of these diagnosis? I haven't received the notes on my blood tests, so I don't know all the details yet.

Any info would be much appreciated!!


carriecap - November 10

well, lol its about time i found out that i am not alone in this!!! we had 5 miscarriges in a 4 year span, and just reciently i found out that i have lupus anticoagulant. i started taking a baby asprin when i found out i was preg in augest, and now i am embarking on my 5th month of pregnancy, its the farthest ive ever been, they all ended at about 6-8 weeks. i too have an appt with the perinatal center in syracuse, NY in about 2 weeks, and im so glad im finally getting an awnser. but i am still very nervous about making it to full term, even theough the doctor says the baby and i are doing just fine its a girl by the way, so hang in there, it is possible, something which i never thought possible, and i would love to hear about your appointment so maybe we can share in this problem together... Carrie

[email protected]


KBell - November 11

Hi Carrie,

So good to hear about another person with this too. Congrats on your length of pregnancy with your girl!! I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly for you.

I had my appt with the perinatologist back in Sept. But before I met with him I read more on it and started myself on a baby asprin. My meeting with the dr. was good. He said my levels for LA were just out of the range. I am getting retested for it again next week (after a 12 week wait). If it shows up again he suggested that when I get pregnant again I go to the dr earlier than normal and start watching a lot closer. In the mean time he said to probably continue the baby asprin and the Folamin (for the MTHFR)... both could only help with the a pregnancy. He said that everyone has a 15% chance of miscarrying on each pregnancy and he thought that I hit that each time and believes that if I try again I would have a normal pregnancy. He doesn't whole heartedly think that the MTHFR or the LA caused the miscarriages. But I think that there is some link so I am glad to stay on the baby asprin and Folamin even if it gets me better odds about staying prego.

I would love to hear what our perinatologist has to say.

Good luck,



dreamerfor3 - December 12

Hi carrie,

I too went through this. I was put on Lovenox, baby aspirin and folic acid. Everything finally went smooth and we have a wonderful baby boy now. Good luck!


tabi - February 5

I also have those two as well as elevated levels of anti phosphatydylserine, and mthfr (just one copy). I am doing IVF#3 and will be put on Lovenox if I get pg. Are either of you on cod live oil supplements? I went to a nutritionist and she wants me to take a daily dose but hearing conflicting things about it.


afine - February 12



bdantonio - February 19

are they going to put you on lovenox?


ninisroe - July 5

I new to this, but I was looking up some info on Lupus and pregnany and came across this!! I'm happy to have found all of you. Last year I lost a baby at 13 weeks, the doctors tested the baby and found nothing wrong with her, May of this year we foundout I was almost 8 weeks, my husband was so excited and a week in a half later, I lost this one. My doctor decided to run some tests on me and found I have Lupus. I'm going to see a specialist next month, I've started the baby asprin, my doctor thinks once I get on some meds I should be fine, has anyone had the same experenices, see I have a 10 year old son , of which my husband loves, we met when my son was 2, but he wants more and so do I.


jkmix - September 10

I dont know if I am on the right board and this is my first time posting. But I dont have lupus, I have a MTHFR gene mutation and high protein c levels which together cause my blood to clot abnormaly cutting of supply to the baby. I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks and just last week we lost our baby girl at 17 weeks (missed again). What i am confused about is that I have two healthy kids 2 and 7, does this problem with blood clotting just appear? And are the lovenox injections a healthy way to keep this from happening. I do not think we can go through losing another baby.


bdantonio - September 11

were you on lovenox this time.. I do not have this disorder however did take lovenox with my last pregnancy, she was born 02-08-08. However i do feel you pain on the m/c's i have lost 5 pregnancies over the past 6years. Also there is another board on there that has a topic called lovenox and pregnancy and all the women on there are on the drug or have had a baby on this drug. Its under female infertility factors



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